Fast Cash Biz: A Fast Way to Lose Your Money

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Quick Summary of Fast

Rating: 1 out of 5. It really is just smoke and mirrors for yet another Binary Options scam.

Pros: Decent video production values

Cons: It just promotes a lavish lifestyle It offers zero evidence that it works It never tells you how it works It uses actors for both the narrators and testimonials It's just promoting high risk Binary Options

Our Recommendation: This "system" only offers a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

Full Review

A lot of people write of marketing, especially online marketing, as merely being full of liars who sell to you via smoke and mirrors.

This is at least in part true; good marketing plays up the good sides of the product/service and down plays the less desirable attributes.

Take coffee for instance: you can buy cheap coffee that in reality can still be as good as expensive coffee. The price difference comes down to who they are marketing to. Cheap coffee can be marketed as cheap and that it wakes you up in the morning, expensive coffee plays on the idea that it is luxurious with fuller flavor and so forth.

The negative attitude to online marketers comes from the actions of just a few, who take this smoke and mirrors concept and blow it out of proportion. Often their product has little value yet they make it out to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Take Fast Cash for example; these guys aren’t selling a Binary Options system to you, they are selling you a lifestyle.

The Fast Sales Pitch

The main focus of the Fast Cash sales page is their 30 minute video.

This video has really good production values compared to most Binary Options systems out there. Instead of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with a narrator, they have obviously heavily invested money into the video production: hiring actors, renting a Bentley, renting a private jet (though I doubt it flew anywhere) and so on.

Sadly, this is really just so they can sell you a lifestyle, not anything that has intrinsic value.

The video is hosted by two actors, who call themselves Madison Clark and David Graham.

Fast Cash private jet and bentley

Hired cars, hired jets, hired actors: smoke and mirrors!

I’m not sure where the person or people behind this system hired them, but I think they hired them more for their perfect smiles rather than their acting abilities.

The 30 minute video starts by the two actors telling you they have made $55 million dollars in just 3 years using the Fast Cash system.

They offer up evidence in the form of fast paced screenshots that can barely be seen as they fly past you.

The lifestyle they are presenting is one of great opulence: they start by getting off a yacht, then getting into a Bentley, then flying on a private jet-

The thing is, none of this looks real to me: there is no way to confirm that they own any of these vehicles, and it feels more like they are merely hired for the video shoot. The private jet especially, I’m not convinced it even took off from the tarmac.

I can’t prove my thoughts, but I have witnessed enough Binary Options videos to see through the smoke and mirrors they show you.

On the plane they show a “live” account. This live account could have been easily faked. I would have been more convinced if the camera man had recorded them actually bringing the website up, and logging in. Instead we are treated to a screencast which was obviously done later as they would not have been able to add in the additional markers.

Screencasts are useful to unethical marketers as it allows them to showcase what seems like truth, when in reality they can be very, very easily manipulated to show whatever they want, including excessive bank balances.

Fast Cash fake balance

I can give you a screenshot of my bank balance that has $70 trillion in it if you want 🙂

Throughout the video, we are treated to no actual evidence of any kind. Instead the video simply pushes an extravagant lifestyle, hoping that you in your current situation will be desperate enough to put on a pair of horse blinkers and ignore the obviousness of the situation: that it is just BS!

The video offers three testimonials. I cannot confirm these are fake, but I have also seen enough daytime T.V. to know crap actors when I see them.

Pushing Binary Options Like Drugs

The Fast website and videos have been made with one purpose in mind: to sell you the idea that Binary Options systems work. They barely mention what’s behind the system in their video; in fact I can’t remember them telling anything about the system except that they don’t want to “bore you to death” with the details.

Drugs are often sold on the premise that you can escape your life and current situation, and that’s exactly what Fast Cash is offering here.

What are Binary Options?

In case you need a recap, Binary Options is a method of trading stocks and commodities. You never actually own any of these stock or commodities; instead you trade on whether the price of them will go up or down over a set period of time.

This time period is generally very short, just 1 to 5 minutes at a time.

