I’d like to start off this post with an apology. I jumped the gun with my past review and issued a positive recommendation without fully trying out the program. Well, I finally had a chance to put Mobile Monopoly’s methods to work and I was SEVERELY disappointed. I know I should have waited and for that I apologize.

In my original Mobile Monopoly post, I said I was worried about the program’s effectiveness because I’ve been following progress in mobile advertising and as far as I knew, it wasn’t profitable just yet. Then came Adam Horwitz with Mobile Monopoly and made the claims that mobile advertising was not only profitable, but insanely easy. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed in myself because I usually never get wrapped up in hype and I should have trusted my gut instincts. I was excited and already planning my retirement when I first started my review. Things have quickly gone sour since.

I hate to report that I have no statistics to share with you, but keep reading and you’ll see why.

Adam’s “Proven” Campaigns

One of the biggest things that enticed me to the program was the fact that Adam offered to show you the exact profitable campaigns he’s ran in the past. I never entirely expected them to work as well as I thought he was going to advertise. I had thought that if he was giving away campaigns that once made money, they’re no longer profitable.

In my last post, I offered to sacrifice some money and follow one of Adam’s “proven” campaigns word for word, but this turned out to be a huge problem for many reasons.

Let’s get started.

First, Adam calls them proven campaigns, but there’s absolutely nothing proven AT ALL. I was expecting to see a few statistics about each campaign. You know click through rates, cost per click, conversion rates, earnings, ANYTHING AT ALL REALLY, but no. Adam offers nothing in terms of proof that these campaigns have made him money. Instead, each video is just Adam seemingly picking an affiliate offer at random and then shows you how to setup a campaign for it and THAT’S IT. Adam doesn’t even show you if the campaign was approved by the ad network! He just copies and pastes a bunch of text into different fields and calls it a proven campaign.

Okay, fine. Whatever.

For the sake of continuing I went with the assumption that Adam was a private guy and didn’t want to show his earnings as an affiliate for whatever reason. I really wanted some evidence for the review as to whether or not the program worked and was still going to test one of the seven campaigns. Unfortunately, four of the affiliate offers used for the proven campaigns no longer existed. Of the three remaining, two were negative option offers that I absolutely refuse to market. The only campaign left for me to promote was for the Shake Weight for Men. It was a less than ideal choice, but I promised you guys results.

I followed Adam’s process step-by-step. I used similar titles and pictures for my ads, targeted the same demographics, and bid the same amount of money. I submitted the ad and waited for AdMob to approve it. It took a few hours, but they finally responded with…

Unfortunately, we were unable to approve your ad for the following reason(s):

Issue: Content guidelines violation
Description: This ad was not approved because it violates our content guidelines. Please review AdMob’s content guidelines for more information.

Well that sucks. I thought it might have been my wording so I replaced the ad title with the exact one Adam used and resubmitted it. Again, it was disapproved. After asking some questions, I found out that the Shake Weight website is not mobile optimized and therefore wasn’t allowed to be advertised on the ad network and that was it for the “proven” campaigns. They didn’t work and there was never any proof that Adam has actually used them to make money.

It was very disappointing.

My Own Campaigns

The proven campaigns may not have worked, but I figured I’d try and start my own campaign. I picked a couple different offers, created ads, but they were ALL rejected. I was following Adam’s advice step-by-step and could not get an ad approved.

I started searching the web for answers and found a few forum discussions regarding Mobile Monopoly. Apparently a lot of people are having trouble getting ads approved and even if they managed to get an ad live, they fail to attract customers and make any money. There was one particular person who did manage to try out Adam’s proven campaign and ended up losing a lot of money.

To be honest, the disapproval of my ads was kind of a blessing. I’d rather like to keep my money instead of wasting it on someone else’s bad advice.

The Bottom Line

Adam Horwitz is really good at selling. A few months ago he released a different mobile marketing product call “Cell Phone Treasure.” It was another product that sold a ton, but user reports with the program claimed the methods just didn’t work. Apparently, Mobile Monopoly is just a rehash of that program with a few small changes.

His mobile marketing advice didn’t work then and it isn’t working now.

At no point in the entire program does Adam give any real concrete proof to mobile campaigns that work. To be honest, I don’t think Adam is making a lot of money, if any at all really, with mobile advertising. In his training videos, his affiliate earnings column is either $0.00 or a low number. This made me go back and recheck his sales page. All of the screenshots of his “earnings” are through Clickbank or Paypal. Adam never shows A SINGLE EARNINGS SCREENSHOT from any one of the mobile advertising platforms he recommends. If he was really making a fortune by doing this, don’t you think he’d want to show some proof? But alas, he offers nothing.

I really wanted to like the program, but in the end, it was just another over-hyped ClickBank product that offers little in terms of actual training. Adam frequently says that you “can make a killing” doing this or doing that but never gives ANY real direction. I paid Adam $77 expecting real training. Instead, what I got was some guy telling me it’s possible to make money through mobile advertising. That’s nice, but I really wanted something of use.

