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Just a quick reminder that I will be drawing the winner of a $25 Amazon Giftcard tonight, April 1st, at 11:59PM EST. To be eligible to enter, all you need to do is order a copy of my report 121 Jobs You Can Do From Home.

I have personally investigated hundreds of different companies looking to hire work at home employees and have compiled the best work at home opportunities into this new report.

What’s Inside

  • 121 different Work at Home opportunities all personally screened by me
  • REAL telecommuting jobs, not “money making offers”
  • Companies looking for employees to fill positions like writers, editors, data entry workers, virtual assistants, customer service representatives, and so much more!
  • Enough leads to last you for months
  • A free copy of my 45-page Complete Guide to Telecommuting

For full details, click here and read more about 121 Jobs.

Order Today!

This full report will only cost you $7 one time. Yes, you read that right, only seven dollars. That’s less than the cost of a Big Mac meal at McDonalds. This will be a much better investment for both your work at home career and your health.

For more information or to order a copy of your report, visit the 121 Jobs page.

Best of luck in the drawing!


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  • Sheran Brown
    Sheran Brown

    I appreciate the work Steve puts into I’ve Tried That. I had given up trying to find something online. But because of him I now have two web sites and will probably have more. I’m not making a lot of money but pray that soon they will take off and I will be totally working from home. Thanks Steve.

  • Julian

    I’ve been a long-time follower of I’ve Tried That (at LEAST 2 years now), and this site has led me to find some real-time stuff online.
    Whereas every other website I’ve searched through has always led me to some kind of pyramid scheme, referral nonsense, etc.

    And then I get this email, read a little bit about it, and I could tell right away that this was different. Steve doesn’t spam the information in our faces on a looooooong sales page like so many “eBooks” do. And $7? That’s the tell-tale sign of someone who really has something good to show. The average book goes for $40 now, so $7 is just perfect.

    Needless to say, I’m reading through “121 Jobs” as of right now, and I love it. It’s very organized, user-friendly, there are a lot of visual aids, and the jobs are REAL jobs. I feel like Martin Luther King: “FREE AT LAST!”

    Thanks Steve, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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