Stock prices are notorious for being volatile, not just over long periods, but even at the micro level. Over a 60 second period, the stock price will change 60 times.

As such, there is no software that can accurately predict the outcome. Sure there is software that can give you a general idea over time, but how can it predict something that changes up and down over 60 seconds? It can’t. If it could we would all be millionaires.

Combine then, the volatility of the micro time period trades, alongside the fact that no software can predict the outcome and you have a high risk trading method.

Any so called system that promotes itself as being able to accurately predict Binary Options trades 100% of the time is lying to you!

Fast Cash push button

Let’s think about this rationally for just a second.

There is a 100% guarantee that you’ll make 3.5 million dollars per year on average, just by pushing a button. I am not personally exaggerating this. These are the exact claims made by Fast Cash Biz, taken DIRECTLY from their website.

If it were that simple to make $3,500,000 per year, why on Earth would I ever advise against joining? We could all be millionaires overnight! The $250 I could generate per lead for sending you to sign up for Fast Cash Biz would be peanuts compared to the tens of thousands of dollars per day I could earn.

So why would I ever advise against joining? You already know the answer to that…

Because what they claim isn’t possible.

The only people making money here are the scammers suggesting you deposit money into these shady brokers. Not you. That’s all there is to it with all of these binary option scams.

Signing up to Fast Cash

Unsurprisingly, once you jump through the hoops and sign up, you are requested to deposit some money. This is all they want you to do, once done they will send you to their member’s area which is using some generic white label Binary Signals software and leave you to it.

Binary Signals software is worth nothing and you may as well guess your way to riches or destitution.

The Bottom Line

Fast Cash is an ethical marketer’s worst nightmare. It’s the sort of sales pitch that makes everyday people mistrustful of marketing, especially online marketing.

It offers no substance, certainly no evidence, and it promotes a method of making money that is so high risk the FTC forces promoters to include a warning alongside it.

My honest appraisal of this system is this: avoid it!

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  1. hi,what if i registered with my name my email and phone no…will anything bad happen? will they steal my email or anything like that?


  3. Dirty rotten filth outlaw scums of the earth!! The sooner they find them two and wipe them out the better for all the innocent people!! Arsholes!! Hope they don’t make 2018!!!!

  4. Fast Cash really stuck it to me this evening… Here I am struglling paying $850 in medication every month trying to figure out how to handle the expense and I run into these dishonest people…I must hand it to them..WHAT A PERFORMANCE!!!! BETTER THEN AL PACINO!!!!!!!! BUT NOTTTT worth my money! What a SCAM FASHCASH IS…I will let the world know about them! WHAT A BUNCH OF PRICKS!

  5. Fast Cash Biz is will take money of you and ask you for your copy of driver licence, utility bill, bank account ect. DO NOT GIVE OUT THIS INFORMATION. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR IDENTITY.

  6. I tried to get our credit card company to stop this going through but they said I had to put in a request on the other side, so how do you get your credit card company to block the payment from going ahead while it’s still in the pending stage.

  7. OMG! Its too Late I was sucked in to it cant get my money back, bloody idiot I am!

  8. I almost bought to this lies! Thanks God on this website. Really pity u guys u have caught to this BS thing situation. Got to be extra careful. Better do trading on my own. There is no short cut for money/success. It will not free fall from the skies.

  9. Luckly,I managed to do research before making a stupid decision to deposit $250! I had once received a called from a man who claimed himself as an Account Manager and even taught me how to use the system. I stopped our convesation because I was requested to DEPOSIT a minimum of $250 before knowing everythings. Since then, they keeps calling me to deposit the minimum….. I ignored and never try again..

  10. michael achike says:

    Can they legally carry on this scam so blatantly? Are there no regulations against this charade? They got me.

  11. Gordon Tindall SGT says:

    I went all the way to the point of doing the deposit and got a call from the broker who told me that the $250.00 deposit fee had gone up to $500.00 this morning. He asked my what I would like to do and I explained to him I was disabled and only made a small check every month. I have to give him credit he was honest enough to say “I don’t think this is for you”. I thanked him for his honesty and ended the call. I am not that bad off but He at least had some morels. Please watch out!

