Quick Summary of 48 Hour Cash Code

Rating: 0.01 Another scam by some very lazy scammers.

The Good: You aren't watching long-winded 'positive' customer reviews.

The Bad: The scammers were too lazy to make a separate video for this scam, so you're led to a completely different scam about halfway through the first scam's spiel.

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48 Hour Cash Code Review

The 48 Hour Cash Code offers you an amazing deal: You will be provided with an automated system for making money, and all you need to pay for it is a whopping $1.95.

48 Hour Cash Code

“I’m not charging you to make myself rich,” says the mystery announcer on the sales video. “If I wanted that I’d be charging $5,000 for this system.”

We never find out the full name of the announcer, by the way. He says that he doesn’t want to give out his name “because I don’t want 1,000’s of people Googling my name and messaging me on Facebook.” However, if you sign up to 48 Hour Cash Code, you are promised that you’ll learn that information.

In the meantime, you can call this guy Mr. K.

Anyway, not only do you get an amazing money-generating system for under $2, you also get a team that doesn’t need to sleep at night.

“That’s right, I have a team of people just waiting, to make money for you…working day and night to make sure you make as much money as possible from my system.”

48 Hour Cash Code

What’s the actual motivation behind this generous offer?

“It’s because I want to help the average person make a life changing income online, an income that can have them quitting their dead end job within under 10 days.”

What’s the catch?

“Why would I give you access to a system that will make you a life changing income for under 2 bucks?”

Here’s where you first hear that there might be a slight catch.

“But it’s something that’s a win-win for both of us.”

Apparently, Mr. K gets a kickback from the profits that are generated with this system.

This kickback is a bit larger than expected- for every $100 generated in profits, Mr. K makes $20.

Somehow, you won’t miss this money- in fact, you won’t even know it’s being withdrawn.

Also, you’ll be making profits of up to $2,000 per day.

The sob story begins

Mr. K then launches into his own rags-to-riches story about how he was “living in my friends apartment leeching off of him because I couldn’t afford my own place to stay. Having to work random part time jobs at local cafes just to make enough money to eat.”

48 hour cashcode

But then, Mr. K’s life changed when he was invited to a cocktail party by his roommate. At that party, Mr. K met someone by the name of David Allen. David owned an IT company specializing in financial software. David also wanted Mr. K to try out a new piece of software his company had just created.

Mr. K took the software home, put it on his computer, and saw over $891 land in his account while he was busy playing video games. The next morning, that amount was up to $3,850.

The rest, as they say, is scam history.

Limited time only!

Of course, 48 Hour Cash Code is available to only 100 individuals every 6 months. Why?

“Simply because I didn’t create this system. It was given to me by a man called David.”

And for whatever reason, David can only stand to give out 100 copies. Maybe Mr. K has a license agreement with David.

Once you input your email address, you are taken to the following sales page:


But then, something weird happens when you hit your back button and eventually choose to not leave the page on the resulting pop-up. You are suddenly take to this page, which exists under the 48 Hour Cash Code URL:

48 Hour Cash Codes

After watching this video for a few minutes, I realized that this iss the same sales video seen in 12 Minute Pay Day!

Also, when you attempt to leave the page, you go here after canceling out your action through the resulting pop-up:

The 48 Hour Cash Code

If you try to leave this page, your price gets reduced to $9. Once you try to leave 12 Minute Pay Day at the $9 price point, you come back to the first sales video for 48 Hour Cash Code.


Why is 48 Hour Cash Code reverting to 12 Minute Pay Day, and then right back to 48 Hour Cash Code?

Because the same scammers are operating both scams. And the scammers were just too lazy to plug in a different video for each of their “different” scams.

Other troubling signs

There are other troubling signs that 48 Hour Cash Code is a scam. For starters, the system is offered as an affiliate product on Clicksure. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Clicksure, I like to call it Clickbank’s evil twin. The affiliate site is chock-full of shifty products, and many items there command a whopping 50% refund rate.


Interestingly, the commission for this product is fairly low- only $25. When you go to the 12 Minute PA Day affiliate offer on Clicksure, guess what you see? A sub-campaign payout of $25!


Also, if you recall my earlier review of 12 Minute Pay Day, I noted that its money-making premise was all about setting up subdomains. It sounds quite plausible that 48 Hour Cash Code is operating as a subdomain of 12 Minute Pay Day- or vice versa.

The bottom line? I can’t figure it out either!

In summary, I’d not recommend going with 48 Hour Cash Code because you have no idea of what you are buying and if anything advertised here will even work. The only sure thing here is the commission that the affiliate will be making- from your sign-up, that is.

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