And man am I exhausted. I think I slept for about 14 hours yesterday and I’m not even close to getting back on the right schedule. Before I settle in and get back to business, here’s a quick recap of my trip with a few pictures! If you’re reading this post in an email, click here and read it at the blog.

My trip started in Melbourne and was by far my favorite city in Australia. The people were friendly, the weather was surprisingly nice, and the city was beautiful. No matter where you are in Melbourne there’s an interesting building to see. The architecture is incredible.

We saw a Footy game while in Melbourne. It’s really called Australian Rules Football but Australians really like to shorten words and add a y at the end for some reason. (Other examples… breakfast:brekky Tasmania:Tazzy). The game was kind of like soccer and kind of like rugby/football. It took a minute to figure out what the hell was actually going on in the game, but once we understood the basic rules, it was pretty entertaining.

While staying in Melbourne, we took a tour of the Great Ocean Road. It’s a 150 mile stretch of breathtaking highway. The road takes you past beaches, through rain forests, and along cliffs. The pictures below do not even begin to do the views justice. I’ve included some pictures of the 12 Apostles and London Bridge rock formations and some wildlife we saw along the way.

From Melbourne, we went up to Cairns to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef! I got to swim in the world’s largest fishtank. Again, incredible. I’m holding a sea cucumber in one of the pictures in the gallery. The other picture is of a sea turtle. We also went up to the rain forest at Cape Tribulation while in Cairns.

After Cairns, we went out to see Ayers Rock and it was sure a sight to see. The landscape was awesome. It was a beautiful red desert with just two giant rock formations in the middle of nowhere. You have to check out the picture of the rock in the gallery. It is by far my favorite picture from the entire trip.

Finally, we ended up in Sydney for the last leg of our trip. We spent some time at the harbour and the world famous Bondi Beach. We got to tour the Opera House and managed to see the show Circa while there. The harbour at Sydney is magnificent. The City/Opera House/Bridge combination is fascinating to see in person.

Here are the pictures to go along with my story.
[nggallery id=1]
That’s been my past two weeks, but enough about me.

How have you been?

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  • Khathrinah

    WOW! What great pictures! Everyone I have ever known that went to Austraila really loved it! Hope to go someday too!

    Really enjoy all your work and research you do, hope you get my email and check out my offer.

    Take care

  • Gabby

    Hey Steve!

    Welcome back. Gorgeous pictures. I am very jealous. Australia is on my bucket list and I have good friends who live there and tell me how much they love it all the time. Thanks for sharing.


  • CJ

    You get my email? I’d really like to write a guest post here

  • Angela

    I have been lurking your site for a while. Glad to see your back and I always get great info from your site. Pictures are beautiful! Welcome back!

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