  12. I am very glad that I did my research after watching the video and found this page. Thank you all for the testimonials, and feedback. I knew it all sounded to good to be true.

    1. Totally SCAM… I fell for it but it thought me a good lesson. However, I was able to get my $200 back through my Credit Card company.

  13. yeah there is no functioning software this just a joke made by floundering trade platforms which are false fronts for the markets,they just pocket your money as you play their rouse obviously any criminal can set a bogus site without any clearance

  14. Gerald Knott says:

    Struggling to get a refund. How do they get away with it? Can’t Goggle shut them down?

    1. Go though your Credit Card Company and dispute the charges… That’s what I did. I have learned good lesson from it and now trading Forex Market. Forget Binary options 🙂

  15. Thanks for the post and Im sorry for all the money that was lost in this site. I was just about to make a deposit but now I am going to keep searching for something else to invest in.

  16. I watched the video and when they showed their bank accounts going up every 60 second.I said (what the fcuk).That’s the $250 which everyone deposit every 60 second. STOP DEPOSITING. When things sound too good to be true. Usually it’s not.

  17. FCB also email to say l have large sums plus bonuses and money card to start using thou not paid 250 so how have l started trading with the software??? Even got two phone calls one London calling very next one from NZ my home country which l rung back interesting..l think something not right emails frm Maddison and David saying things like my account has been funded lots of receitp no pin nos a lot amounts l have been paid ect yet ive not paid a dime..emmm

  18. Just 5 days ago I made a 250 deposit:( it was all I had dreaming like all of you in tears I say please dont try this is a real cruel scam why no FBI gets involed here. After them making it look like I been winning they today locked the web and I cant log in. I left one call to one of the beokers in hope he calls back!!! Dont do it I regret giving the only dollars to eat:(

  19. I have confirmed the plane is definitely rented: N62WD is a charter plane registered to Mountain Aviation, a rental company based in Colorado.

  20. i have sign up with fast csh biz and all these pll could send me is a set of emails telling me that i have a commission for over $25,000 and counting, my transaction was received, i have to act now or my commission will expired in 24hours and it goes opn and on and on. when i get hold of them and ask them how could i have a commission and i havent deposited yet they told me thats the commisiion there is yours and when i make the deposite it will be added to my account. is this true. does anyone has that experience

    1. yes! i am experiencing that too..they send me a bunch of emails everyday saying you have commisions of $$$ blah blah but i know on the first place that this is fake fraud scam etc..lolz

  21. the jet scene in the video was cute. They weren’t even flying, just turned the engine on and recorded a video and sliced in a screencap of a tester account. Easy to build a website and tweak the values of bank accounts, I doubt anyone in this business had over $50000 in their bank accounts.

  22. Same to me. I cannot log in eventhough I deposited USD 250.
    Still waiting for their reply.

  23. Kim Andrews says:

    I always wonder where they get their ‘Shills’ from. Do they give them money to say this crap?

  24. I have had a bad experience with Fast Cash I can’t login to the trading area and they ignore my request for help my original $250.00 was not matched as promised and get no help from Glenridge Capital brokers I will be closing my account soon as possible as it’s useless to me not being able to login just a headache I’m disappointed with the system and would not recommend it to anyone

  25. These people are stupid… Type the N number for the plane “located on the tail” N62WD into the FAA database and guess what comes up? The plane is located in Oregon and its a chartered jet… These people DO NOT OWN THE PLANE IN THE VIDEO “THEY RENTED IT FOR THE SCAM”

  26. I watched the FastCashBiz video for about 3 minutes, once the lady started giving her testimonial I was getting a scam alert in my head, her eyes going from left to right she was clearly reading text of a screen. Good testimonials are spontaneous and have lots of eeuhs, oohs and aaahs. Secondly never ever accept a bonus from a broker, you need to know the fineprint, it could take months or a ridiculous large amount of trades taken before you could even withdraw that cash. Last but not least, if you’re going to get involved with trading binary options, or going to pay for a software or service that trades on your behalf or gives you signals, look for a strong social community of users that backs up the credibility and trust of the business. I too have been fooled by WatchDog and was disgusted by the way how he uses people’s faith in God in such a deceiving manner to make a few commissions. Want some good advice, don’t put your trust in money, put your money in trust!

