Quick Summary of BinaryXPRT

Rating: 0.2 It's a (poorly) copied scam.

The Good: The sales videos can be stopped and are available on YouTube.

The Bad: The scammers couldn't even be bothered to create a complete broker's page with the BinaryXPRT brand.

The Bottom Line: Don't fall for this copied scam. Stick with our recommended way of building an income online instead.

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BinaryXPRT Review

“Are you tired of feeling like you’re on the outside looking in?”

“Imagine if wealth and freedom were immediately within your reach.”

These are the lines that Bob Fratelli feeds you when you first land on the BinaryXPRT sales page. He then provides his life story.

Bob’s tale of corporate espionage

“Back in 2012, I was working as an investment banker at one of the largest investment firms in the U.S. Our firm holds 80% of the world’s wealth. We worked with some of the biggest investors and we managed some of the most insanely profitable investment portfolios you’ve ever seen.”

Bob started with this firm right out of college. As he managed the firm’s portfolios, he was “granted secret access to extremely sensitive material.”

So, being the industrious man he is, Bob decided to do something that is more than likely illegal:


After doing this for two years, Bob noticed that the data followed what he termed “the magnetic effect.” What is the magnetic effect?


Apparently, a magnetic effect occurs when one person starts a trend, and then others join that trend. Those followers make the trend bigger and more powerful.

Bob claims that such trends can be seen in binary options trading. Also, following trends has never before been applied to binary options.


After discovering the Magnetic Effect Method, Bob generated a portfolio of over $100K from a small investment of just $250. Currently, he’s sitting on over $750,000.

It’s absolutely free*

Now that Bob has so much money that he doesn’t know what to do with it, he wants to give away his incredible Magnetic Effect Method to others. “I believe it’s my duty to help take the profits from the corporate world and live the lifestyle we truly deserve,” he says.

Bob then shows these videos of happy users of the Magnetic Effect Method:




Once you enter your name and email into the provided form, Bob provides a quick overview of what binary options trading involves. Also when a stock, commodity or equity goes up or down, it’s called a trend.


There are up trends, down trends and even neutral trends. Bob says that the Magnetic Effect Method focuses on up trends and down trends only. When he shows his trading screen, you see him riding the up or down trends of currencies in 10 minute time frames and profiting $80 and $100 on each of his calls or puts. In other words, by following the charts, Bob makes a call trade on a currency already going up, or he makes a put trade on a currency already heading down.

However, before you can go any further in making piles of cash using Bob’s method, you must do one thing:

BinaryXPRT webinar


BinaryXPRT 3

It’s Binary XPRT! It’s Magnetic Effect Method! It’s China Millionaire!

Once I input my information on the form provided in the second sales page, I had some trouble getting through to my “recommended broker,” which actually turned out to be Bloombex Options. Along the way, the screen’s web addresses popped up as follows:



When I opened up the Bloombex Options website, nothing on it said Binary XPRT or Magnetic Method Method. Instead, I saw only China Millionaire:


My suspicion is that the creators of China Millionaire also generated BinaryXPRT. If you go to the China Millionaire sales video, you’ll find that the speaker there sounds just like the Bob Fratelli of BinaryXPRT. Also, the lettering style of both videos is almost identical.

There’s one big problem with having China Millionaire as the creator of Binary XPRT: China Millionaire is a total scam. Thus, it’s very likely that BinaryXPRT is also a scam. Here is the additional proof:

Bob Fratelli is a stock photo.

This supposedly is Bob Fratelli, the investment banker guru who developed the Magnetic Effect Method:


However, the real Bob is located on a stock photo page.

The security shields are fake.

On the Binary XPRT sales page, you find the following security shields:

BinaryXPRT Members Area

The only problem with these shields is that they are not clickable to any kind of code or proof of purchase. In essence, these “shields” are totally fake.

The customer testimonials are fake.

The customer testimonials that are shown in the BinaryXPRT sales videos are actually performed by Fiverr actors:



Bloombex Options isn’t regulated.

The brokerage that you are directed to by BinaryXPRT is Bloombex Options. As noted before, Bloombex is based in Germany and is not regulated by the CySEC or any other agency. This means that, should something go wrong with your money or trades, you’ll have a hard time getting any of your issues addressed.

Various page links are disabled.

When you scroll to the bottom of the BinaryXPRT page, there are links such as those for Terms & Conditions, Contact Us, Support, etc. However, when you click on these links, they go nowhere.

Summary: Don’t bother

Whether this binary options scam goes under the name of BinaryXPRT or China Millionaire, you shouldn’t bother downloading its platform and funding the brokerage with your hard-earned money. Why? Because Binary XPRT, or whatever its name is, is an outright scam.

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Last Updated: August 24, 2015

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