Don’t buy into the hype.

Stay away from Mobile Monopoly.

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  • Dana

    Why does everything have to be crap? Why? SMH :-(

  • Mark

    Whoa… Thanks dude!!! I was REALLY considering this product. Especially after your initial post. I had credit card in hand, and “just knew” the update was gonna be good. ANK!!! wrong!!! ABORT! ABORT! Mission failure… Thanks again, you saved me.

  • tasha

    Thanks so much Steve for this very honest review. I was so close at buying Mobile Monopoly and im lucky to have googled your post. You’re amazing!

  • Tony Orlando
    Tony Orlando

    Althought there are so many scams and rip off artists in the internet now-a-days, you guys have defintely made it truth in the pudding with the honest reporting of this product. You have to know that if you invested $77 to his efforts he is making money on people just like you! But the good part of all of this is that you tested it, proved it did not work as promised and identified why not, and have come to the table with reliable truth!

    I want to thank you younger folks with the ethics in providing honest analysis and truth th this and any other products that are out there trying to scheme off of people that do not have internet experience or marketing savvy!

    Thank you very much,

  • Wayne

    Steve, I read your initial comments re Mobile Monopoly with interest . . . and I read your follow-up comments with even more interest!

    When reading someone’s writing, I look beyond the words to the syntax . . . your’s is excellent.

    Keep posting!

  • Steve


    Go to http://www.clickbank.com/ cancel your subscription and get a refund.


  • flynn

    i got sucked in for the 77 for mobile monopoly before i read your review and also went and signed up the beastmobi. i want to unsubcribe to it cause that’s
    gonna really ream me for 67 a month. i cannot find where to do this so i would
    appreciate any advice you have to offer to help me out in doing this if possible.
    this kid adam is really convincing but apparently he’s just another huckster
    fleecing the masses.

  • VIctor Reynolds
    VIctor Reynolds

    I purchased mobile monopoly right when it came out. I would not recommend this because I tested most of the proven campaigns and not one has made me money. Instead I have lost $200 on the campaigns. I have been an internet marketer for 10 years so I purposely try out new programs or products just to learn new methods I may not be up to speed on and mobile marketing was one of them. I repeat DO NOT waste your time or money on this program. I bought cell phone treasure as well just to compare the two. They are basically the same as mentioned in the review. Also I have called mobile monopoly’s support number 3 times and no one knew what they were doing and I was told members had to try out 5 to 6 offers before making money. I noticed they have taken the number off the website now. I could go on and on but don’t waste your time. I feel for newbies that get trapped in this and do not know to keep an eye on their campaigns. Mojiva which is one of the mobile ad platforms eat up my money in less than two hours after I told them to spread the campaign out all day. That’s pouring your money down the drain. People could lose thousands of dollars here if they are not careful. The $200 I lost is worth the loss if this comment helps someone else to not fall into the trap. Right now I’m evaluating Cell Phone Cash by Mack Maverick Coaching. I’m 2 weeks into it and if you are interested I will update you on that as well. Almost forgot I have screen shots of some of the campaigns I have lost money on that were supposely the proven campaigns within Mobile Monopoly.

  • haydee

    I came across Adam Horwitz’s CELLPHONE TREASURE and purchase it. I am a newbie to affiliate marketing. I actually studied it through Wealthy Affiliate University. I’m having a hard time with it so when I stumbled with this mobile advertising I thought I could give it a try. I thought maybe it’s better and easier to follow than internet advertising. But I was disappointed because all the CPA networks that Adam suggested won’t even approve of my account because I’m new to this type of marketing. These CPA offers are only for experienced marketers. Then to my surprise, here is again another program of Adam Horwitz called MOBILE MONOPOLY. I asked myself, “how does it differ from his Cellphone Treasure program?” I’m really at lost. Thank God you enlightened me with the in-depth review above. I actually contacted Adam Horwitz’s support team asking what happened to his cellphone treasure program and how does it differ from his mobile monopoly program. NO REPLY till today.

  • Teena

    Steve, thank you SO much. I was just looking at his adds yesterday (he has them posted on clixsense) wasn’t sure what to make of them but thought I would write down the info and perhaps he could provide food for thought. Well thank you so much for revealing that it is just empty calories! Rock on Steve!


  • Steve

    Cheers Inah.

    I’m just a bit disappointed in myself for recommending it at first. The point of this blog has always been to protect my readers. I’m not about to cash in my integrity for a few affiliate sales.


  • Inah

    Thank you for providing such and honest and thorough review, I was planning on purchasing Mobile Monopoly after I read your original review, but decided to wait and see how you made out with the program first.

    This review has proven to me that you share your true opinions on products and operate your site with integrity and honesty.

  • Steve

    Thanks Steve, I was just about to order the Mobile Monopoly program today for $77……until I just read your review!! Sounds like his clickbank & paypal earnings are from selling his phony programs. Thanks again, you just saved me $77……I was minutes away from ordering…..good timing on your message/review. Steve S. (Arlington Hts., IL)

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