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It’s 2014. What do you want to accomplish this year?

Do you wish you could be a full-time freelance writer and finally leave your stifling or boring day job? Do you wish you could earn more money from writing and find top-paying clients?

Well, just wishing isn’t going to get you there. But, taking my freelance writing course, Jump Start Your Freelance Writing Career!, will certainly get you headed in the right direction. Here’s are 10 reasons why Jump Start Your Freelance Writing Career! will have you on the road to getting paid a real, living wage as a freelance writer:

1. I show you how to get out of content mills- forever. Content mills will never pay you a real, living wage and thus never allow you to quit your day job. Trust me- I was at the “mill” for over four years and have little to show for my time there except a bunch of oddball articles about mystery meatballs and Hollandaise sauce.

2. You’ll gets lists of sites looking for freelance writers right now. Forget joker job sites like Craigslist, oDesk or Elance. Where do you go after you leave the “mill?” Why, to real sites that pay real money for blog posts, articles, reviews, etc. I give you several lists of sites looking for freelance writers right now.

3. I’ll give you tips on making clips happen. One of the biggest issues with content mills is that your clips (writing samples) with them are useless. In this course, I tell you where you can go to get some quick and legitimate clips that will land you high-paying clients down the road.

4. I’ll give you examples of query letters that landed me writing gigs. Query letters are a fact of the freelance writing world. However, there is no reason you should feel discouraged or intimidated when generating them. In this course, I provide a set formula for writing these letters along with actual examples of queries that worked for me.

5. I’ll provide you with approaches to finding “hidden” clients. Not all writing jobs are posted on freelance writing job boards or LinkedIn. In fact, some of the best jobs and clients are never openly advertised. These secret clients and jobs are great because no other writers know about them and thus can’t submit competing bids. In my course, I show you how to unearth hidden clients and pitch to them.

6. You’ll obtain current price lists of blog posts, white papers, magazine articles, etc. Don’t take a potential client’s word for it that “most” blogs pay only $15 or $20 a post…I provide current price ranges for blog posts, magazine and newspaper articles, etc. These prices are what serious clients pay.

7. You’ll learn how to sift through potential clients and locate the high rollers. Two clients might pay drastically different rates for the same work. How can you quickly tell which client will pay you more? I provide a set of questions that you can immediately ask potential clients in order to qualify the high rollers and avoid wasting your time.

8. You’ll learn how to avoid getting stiffed. Not getting paid for your work or being asked to do more than you initially agreed upon are common pitfalls in the world of freelancing. But there are ways to avoid getting stiffed and/or underpaid- as well as revisiting what you had initially agreed to do.

9. You’ll learn how to negotiate for raises. With freelance writing, you can’t rely on a yearly COLA or 3% raise. If you don’t push for pay increases and/or raises, you’re likely to never see them happen. Luckily, there are proven ways in which you can increase your earnings by 20, 50 or even 100%. Kind of makes that annual 3% raise look rather puny, doesn’t it?

10. I’ll provide practical advice on avoiding an IRS audit. Your employer deals with taxes on your behalf when you’re an employee; however, going freelance means taking this matter into your own hands. I list some common slip-ups that can easily result in an audit by the feds and how to avoid getting into legal trouble.

What you get with Jump Start Your Freelance Writing Career!:

1. 4 “Packed-to-the-Gills” lessons from yours truly. You get 4 meaty lessons spread out over 4 weeks that cover topics like finding high-paying clients, raising your rates and generating winning query letters. These weekly lessons will be sent by me to the email address you specify on your order.

2. Homework! Yes, at the end of each lesson, I will assign homework. You will be expected to complete and return this homework back to me. Sure, you could skip out on the homework…but then, you wouldn’t be getting your money’s worth, now would you?

3. Weekly emails. In addition to the weekly lessons, you’ll also receive weekly emails from me. I’ll send you nice, juicy tidbits on setting up a freelance website, maintaining a safety net while you get situated, and understanding conflict of interest when accepting client assignments. I’ll also tell you how I turned a former content mill client of mine into a real, live client paying a real, living wage.

But wait…there’s more!

Don’t you just hate those cheap online courses where the instructor emails you a bunch of lessons and then leaves you to fend for yourself? Well, that’s not happening here. Because I know that, no matter how much information I try to pack into my course, there will always be one stone left unturned. Or some point left unclarified.

