Ah, I finally have a fresh batch of new programs to review. The most requested review was for the Mobile Monopoly by Anthony Horwitz. Internet Marketing affiliates are going nuts and pushing the hell out of this program. It’s time someone gives a REAL review of what it has to offer.

Is the Mobile Monopoly by Anthony Horwitz a scam?

That’s what I intend to find out. I paid $77 to join the program and will be putting the methods taught by Anthony Horwitz to the test over the next couple of days. I’ll be tracking my progress on this blog, so be sure to stay tuned.

Horwitz makes the claims that you can make a ton of money online and you don’t need a website and you don’t need to write anything. You just need to spend a couple of CENTS on mobile ad campaigns that will bring in thousands of eager buyers into any niche of your choosing.

To be honest, I’m a bit intrigued. I’ve been following news on mobile advertising for awhile now and as far as I knew, there wasn’t a ton of money to be made yet. I’m interested in seeing what the Mobile Monopoly has to say.

The presell page, however, doesn’t say much. Horwitz repeats over and over that this is a no-brainer system that he discovered after locking himself in his room for a few days. He then fills the rest of the page with pictures of Clickbank accounts and cars while repeatedly pointing out that he’s only 18 years old with no college degree.

These sort of things are quite the turnoff for me. Whenever I see this much hype I start to get worried. Too much flash is usually hiding something. Either way, I’ve sent the kid $77 and will be testing his program out in full.

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated. If anyone is a member or has already tried the program, be sure to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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  • Steve

    Hey guys, you can view the full review here: https://ivetriedthat.com/2010/08/13/mobile-monopoly-review/


  • Martha


  • Tony Gantt
    Tony Gantt

    Thanks for your views on this. I’ll take your word for it because I never actually bought the whole program. Kudos!

  • FreeMaverix

    Hello again…

    Why don’t You just buy it?
    What do You have to lose? Nothing.
    It’s via Clickbank – so there is a 60 dayMoney-Back warranty. Scams that

    take and run with tour money are never found on Clickbank. The products

    might range from excellent to useless (or inadequate).
    But You never lose any money – just ask for refund. Simple.

    I bought Mobile Monopoly 3x from 3 different affiliates, because of the

    bonuse they offered and which are often more valuable than the original

    product they are meant to promote. And then I will ask for 2 refunds.

    This is absolute ethical, because due to the nature of digital products,

    noone is being harmed. In fact, one affiliate even mentioned, that he

    doesn’t minds to get the order refunded at the end of the warranted time.

    They benefit alone from the fact, to have so many sales been generated. I

    once did that with one affiliate, who in turn then won an Audi A8, because

    he won a contest. It’s all just a numbers game. And not always just $’s.

    So get it, learn it and if You can’t apply it or it doesn’t works… simply

    refund it.

    Btw, Tony, I totally understand the frust and suspicion that comes up when

    emails and support ticket don’t get answered. But often times it’s simply,

    that they are just overwhelmed, and just can’t handle it (or the email You

    try is a nonmonitored AR address).
    I am sure that will be different once You are a customer!

    I just heard yesterday that Adam broke a Clickbank record of 1 Million$ of

    sales in 56 hours ! That’s 10000+ customers – and how many more might have

    contacted him BEFORE they ordered ? That really can get a little out of

    control. And other than that it speaks for the demand and popularity of the

    mobile market.
    No way this is scam or dubious in any way ! Hop on the train or miss out

    big, is my conclusion.

    And some of the little sneaky statements,
    some hype or unlucky statements – well I don’t
    like them either, but won’t going to judge
    everything just by that.

    On one side Adam is only 18 – so let forgive
    him a little. But on the other side, I would
    recommend, to not call him a “kid”(Steve).
    Besides that a 18-year today is not anymore
    what we were at that age. But most of all at 18,
    Adam has already achieved more than anyone of us,
    I guess. Let’s simply pay our respect to him.
    And I am sure when he get’s more established,
    also the little glitches he delivered will improve.

    And to Tequilasunrise, there is nothing to laugh about. Locking us in our

    room means to shut off all distractions, no socializing, no TV, nothing to

    disturb our full focus on an idea we have. That’s nothing unusual. It’s

    something we all should be doing once in a while. It’s the moments where we

    are most creative. And this creativity is then, what has the potential to

    change our misery and possibly even generate a million. All great heads of

    our culture are doing just that – that’s why they produce results.

    And not with 10 bucks on paypal, Tony ! LOL
    (And what do I get from writing all this, on a blog which is not mine,

    generating some traffic for Steve…?) And a ten-bucks mentality doesn’t

    brings You ahead either. “Millionaires”(to-be) think differently –
    like locking themselves in their room and brainstorm visions of a better


    And with that my friends, let’s get back to work. A cent for every

    character here would be a nice share (typos don’t count), eh?

