Quick Summary of Peak Profits Formula

Rating: 0.5 It all makes sense...until you start hearing about evolving robots.

The Good: Finally, no videos of Fiverr-originated customer testimonials are shown.

The Bad: The Facebook comments are generated, the customer photos are re-purposed from other websites, and you need to pony up $500 to use this fake auto-trader.

The Bottom Line: Stay away from this obvious binary options trading scam. If you want to really learn how to make money from home, look no further than our #1 recommendation here.

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Peak Profits Formula Review

Are you ready for yet another auto-trader that delivers a 76.3% win rate and generates $2,136/day or $779,640/year?

That’s the spiel offered by someone named Alan Trump, the CEO of Peak Profits Formula.

This Alan Trump, who may or may not be trying to associate himself with the Trump name, is a trader who’s been “trading since I was just 17 years old” and eventually came across a strategy called RSI2. The RSI2 formula operates on the principle that market conditions peak “when a market rises or drops to a certain point in a relative short amount of time.” If you can see these peaks, you’ll also know when the market is most likely to fall back.

For example:

peak profits1

Incidentally, the time frame is noted to be 200 days. Also, this software works in 3 risk zones.

peak profits2

Alan notes that the RSI2 is just a guideline or indicator, and it’s still up to you to actively trade based on the RSI2 indicators.

Up to this point in the video, you could’ve convinced me that the strategy was legitimate and Alan actually knew what he was talking about.

…And now for the BS

I should’ve known it was too good to be true. Just after Alan finishes talking about his RSI2 strategy, he starts in on how he’s managed to automate it.

peak profits3

After six months of trial-and-error, Alan and his “tech guys” got lucky. Their formula-based software was reaching a 74% win rate- though not the 86% win rate of the original formula. Still, it made them almost $95,000 in just two months.

But it gets even better more ridiculous…

Alan and his tech guys decided to automate the formula even more. They deleted the manual portion of the RSI2 formula and added in “S.M.A.R.T. Coding.” And that when things started to really get ridiculous…

peak profits5

Somehow, the “didactic” software took an independent evolutionary path towards developing its own intelligence.

Beware: The robot rebellion may soon be upon us.

Humanity’s downfall will require 2 months and $300

Luckily, there is still hope for the human race before the robot overlords take over. Alan notes that, in order to access and use the Peak Profits Formula software, you must “be able and willing to fund your trading account with at least $300.”

Also, Alan is not yet releasing his software to the masses because he wants to see it perfected to the 86% win rate of the original RSI2 formula.

Given the software’s current evolutionary rate, achieving an 86% win rate will take at least 15 years. But, if Alan has 100 individuals use the software, its evolutionary rate will increase and it will take only 2 months before an 86% level is achieved.

At that point, the Peak Profits Formula software will be released to the masses and Alan will take a 1.5% cut of all profits.

Better make that $500

Once you submit your name, email and phone number, you are taken to the binary broker that is supposed to work with the Peak Profits Formula software. In my case, I got Binary Book.

Alan noted that I would only need $300 to start trading with my account. However, here is what I discovered when I tried to input $300:

peak profits formula

Yep, your amazing evolutionary software requires a $500 investment, as opposed to the $250 investment that other binary options auto-traders take.

Why am I skeptical?

I harbor just a small- OK, large- amount of skepticism regarding the Peak Profits Formula software being genuine. To begin with, I simply can’t believe that any positive review of this product is motivated by anything other than affiliate commissions. Those commissions are originating from Clicksure, an affiliate network well-known to promote all manner of scam products:

peak profits formula

If you peruse the “positive reviews” surrounding this software, you’ll find just about every single link containing affiliate code like this:


There are also these supposed Facebook comments that the site features:


After conducting some quick Google reverse image searches of the comments, I found many of the images copied from other websites. Case in point is the comment left by “Debby Lewis,” who is featured in the lower right hand side of the above screen shot. I then found out that the actual photo belongs to Joy Vernon (who is divorced):

joy vernon

Finally who exactly is CEO and trader Alan Trump? Searching online, I found no mention of anyone even remotely related to this guy. There is no software company associated with CEO Alan Trump. Also, all the websites associated with his name and software were created just two weeks ago.

The real deal with Peak Profits Formula

Just like with numerous other scam binary options auto-traders, the real purpose behind the Peak Profits Formula is to have you sign up with the preferred broker and fund your account. Once that occurs, the scammer makes a hefty commission from that broker.

As far as the evolutionary software program is concerned, it doesn’t exist. However, you won’t know that until you’ve already shelled out the requested $500. Many binary options brokers are well-known to hold your deposited funds until you make many upon many trades, each of which carries the risk of financial loss.

Other brokers give you automatic monetary “bonuses,” which then lock you into your account until you’ve trades 20x-30x your entire amount. By that point in time, you’ve more than likely lost not only your bonus money but your original deposit.

In short, this is not a winning system for making or even keeping your money.

Don’t do it!

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