That is why, in my course, you also get unlimited email access to me. Got a question that I didn’t quite answer in the lessons? Don’t worry; I’m here for you. Just email me and I’ll do my best to address your concerns as quickly as possible.

My money-back guarantee

I pack some mean punches in this course and will be asking you to work hard. There is no room for slackers here. The homework assignments will require that you go online or to your local library and do some serious research. Yeah, there is going to be a steep learning curve- but I don’t think you’d want it any other way. Switching careers and becoming a freelance writer is a major undertaking. And my personal commitment to you is to help you get there.

I’m confident that my course will help you become a successful freelance writer. In fact, I am so confident that I’m offering a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means you can go through the entire course and, if you decide that you don’t like it, get your money back. It’s that simple.

All this for just $49…

… so what are you waiting for?

Every day, you are faced with choices. You can choose to eat fast food or you can pack a healthy lunch. You can read a great book or watch another mind-numbing sitcom. You can better yourself or maintain status quo.

This is 2014. This is a new year filled with new possibilities and new hope. Will 2014 be your year? Will you take this moment to invest in yourself, break free of that 9-to-5 job that sucks the very life out of you, and finally become a successful freelance writer? I sure hope so.

UPDATE: There are only a few open seats left!

Classes start Monday, January 27th!

Registration for Jump Start Your Freelance Writing Career! starts today and runs until January 27th.

However, I’m only allowing 100 spaces for this class. I expect that it will sell out way before January 27th. Once all 100 spaces are filled up, I will close the registration window.

I will be updating the above count with how many seats are left. As you can see, it’s moving fast!

Get in early! This course will fill up fast!

Registration is now closed!

Questions or comments before signing up? Leave a message below!

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  1. Superb blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

    I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress
    or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there
    that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any suggestions? Cheers!

  2. Hello Halina,
    When will registration open for the next session? I just found your site and I see that registration is closed.
    Please advise.

  3. Hi Halina!! I recently discovered this website from a friend. I would love to sign up for your course. Will you be having another course? If so, when can I sign up?

  4. Halina Zakowicz says:

    Hi Nikki! I’m not sure if my freelance writing course would be suitable for your needs because it’s more for freelance writers who are trying to find clients (and websites, magazines, blogs) to write for. It’s not a writing class per se where you learn writing/blogging techniques. Thanks for your comment and interest. Good luck!

  5. Hello! I am interested in blogging and helping people to make money online through blogging and webinars. Would your course be conducive to this?

  6. Thanks Halina. Finances are very tight right now but I might just find a way to go ahead and do this IF there are still a few spots left!

  7. Halina Zakowicz says:

    Hello back Jeff! The Jan. 20th cutoff date was the original date, but we had a technical issue and extended the cutoff until the 27th. So you still have time to sign up.

    I’m glad to hear that you enjoy your work and it is making you happy. In my course, I don’t require that anyone quit their jobs, especially if they enjoy them. I just talk about ways to find good-paying clients, not get scammed, negotiate for higher pay and raises, create query letters and LOIs, etc. And these are activities you can do either full-time, part-time or just for some extra cash. So, in short, I do think this course would be a good fit for you.

    I hope this information is helpful to you, but please let me know if you have additional questions. And thanks for your interest!

  8. I do not have a degree even though I worked for over 20 years in Broadcasting. During that time I wrote extremely successful radio ads,and because of my natural flair for news I also held positions of news director at 2 different stations over the years and was never criticized for grammar or content.I have been told that my writing skills are excellent but I’m just wondering if a person of my VERY limited academic achievements could hope to accomplish anything as a freelance writer.

    1. Halina Zakowicz says:

      Hi Edd, Actually, your skills and experience tell me that you’d probably work very well in marketing and sales, which is what copywriting is all about. If you wrote successful radio ads- wow, that accomplishment right there should get you in the door of a lot of companies looking for copwriters. Plus, you had an eye for finding and reporting news, which must have caught the attention of viewers/listeners. If you get some SEO under your belt, you’ll be good to go- even without any academic achievement (those folks are busy flipping burgers).

  9. Hi Halina,
    I’ve followed I’ve Tried That for a while now and have found it to be a credible source of good information. I tend to pay a little more attention to the posts I see on here, so I thought more deeply about your offer. I currently work with a church in a fulfilling capacity, so I’m not one who’s trying to leave my job. However, writing is something that comes naturally, and it would be great if I could use that to bring in extra income. Would your course fit someone like me?

