Who knew that looking forward to spam could be so disappointing. Of the three fake resumes I put online last week, only one of them has received any job offers and that is the stay at home mom looking for some telecommuting work.

Her resume explicitly states that she is looking for a work at home job. You’d expect the job scams to come pouring in, right? Wrong. I’ve only received three emails in the past week. How disappointing.

Here they are:

Good day,

My name is Chris Robinson and I own a company that sells Art Work and fabric materials in London,I am looking for a representative in the United States Of America And Canada who will be working for me as a part time worker and i will be willing to pay Ten Percent for every transaction.


Recieve Payments on behalf of the company in form of Check, Money Order, Bank Draft,
Deduct Ten Percent which will be your percentage
Forward balance after deduction of percentage to the company.

if you are interested in working, get back with this details, Please get back to
me with your Complete information:

CITY…….. STATE…………..
ZIP CODE……………. COUNTRY…………..
PHONE NUMBER (S)…………………………

Your provided information will be sent for the first internal screening and
comparation of applicant’s information. Please if you are interested in this
position don’t hesitate to get back to me immediately.


Chris Robinson
Uk Art Store

The UK no longer accepts money from the US or Canada apparently.

Dear Jane,
Our firm have reviewed your resume from Career Builder resume base, reviewed it and sure that you to be a great applicant for the position which we suggest.
We are now looking for a individuals for a vacant position “Account Coordinator”.

The main task of this position is to collect payments ( wire transfers and cheques ) from our customers in US.
If you don’t have checking account, our manager will help you to open a new one.

Average salary is $600-$800 per week.

Basic Requirements:

– US Citizenship
– Computer skills (MS Word), personal e-mail address
– Ability to work at home
– Responsibility
– Age: 21+


If you are interested, please, register here: http://nordea-securities.com/rim/?link=getjob&rnd=34753525

Account coordinator. That’s kind of new.

Dear Jane,

We’ve found your resume at careerbuilder.com and would like to offer you an Independent Agent position.

This is Maghen Powell and I represent Alaniz Group Inc. After carefully reviewing your resume I’m glad to inform you that your skills meet our basic requirements.

Our company is a well-known worldwide. We offer our customers Information Technology ser-vices through outsourcing best candidates from all around the world.

Working schedule is a really flexible and can be made convenient to both you and us.
NOTE: Internet and e-mail are required.

There is no participation or any other fees. The company covers all fees in connection with the hire process.

It’s possible to work from home and keep in touch using the INTERNET & phone.

After the first 20 days we evaluate whether an employee is ready to work with us permanently. Supervisor can recommend Contract termination after the Probationary Period is over.

The salary for the first 30 days is $2,300 + 8% commission for every completed transaction. Working with a number of permanent customers your end-result could amount to $4500/month. After the Probationary Period monthly wage will be raised to up to $3,000 plus 8% commission. NOTE: After your Probationary Period is over you may ask for additional hours or a full-time employment.

If you are interested in knowing more about this Payment Processing Agent position please fill in the form below with your updated contact information and send it to: m.powell.alaniz@gmail.com

We will contact you within next 48 hours after reviewing your form.

Full name ______________________
Residence country _____________________
Contact phone ______________________
Availability time _______________________

We’ve found your resume at www.careerbuilder.com. This letter confirms that your resume has been duly processed and your skills meet our basic requirements for our Payment Processing Agent position.

Sincerely yours,

Maghen Powell
Alaniz Group Inc.

Your company is a well-known worldwide? Thank God these guys don’t bother to proofread or more people might actually fall for this crap.


These are all just payment processing scams. You know, the scam where they send you a fake check, you cash it, send money away, then the check bounces leaving you thousands of dollars in debt. Yea, that scam.

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  • Maggie Roberts
    Maggie Roberts

    Hey Steve! These job offers are absurd! As one other visitor said, the grammar is unacceptable, (downright incorrect), and the format, (structure), is pitiful. It’s actually pathetic the way they present themselves but so many people who receive these so called, “job offer,” emails want them to be legitimate it’s almost easy to overlook their false approach.
    Good for you Steve, for alerting as many people as you can to this type of scam!

  • SarahnLilysJob

    The main, and most obvious, way that I identify a scam is if the grammar and spelling–and formatting of the e-mail–are bad. Someone who works for a legitimate company doing legitimate hiring won’t use bad grammar or spelling, especially grammar as awful as the scams I get in my e-mail.

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