  27. They got me and say I didn’t pay the money to my trader account I know nothing about trading and it was all my bill and Christmas money and all I wanted to do was be able to make the money they said I would make to have a good Christmas for my kids this year, because we lost our home 6 weeks ago! I just don’t understand how they can get away with this? $1,000 is a lot of money to us!!

  28. Received their promotional video in my mail box but as I am used to performing due diligence I went straight to google them to see if there is any negative opinion… Found this website, read it and then reverted to fastcash video…
    Heard in the video that they were flying to Colorado where the fastcash mansion is supposed to be BUT the plane (if he ever took off) landed in AURORA, Oregon..As evidenced by the hangar of the company Aurora Aviation appearing in the video and where the plane parked (they should fire such a bad pilot!)…

    So don’t get fooled by this video and run away from this system!

  29. People, watchdog is an affiliate for all this money scams, that’s why he is not publishing our negative postings, because if he does, people wouldn’t buy into the scam in which he is making money as an affiliate.

  30. Why don’t someone contact the FBI and the justice dept.
    This is wire fraud plain and simple

  31. Oh Boy! I wish I had found this site BEFORE I funded an account with Glenridge Capital. After funding I never could get into the so-called “members area” of the FastCash website to be able to use the software. After multiple emails back and forth giving me the run around, I’m glad now that I couldn’t get in! Otherwise my money would probably be all gone, as I’ve discovered since then.

    So, I’ve asked for my money back from Glenridge. If they do not comply, I’ve already contacted my bank and they will file for fraudulent charges. I believe that banks are really good at getting your money back on issues like this.

    The video was so captivating and hypnotic. And of course they prey on people like us who are so broke and desperate for money. I should have known better.

    Please don’t buy into their lies!

  32. OK so I joined in mid October. Three different times their software failed after I made a deposit with a recommended broker. After many emails to them they finally got it working and I made a deposit with Glenridge. Emailed them about the matching deposit and they said they’d do it and sent me “compliance” stuff to send in. DID so. I was able to get on and trade using their bot for about a week. Lost money. only three or four trades made money out of about 50. Trading stopped working. Wrote to them and after MANY emails they set up a new account for me. Tried it last night and it wouldn’t work and emailed them again. Glenridge finally returned my entire original deposit to my credit card. Still waiting to see if they can get my account fixed, but as far as I am concerned this is simply not worth the time and effort for such dismal results. Fortunately since Glenridge returned my entire original deposit my losses were very minimal. I’m thinking I have a better shot with playing three card monty with street vendors. I suggest staying away. I don’t think it is really a scam, but it is not what they promised.

  33. Well, if that is true, if that is what they want from people, making money from them…I don’t like the way they are using fooling people to make money…by the way, as I haven’t paid the $250, thank you all for letting us know.

  34. Steven Holden says:

    Those two better not surface where i can find them. I have a great deal for them, called Real Fast Biz.

  35. I came across fastcashbiz and signed up with them and put in $750 and someone called me from Optionstars wanting me to have a broker and put in $5000-$10000 dollars I said no and wanted to go with the robot they told me it probably will not work i should consider the manager. I went with the robot and made some money and even had the broker give me a matching bonus I am down to only a few hundred dollars now and have a withdraw for $750 back to my credit card and now have to submit documents and more documents which I did we will see if I actually get my money back from the broker. but there is no auto trade button and like another person said the signals change going from one way to another and sometimes get signals to go both ways. this is surely a scam all the way and this watch dog and all the raving fans of it are all in cahoots to fool us all.

  36. I signed up for Fast Cash Biz just over 1 week ago and made a deposit with the required broker. I have yet to be able to use the software because my broker is not linking with the fastcashbiz program. I have emailed their customer service almost every day for the past week and they keep telling me the same answer “it is being looked into”. It’s been over 9 days now and still nothing. I have lost my faith in this program. complete scam. Don’t waste your time people! I’ve wasted mine and lost money in the process.

