Quick Summary of Direct Profits

Rating: 0.1 Yet another binary options scam designed to take your money.

The Good: The "not a sales video" sales videos can be watched on YouTube.

The Bad: Everything about this system is fake, from the customer testimonials to the screen shots. The site is riddled with typos too.

The Bottom Line: Steer clear of this attempt to swindle you out of $500- or more. Stick with one of our recommended ways to build an income instead.

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Direct Profits Review

“My name is Peter Rice and I want you to imagine what it will be like to go on vacation whenever you want, drive your dream car, and provide the best lifestyle possible for your family. Sounds great, huh?”

This is the latest of spiels that you hear when you go to the Direct Profits website, along with how Peter turned his gifted amount of $250 into $19,351.12 in just one month, and then into $134,851.25 in under five months.

What is Direct Profits?

First, we had Certified Profits. Then, there was Verified Profits. And now, without further ado, there is Direct Profits. Here is just one of the glowing (non-spell checked) testimonials about this product:

Aside from this product being plagued by endless spelling and grammatical errors, it is yet another automated binary options trading platform that will help you live the good life, complete with expensive cars, exotic vacations, and meals at restaurants of your choice. Apparently, Peter spared no expense when purchasing stock images for the Direct Profits sales video. We see the usual suspects, such as the following:

direct profits 2

direct profits 3

direct profits 5

How does Direct Profits make you rich beyond your dreams? It’s all about setting up a brokerage account, such as the one featured here by Peter himself:

direct profits 1

In this account’s “live demo,” Peter shows how he grows his balance from $250 to a whopping $134,851.25. “I’m averaging almost $30,000/month, by just doing what the system is telling me to do,” Peter boasts.

What’s even more amazing? Peter is giving away this amazing software for free. Why?

No one knows. But what we do know is that this opportunity is available for a limited time only. As Peter notes, complete with the ever-present grammatical errors:

direct profits 7

When you input your email at the bottom of the sales page, you go to a second sales video. Here, Peter tells you that you have only 10 minutes to fill out your information in the provided registration form. If you are skeptical or think that this opportunity is a scam, then you need to leave immediately. But the system can’t possibly be a scam because even this pediatrician endorses it:

Direct profits 9

After you fill out your name, email and phone number in the provided form, you are directed to the recommended broker, which is Binary Book. Here, at the broker’s site, you must deposit a minimum of $500 to activate your account and start trading.

Direct profits 12

Why Direct Profits is nothing but a scam

Admittedly, making a $500 investment in order to reap hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits is not a bad proposition. However, here is why I believe you shouldn’t invest even a dime of your money in this outright scam.

1. The customer testimonials are fake.

Earlier on, I showed you some customer testimonials about Direct Profits. Those testimonials are either stock photos scraped off the Internet or purchased from Fiverr.

Ultimate Solo Ads

Direct profits 10

2. The site itself admits that its results aren’t real.

On the Direct Profits disclaimer area, you see the following statement:

In some cases actors have been used. This is a new system and there are no typical results. This product does not guarantee income or success, and examples of the product owner’s and other person’s results do not represent an indication of future success or earnings.

Direct Profits also provides the following legal disclaimer:

Direct profits 11

Scammers will typically provide and cite the above CFTC rule to avoid lawsuits from angry members who end up losing their money. Notice how the above disclaimer says that “the trades have not been executed.” This is noted in spite of the fact that, on the Direct Profits sales page, a entire screen of successful trades is displayed.

3. Direct Profits is on Clicksure.

If Direct Profits makes you thousands of dollars each month, why would the product need to be listed and promoted on Clicksure?

direct profits

The answer is because Direct Profits makes its money by collecting commissions from the associated brokerage (Binary Book), and not through the successful trades of its members. Affiliates who promote Direct Profits also make a commission every time someone downloads the product and funds a trading account with Binary Book.

Also, if you search on “Direct Profits review,” you’ll find lots of positive reviews of the product. All these positive reviews contain affiliate links back to Clicksure or Direct Profits itself. There are no actual positive reviews of this product that are not somehow designed to make a commission from you.

4. Binary Book is a risky brokerage.

Binary Book is not only associated with many upon many binary options scam products, but the brokerage itself is not even regulated. Typically, exchange brokerages are under some kind of SEC; however, in the case of Binary Book, the CySEC only regulates its platform (Spot Option), not the brokerage. Also, Binary Book is based in Gibraltar, not the USA. Thus, should anything happen to your money, you’ll have a difficult time filing a complaint or filing a lawsuit.


If you want to engage in binary options trading, there are many reputable brokerages based in the USA that will work with you  and will even provide you with a risk-free demo account so you can understand how to trade. Binary Book is not one of these reputable brokerages.

Furthermore, while the idea of using automated software to place successful trades is great, the reality of the matter is that no software can accurately foresee trader sentiment, worldwide calamities or boons, etc. It’s pie-in-the-sky dreaming and, in the case of Direct Profits, will cost you $500 of your own money.

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Last Updated: August 21, 2015

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