The only program requests I receive these days are for programs that promise excessive wealth in short periods of time with just a small investment fee. It seems you guys are drawn to the flash, despite my repeated warnings.

Magical programs like this DO NOT EXIST! If you still think something like this exists, I have some lovely riverfront property in Brooklyn I can sell you. Making money online takes proper training and a lot of hard work. That is the real “secret.”

Is a Scam?

The latest offender is Auto Mass Traffic and the claims they make are eerily similar to a program we recently reviewed called Zero Cost Commissions. Auto Mass Traffic is making the bold claim that all you need to do is “run their software on your affiliate accounts” and you’ll begin making close to $1,000 a day.

I honestly don’t make this up.

The sales page consists of little more than pictures of Clickbank accounts where an arrow points to a large sum of money. The pitch makes a few claims that you don’t need to do anything that traditionally makes money. In fact, they go as far as to say that building quality content and doing SEO is nothing more than a waste a time and all you need to do is run their software to instantly begin making thousands of dollars per day.

They even break down the exact steps you need to take to make hundreds of thousands of dollars online. Lucky for you, I’ll reveal them right here, right now! They are…

Does it get any clearer than that!?

I suppressed my gag reflex long enough to close the page. At that point,I was inundated with various popups and special “limited-time” offers. It took me a good solid 30 seconds to actually navigate away from the sales pitch. At the end of it all, I received yet another discount on the program.

I hate to have to do this, but since it has been so frequently requested, I’m sending them my $297 $37 $27 to take a look inside Auto Mass Traffic and do a proper review.

You guys owe me one.

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  • Marcus Giavanni
    Marcus Giavanni

    SO what happened???

    These guys are blowing up my in box…and I never requested the to send me a thing.


  • carlos

    We the people need more guys with honest reviews like this one, you can tell when some is makeng a real and honest review. because of this i even wrote my e-amil here and maybe i will for your e-amil coruse. Keep thehonest work


  • Michael

    No, no. This is 100% free. The only thing I get out of it is a little publicity for my software development business.

    I tried to post a free sample here, but this blog strips out the HTML tags, so it didn’t work here unfortunately. If you want to see the code, just send me a message through my website and I’ll reply to you with the code.

    <img src=”>

  • damu

    First time i was cheated by such offer was almost 5 years ago. I bought a work from home ebook for $75 which had no more than run your blog and use adsense.

  • Michael

    Thanks for the evaluation, PV.
    I owe you one.

    If you want to use the new access tracker I developed, I’ll give you one for free. You can track access to your own ads inside of blogs and in other websites. Not even Google Analytics can do that!

  • PK

    I purchased this thing when it was first launched and well thank god clickbank has such a good refund service. Basically this is not even software so they are using false advertising. It is some crappy php script that scrapes URLs which you can find for free. The rest is just a course of ebooks that basically try to get you to buy PPV advertising using his affiliate link so that he would make comissions while you probably would end up losing a lot more money through PPV.

  • Michael

    I’m interested in hearing your experience in exactly what the software does and exactly what happened when you ran the software?

    If you could please submit a proper review, I would really appreciate it.

  • Chris

    I am really interested in seeing the followup on this!

    Too bad I can’t subscribe to updates?

  • Spence

    I look forward to learning your impressions on the software. It sounded a little too good to be true.

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