    So I better get typing what is going to produce those results.

    I wish You all the best in realisation and success mastering your visions

    of your lives!



  • Tony Gantt
    Tony Gantt


    Thanks for your opinion on the real deal about this opportunity. Very enlightening. My opinions are very biased for a couple of reasons.

    1. I didn’t buy the whole program
    2. Adam and his “support team” were nonresponsive to my emails and other attempts to contact them. Oh, but bet your ass I’m still on his autoresponder list! hahaha!

    I didn’t feel the need to buy the whole program because what he gave in the prelaunch videos should’ve been plenty enough to start generating substantial income AND building my own list (oh, BTW in case you haven’t heard, the money’s no longer in the list… it’s in the blueprints! How many frikkin blueprints are there anyway?! :) )
    I followed Adam’s instructions to a T, pausing the vids and taking every miniscule step with total accuracy. I KNOW there should’ve been ZERO issues with my campaign setups, so I’m still very skeptical about the legitimacy of this program. However, FreeMaverick, if you don’t mind, could you shoot me an email at tonygantt@att.net when you have time and maybe help me clear up what may be wrong with my campaign setup, if anything? I would greatly appreciate it.
    Also, did you pay the whole $77 or did you take my advice from above and click out of the first landing page and get it for the $67 on the sell-down landing page? If you paid the whole $77, I think you owe me $10 for my time as a consultant! Just send it to my Paypal account, which is the same as my email address! :)

  • FreeMaverix

    Hello again…

    I just want to correct a little from my previous post.

    In the meantime I had a look through the material
    of Adam’s course.
    With the result, that I am positively impressed !
    This is no scam ! It’s sensational !

    First of all the course – as You Steve will have
    seen by now too –
    is very detailed, with lots of content and well
    made, all in a easy to
    follow structure with videos, downloadable slides
    of the videos and
    checklists for every module. Just from the way it
    is put together,
    I would say it’s cheap for those 77 bucks.
    And from the potential of the whole idea –
    invaluable !
    I would easily would pay 200, or 300 $ for it.
    It’s that powerful.

    I am sure Adam is going to be a millionaire within
    a few months time
    (yes, that happens – I have witnessed other young
    guys doing that).
    And this not from ‘scamming’ with a course or even
    an idea – but
    because he knows what he is doing, and will alone
    by being active in this
    industry make a fortune. And not just him !
    Everyone with the right
    attitude taking action now and quickly, has this

    The main reason (in my opinion) that people fail
    in making money online
    (including falling victim to scams) are not the
    scams out there, but
    that the majority of people trying it, come from
    the vast world of
    employees and don’t bring an entrepreneur mindset
    along ( I say
    ‘bringing along’, because it can be learned).
    Making money online is
    not a job! Working with the internet is a
    entrepreneurial task.
    It requires focus, discipline (with no boss
    looking after them),
    as being well organized and able to manage their
    time wisely.
    And most of all it requires creative thinking,
    spontaneity and
    quick non-emotional based decision making –
    including some risk
    acceptance. As for an entrepreneur there is no
    security in the sense
    of others (a boss, a company) providing it
    (besides how much security
    does any job really provide?!). The substitute for
    security is quick
    action taking, quick course corrections instead of
    complaining about
    others and finger pointing.

    So in regard of the mobile marketing (and any
    marketing – online and off),
    this means becoming an entrepreneur first – and
    then taking quick actions.
    For the normal job-seekers this is definitely not
    the right thing to go for.

    And for Tony, can it be, that You got a wrong optin
    page format, not quite
    compatible for the mobile screen? Did You check
    the ads on your own
    cell phone? Did You formated it correctly for the
    different mobile phone
    types? This is all information from within the
    course – not the second
    promotional video.

    BTW, can anyone call it a scam, if just the
    promotional video already gives
    so much usable content, that its possible to setup
    a campaign and generate
    that many impressions? Of course there is more to
    it – but that is the info
    Adam is selling after all. So very well worth
    buying it – if You are serious
    and are ready for an entrepreneurial venture.

    Good luck everyone !

  • tequilasunrise

    Hahaha..! I love this. Lock himself in a room and got enlightenment? Then, suddenly he spews out stuff that it was so easy for him; but this might be light that will lead us to darkness. I enjoy reading this You guys are most informative. Thanks!

  • Free Maverix
    Free Maverix

    I totally agree with Tony. It sure is a huge growing market … but this is what I wrote Adam:

    Can You please tell me where You got the demographic numbers from, and where I can find them.