    Also, I see that you have a cutoff date of Jan. 20 in your article, but I just received notice of the post in today’s email. Is that a typo?

  10. Comprehensive agenda and lots of follow up– a bargain!

  11. Halina Zakowicz says:

    Hello again Tracy! In Lesson 4, I go over contracts and how to avoid getting stiffed. It’s not a difficult process to generate a contract and honestly, it’s more about defining the project than being ripped off. I will be providing some of my contract examples in Lesson 4 as well. Incidentally, you can also work on retainer if you’re worried. I hope this helps!

  12. Hi Again Halina,
    Thanks for the response and the encouragement. One need not have a degree to be a good writer as I am sure you are. It’s the business acumen that achieves success ultimately. Do you have samples of the contracts you use to secure payment? Do you share them in the course you do? It is so easy to get stiffed for payment on the internet that I am curious if you cover how to secure being paid for your writing in the course. Obviously, the leads you have to get paid work are what I am most interested in.

  13. Man, all this for such an affordable price! I don’t know about others, but I can never get enough advice on price negotiation and getting paid.

  14. Exciting stuff! I’d love to know more about your background and experience and how that will inform the course – where you’ve been published, what your niche is, etc. I’ve been following long enough that I should probably know already, but I realized I don’t!

  15. Halina Zakowicz says:

    Hi Tracy and thanks for your comment. Yes, I have used Paypal for getting paid- although not only Paypal. If you mean secure payment as in, actually getting paid, I often have a contract in place that helps protect me from being stiffed. It also sounds like you have a lot more training and experience in writing and programming than I do! I never earned a degree in English or journalism. I had to pick up AP style writing on-the-fly. Yet, here I am, working as a freelance writer. So, if I can do it, I certainly know that you can, Tracy. And writing blogs is very easy, especially given your background. I hope this info helps!

  16. Hi Halina,
    Do you use Paypal for getting paid for your work? And what guarantees do you have to secure payment? I have experimented with a number of internet business opps in the past and came to dead ends. So my frustration level is high! I have a degree in English, though, and a lot of training in web development and computer software. Plus interesting training such as raw food prep, aromatherapy, film & tv production, etc. I would really love to work from home writing blogs for people and make enough money to live comfortably. I am a natural born researcher at heart. Can you help?!!

  17. Hello Hayden, While there are no guarantees in life, the intention of my course is to get students to earn a full-time income by freelance writing for high paying clients. This is also what I mean when I say that writers need to earn a “real, living wage,” and not play money. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thanks for commenting!

  18. Hi there Halina,
    I am presently exploring the idea of workong from home,and writing is something that I am seriously considering.
    With what you teach,and of coure my personal efforts,is it possible to earn a full time income?

  19. But Halina, what shall I write about?! I like writing and I like the idea of working from home even more. I’ve been considering a career shift into technical writing or copywriting/editing for the last 4 months – I’ll even do both, if I can. I’m about to move to MT to start a new life with my long-time girlfriend and the thought of being an “employee” again is rather distasteful. I’ve no doubt you know exactly what I mean! ;-)

    I like the idea of homework (and the price) caught my attention. Will these be writing assignments?

    1. Halina Zakowicz says:

      Hello Justin! Thanks for checking out my upcoming course. MT sounds like a big place- and it’s most suitable for the freelance life. You can do a lot of tech and copywriting/editing from home, especially if you like the idea of writing lucrative white papers. I talk a good deal about finding corporate clients in my course- or, as I like to call them, “cash cows.”

      Some of my homework assignments will involve writing, but not in the traditional sense- your efforts will be more focused on writing a query letter, for example. Or finding client names and contact info. And the assignments will be emailed back to me. Does this answer your questions? If not, please let me know- and thanks again!

  20. Hello Bill! Thank you for your interest in the course! The lessons and homework will all be sent by email and you could enlarge the text on your browser, for example, to better see the text. So, in that respect, all the materials are available in digital format. As of right now, though, this course is not available via webinar. I hope this helps! Please let me know if there is something I left unanswered.

  21. I like the idea of homework. Are your lessons written or do you have a webinar formate? I have low vision and use Zoom Text and the Mac accessibility features. But I must admit, hearing a lesson is a good way for me to learn. The research homework in the Library used to be a challenge for me but have learned there is a reader to help with printed text that is not dark enough for me to read. But, are the materials available in digital format?

    Thanks for your time!



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