  37. from the beginning i thought this is fishy, however i wanted to give a try and make myself stupid,so i signed up with them, never received one single penny extra; beside loosing some of my own principal. i decided to withdraw all my money, they sent me an email saying there is a problem you need to fix, the link to fix the problem takes me to signing page and wants me to redeposit money with them again,they want to give me hard time and not releasing my money. Today i am going to call my credit card company to see if they can help me. just use your commonsense, who would pay you money for free, don’t just make yourself stupid like they way i the way their system base on 50% wrong or right is most of the time wrong, and is not working. ‘DON’T FOOL YOURSELF’

    1. Me too, I was always returned to the registration form to keep signing up. After signing up with this stupid software fast cash biz, I’ve never received any of those stupid signals on the fast loosing cash members area anyways, so in hindsight I must be very lucky I never did; instead my spam-mail inbox is flooded everyday by spam from them like a Virus) urging me to hurriedly sign up with them as only one spot is left just for me even though I aready signed up!

      It’s a trick, they want you to keep signing up to their rotating brokers as they earn affiliate marketing commsissions on every registration being made with the broker….and Watchdog is still promoting them…

  38. I’m back again, but this time with the Google Trader!!! This is the biggest BULLSHIT ever!!! My deposit of $250.00 with Titan Trade has now happily shrunk to $21.00!!! And guess what???? It keeps shrinking!!!!

  39. Hi, I was stupid enough to believe watchdog . I deposited with the broker via fastcash. Automation had been confirmed to be remove by various sources. However the manual signals are bullshit. Everytime you refresh, some of th signals will change directions. Sometimes I even get signals of the same option in both directions. In addition, I have problem placing trades. the support team is real crappy as well, asking for a screenshot of the same problem every other hour.

    Through this ordeal, the worst thing I found out was that watchdog actually didnt publish my negative comments of Fastcash after several attempts. I trusted watchdog for so long to realise they are in cahoot with such scams

    1. Hi Victim, Glad you mention that Watchdog isn’t publishing your bad experience with Fast Cash Biz either. The same happened to me. I wanted to post my linking / syncing issues I have with the broker(Anyoption) I was redirected to after signing up with Fast Cash Biz (the deposit nor the trading buttons/signals show up in the Fast Cash Members Area). Also the support Team of Fash Cash Biz gave me the run around. By the way, I also have an issue with Google Trader: The Broker (Titan Trade) I was assigned to doesn’t link into Google Trader.

  40. What makes me suspicious is the fact that peoples’ comments on Watchdog are all raving about Fast Cash Biz and Google Trader but also Cash Camp. Are these comments for real on Watchdog or are they just a hyped-up marketing trick to promote these binary option robots in order to cash in on affiliate commissions? What I also noticed is that Watchdog doesn’t publish critial or negative comments about these software either.

  41. well iam glad that i have read these comments because they almost had me.Why do these people do this are they getting rich off of the deposit that people make.And listening to there stories made me think before i would do this oh about here dad was a broker and she had no rag to riches story to tell and they really did not explain the system that well .And now listening to these comments iam very scare to try any of these on line trading options.because they are taking peoples money.Thanks everyone here for there honest answers.

  42. I saw they only wanted 10 people and immediately deposited 250 into BigOption, but could not get members-area to open and NOBODY COULD/WANTED to help me.–no they suggested i must deposit AGAIN AFTER i got to the login site.
    The feedback i got from FastCash is useless and say nothing substantial so now i battle to get my money back from BigOprion.
    They CONTINUOUSLY want my compliance documents again and again as they cant find mine sent! George

    1. Hi George, I’m having the same issue with Fast Cash Biz. I signed up with them on Sunday, October 11 2015 and was redirected to the broker: Anyoptions, where I deposited $250.00. I can log into the Fast Cash Members Area, but there are no trading buttons to be seen instead I always see the same message: “Please try again later. No open trades at the Moment.” It’s been a week now and the Fast Cash Biz support is just giving me the run around with no solution. I also keep submitting compliance documents to my broker. Really annoying!! And then I have to withdraw my deposit again from Anyoptions…your lucky if you ever get the half of your deposit back. Emily

  43. Found the FastCash video this morning, submitted my information and was contacted by a Broker. While I attempted to deposit into an account, the Server kept failing? I suppose this was a message to me that I should not give any financial information to a site that could not even be accessed. Not sure what is going on, but didn’t lose any monies in the process, so guess that is a plus.