    No question that the mobile market is huge, but 5 Billion mobile users from 6.8 Billion world population ? That doesn’t seems realistic! What exactly are they? Multiple phones among the same family? In the industrialized parts of the world, yes indeed most people use a mobile phone. But I can’t imagine, that in this whole world, with so many regions still being underdeveloped (and that is the majority of the worlds population!!!) almost everyone does or just even can use a mobile phone. Just take Africa, South America, provincial China, Russia, the many non- urban regions of Asia… the regions of war, poverty and hunger? Heck, even I – in Canada – live in an area, where there are no mobile phone services at all – other then via satellite. I don’t have a cellular, and I have to think hard to find any of the people I personally know, who do have a cellular phone (to be used only when they get to town once or twice a month).

    Ok, I am not the usal case, living in remotely in northern Canada, and not in Los Angelos… but still, I can not imagine, that 75% (= 5 of 6.8 Bill.) of the whole world population is using mobile phones? 75% or even a bit more in the industrialized part of our word, yes, but definitely not in those still huge areas, where people don’t even have enough to eat or medical care!!! (Who would care about any “irresistible offers” there anyway – with no other currrency but some rice or other crops from the field?!).

    The majority of the people on this planet have way other, more existential worries, than surfing the internet on a mobile phone – heck many don’t even really know what the Internet is. And what about the millions of people that are illiterate and can’t even read or write ?

    And also I can’t imagine, that those who do have mobile phones, all use them for internet surfing. How high is that number, who actually do that, and go beyond SMS messaging and emails?

    Lastly – as yes, I bought your course too, as I totally agree that the potential is huge (just not quite believe the numbers You presented!) – something that is not clear to me, how do people actually get ads on their screen? Like, when someone calls their partner they are coming home delayed since they are stuck in the traffic, or some teenies make arrangements where to meet, or someone calls after a shopping family member to not forget to also bring some more milk, or a carpenter on site calls in the office for some inquiries,… or what ever… how are they going to see ads on their screen?
    I have never before – whenever I used a cell phone from someone, seen an ad popping up.
    And as in your example from the people at the beach, how do they get an ad displayed for weightloss or a nice bikini or powerboat or sun tan lotion? How do they get an ad to see and how can they be targeted (like gender, age or being on the beach at the moment) ??

    So, how are people going to see my ads then?

    = = =

    As Tony seen it, the impression might be there, but I also wonder, will people really respond to those ads, or will cellphone ads soon be something that will be rated as annoying as spam in emails?

    I also strongly disapprove the common strategy of creating artificial urgency (ex. the lie, only xx number of copies left over – com’on those guys are not going to want to sell only 25, 50 or even 500 copies – they go for the maximum they can harvest !) But that alone is not scam yet, it’s a very common practice of internet marketing – just like the 1 week sales of certain products in a normal store. And all the commonplace OTO’s and upsells are the same issue.

    (Besides to be informed what goes on, I bought the course also for the bonus that someone offered on top of it).

  • Tony


    I just saw this post and couldn’t wait to leave a comment! I implemented the instructions given in his 2nd video. Got approved by PeerFly for CPA’s, bought a subscription with AWeber autoresponders and spent the minimum $50 to join AdMob. I meticulously followed each instruction to a T, stopping the video on each step and duplicating EXACTLY what he did and said to do. I thought I was gonna be rich! LMAO! Well, what happened was this…

    AdMob: 13,633 impressions; 57 clicks; cost $2.84

    PeerFly: $0

    AWeber: 41 unique displays; 0 optins

    As soon as I saw that I had so many ad impressions, a few clicks, no money in my CPA-pay-on-zip-submit, several AWeber ad displays and 0 optins for my list, I stopped the system cold. Something is wrong. If 57 people were interested enough to click on the AdMob text ad, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t enter their email address in my optin capture ad to get my free PDF (80 pages worth of great info) and then why wouldn’t they simply enter their zip code on that killer Victoria Secret ad to get a free $500 gift card? I’m telling you something is broken in that system because the numbers and the common sense simply does not add up. I sent him an email to support@mobilemonopolysupport.com trying to find out if I did something wrong, but was never replied to. Yet I’m still in his autoresponder list trying to get me to buy into the program! Also from every other Tom, Dick and Harry affiliate out there. Total SPAM! Also notice carefully that from day 1 of his launch, he had a sell-down offer on his $77 landing page, taking $10 off if you take one of the “ONLY 3 Packages Left!!!” I think it’s just more BS. By the way, why did you send him $77 when you could’ve gotten away with $67? SCAM!

  • James Rose
    James Rose


    I can’t wait to see what you find out about this one! Sounds a little bit like cell phone treasures by Adam Horwitz. I have seen the videos Adam made on youtube promoting his Cell Phone Treasures Campaign. Very Interesting, I can’t wait until your review on this Mobile Monopoly, it’s probably about the same as Treasures with different name.
    I’m glad you are back from your break. Look forward to seeing what you bring to us in the future. Thank you for everything you do for your viewers and keep up the GREAT WORK.


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