Our Review of Kelly Simmons’ ‘Home Jobs Now’

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Quick Summary of Home Jobs Now

Rating: 1 out of 5. This is yet another iteration of an older link posting work-at-home 'opportunity.'

Pros: The pros here include the remote possibility that you might learn how to insert a link code into a page. Click and paste. That's what you'll be paying $97 to learn.

Cons: The cons here are many, including the fact that link posting alone is not going to make you money online. You could have your ads and sites shut down because link posting on its own is considered spamming. Also, you don't know who the creators of the 'Home Jobs Now' program are, so if they shut down the website, you have no way of getting your money back.

Our Recommendation: If you really want to learn about and understand affiliate marketing, there are plenty of paid and free resources that are available online and that will actually help you become an affiliate marketer.

Full Review

If you’ve ever considered working from home, you’ve probably performed an online search using keywords such as ‘work at home jobs’ or ‘home jobs for students.’ More than likely, you’ve come across the following work-at-home opportunity called ‘Home Jobs Now.’

What is ‘Home Jobs Now?’

This program starts out by telling you how the world is in a recession and many people are out of work. However, the good news is that many more people are starting online careers from home. And all it takes is an hour a day, apparently:

Home Jobs Now ‎1

‘Home Jobs Now’ goes into what it’s not: not MLM, not telemarketing, not selling door-to-door. So, what exactly is it?

“Major companies…pay you for placing ads online and promoting their products. These big companies actually share their profits every time someone buys a product as a result of seeing the ad you posted online.”

Yes, you guessed right: ‘Home Jobs Now’ is yet another link-posting work-at-home opportunity.

How is this link-posting performed?

According to ‘Home Jobs Now,’ link-posting involves the following steps:

  1. You get your own unique tracking code.
  2. You place that tracking code into online ads.
  3. You check your account to see how much money you’ve earned.

Easy, isn’t it?

In fact, this work is so easy that ‘Home Jobs Now’ claims that you’ll be able to “start succeeding immediately” and that you’ll “be up and running in a day” in your new work-at-home venture.

Best of all, this work will take just a few hours each day.

In the next section of the sales page, you are taken to the check-out area, where you are asked to make a “special one-time investment of only $97.” Once you do, you’ll gain access to an exclusive members only area, plus “my email address (whose? I assume it’s Kelly Simmons’) and an advisor’s email address.

Best of all, you can try “Home Jobs Now” risk-free and receive a refund anytime up to 60 days after purchase.

Something’s not quite right about ‘Home Jobs Now’

Up to this point, ‘Home Jobs Now’ has painted a wonderful picture of how amazingly easy it is to make money at home by posting links for a few hours each day. However, here are some harsh truths about link posting:

  • Link posting is more than just posting links.

Link posting is a legitimate part of affiliate marketing, wherein affiliates place links in ads and then send those ads to their subscribers, customers, readers, etc. However, to state that link posting is all there is to successful affiliate marketing is like saying that all you need are some tires in order to have a car.

Successful affiliate marketers certainly add links to their banner ads, sales pages, and emails. However, they do this only after spending weeks, months or even years creating content and delivering that content to their subscribers via email, blog posts, pillar articles, etc. And such content doesn’t get built in the space of a few hours per day.

Home Jobs Now

Also, the ads into which the links are inserted are usually long sales pages that take weeks to months to tweak for the proper content, images, and messaging. Even the example ads that ‘Home Jobs Now’ showcases on its own sales page are not exactly simple concept pages that anyone can create just by knowing how to type.

  • ‘Home Jobs Now’ isn’t new.

The earnings disclaimer area of ‘Home Jobs Now’ introduces Kelly Simmons as the pen name/creator of this work-at-home opportunity. However, Kelly Simmons is also the pen name/creator of ‘Replace Your Job,’ another link-posting work-at-home opportunity. If you look at the sales pages for both of these products, you’ll quickly see that they have almost the same content and look.

‘Home Jobs Now’ is not really a new program- it has undergone several revamps over time and under different names (Home Job Placement, Home Job Source, etc.). One of its last names was ‘Home Income Explosion,’ and that site was taken down after a series of online complaints called it out as a scam. Basically, as a site accumulates complaints and is investigated for fraud, its creators deactivate the sales page and put a ‘new’ one in its place.

  • That $97 is not the only money you’ll pay.

One of the best descriptors of what ‘Home Jobs Now’ actually entails is provided not on its sales page, but rather in the earnings disclaimer area. Here, you read that ‘Home Jobs Now’ is not really a job opportunity, but rather an educational opportunity about Internet marketing. In fact, according to its disclaimer:

Disclaimer of Liability

When such disclaimers are provided even before you purchase a product, what that typically means is that the product itself will be insufficient to get you started. The answer to this insufficiency will be additional products that address various aspects of Internet marketing, such as website hosting, design, email autoresponders, etc.

Expect some major upsells and cross-sells after you purchase ‘Home Jobs Now.’

  • A dubious refund policy

To be fair, the site offers a money-back guarantee that doesn’t appear to have too many loopholes. I did not find too many complaints from individuals who had bought the system and then couldn’t obtain a refund. Also, when I called the phone number provided in the ‘Contact Us’ area, I was connected to a real person.

Having said this, keep in mind that the site is openly admitting to using fictitious names and scenarios in its disclaimers area. And once the creators of this program shut it down, how will you find them to get your money back?

Finally, in the refund section of the site’s terms and conditions page, there is an odd statement about how you’ll get your refund if you make an honest effort to learn about the system and try it out. Exactly how are you going to prove that you’ve made an honest effort? Will you be required to show your effort by buying the program’s possible upsells and cross-sells?

The Bottom Line

‘Home Jobs Now’ preys upon desperate individuals who may be out of work and short on money. It falsely advertises that all you need to do is pay $97 to obtain a guaranteed money-making system where all you do is post links on ads. There is no way that you’ll make tons of money by simply posting links for an hour a day.

My advice is that you steer clear of this re-hashed ‘educational’ opportunity and invest your dollars in a few books on the topic of affiliate marketing.

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