  44. walter voigt says:


    There are so many scam artists out there stealing our money. it

    happened to me 4 times. Why are these criminals not in prison?

  45. Halina Zakowicz says:

    Hi Pete,
    These are some comments coming from individuals who tried the Fast Cash system:

    I signed up with Fashcashbiz on Monday October 5, and I did not get access to their software yet. I was routed to Glenridge Capital and I made my deposit of $250 there but when I asked Glenridge Capital why I did not get access to the fastcashbiz they told me that fastcash was a third party company to them and they have no way of getting in touch with them to find out why I did not get the access to the software as promise. Does anyone else had this problem with Fastcash? Also I cannot get in touch with fastcash customer service at all. I tried sending messages via email but none of that works. Does anyone has a customer care service number for Fastcash or a working email address please let me know.

    I just sign up with FastCashBiz. I don’t see any auto trading button in their software. I e-mail customer service and ask them why no auto trading button? The software force you to follow the signal and trade manually. Real BS!!

    1. Hi!! me too i have a problem with fastcash I can’t access the trading.Did you contact them?I cant find their contact plsssssss..

    2. I did up to the registration and ended up getting calls right away from people working with the site as well as an Glenridge capital investment page to enter credit card info to give the $250 deposit to start earning. Not one of those people I talked to were in the USA. One said Dublin Ireland and the other said he was in London. I was told their office in New York was being built. That seemed like a stupid answer to me. Then one said they have places all over including South Africa. Ding ding ding. I’ve had calls and emails from South African scammers before. I have not and will not give credit card info to anyone. I’ve been a person of identity theft already not going to again. Nowhere in those videos did they say their brokers were not in the states. Euros are worth more than USD and not worth the $250 they say is minimum investment. Ask for more money, they might I guess.

    3. I have had a lot of emails from FCB from support team,different indivduals and this Madison and David themselves wonder if l had paid the deposit would l have received such a vast amount of emails..has anyone had experience of being told by email the account is paid for and enjoy my money card??

  46. A lot of people guessing and giving their opinions, but I will like to hear from someone that actually paid and funded their account, to see if it REALLY is a scam.

  47. Bill Hamstra says:

    Thanks you’ve confirmed my thoughts….whats Ironic I came upon FastCash.Biz two three days ago it looked like a scam did some research came back three days later and lo and behold the same 7 spots were still available….it’s a scam folks . BH

  48. Luc Mattys says:

    This sure is a scam, just as all other trading softwares out there. I signed up for an account today and got redirected to There I was asked to fund my account which I did not offcourse and, while still online got a phonecall from Cyprus.
    I didn’t answer either and they even called a second time. So, now I know this id a scam. Never give these people any money you will certain lose it all.

  49. I almost got sold again I put my information into the options house but I just could not hit that final button. These 2 are good but I do not believe them they are Con men

  50. Everett Errington says:

    I agree that Fast Cash is just a scam to get your money. They probably are just actors acting out the part an know nothing about trading as well. All that seems too good to be true, and it probably is. They seem to hide a lot of information and mixed with a lot of lies and out of proportion ideas.

    1. QUESTION…..

      In Binary options one can only make up to 80% give or take on a sixty second trade ???????????

      SO how is it that they start with $1000.00 in there account and after sixty seconds end up with over $2000.00 in there account.

      Sorry binary options DOES NOT pay 110% or $120% on a single win transaction so there is a WARNING SIGN write there as a matter of FACT Binary Options sixty seconds trades are kept to a max betting of $350.00 per trade you CANNOT make a $1000 investment on a sixty seconds trade IMPOSSIBLE.

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