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Quick Summary of Build My List

Rating: 3 out of 5. Some good information, but much more costly than advertised.

Pros: Jimmy Kim provides useful training modules that cover email list creation, autoresponder setup, affiliate marketing, sales page creation, and traffic generation.

Cons: There are at least two upsells after you purchase the basic $49 product. The autoresponder is initially free but could cost you as much as $499/month if your list grows past 50,000 contacts.

Our Recommendation: The Build My List program isn't a scam but isn't just $49. You may not be able to use this program to its full capacity if you are promoting non-traditional affiliate products. If you already use an autoresponder, you'll have to switch to and pay for a different one.

Full Review

“The money is in the list” is a well-known saying in the online marketing world. Luckily, Jimmy Kim, who operates a $25,000/month online business, has the expertise to teach you how to grow your email list. That expertise is packaged in a program called “Build My List.”

What does Build My List offer?

Build My List, or BML, offers the following five training modules:

Module 1: List secrets

In this module, you learn why building a list is invaluable to your business. Jimmy then explains how you can build your own email list by creating a squeeze page and sending traffic to it.

Module 2: The profit machine

The profit machine is actually Jimmy’s own SendLane autoresponder, which you’ll need to set up if you wish to complete the BML training program.

Module 3: Max commissions

Why make 20% affiliate commissions when you can make 100% commissions instead? Jimmy gives you advice on finding affiliate products that carry a full 100% commission per sale.

Module 4: Business wizard

This tool offers a “drag and drop” approach to moving segments into your one-page website(s) and creating, in essence, your subscriber squeeze page(s).

Module 5: Instant traffic triggers

Jimmy presents different sources of free and paid traffic, which you can direct to your squeeze page(s). Once you’ve built your list via the squeeze page(s), Jimmy shows you ways you can covert those subscribers into customers.

Other BML goodies

In addition to those training modules, you get the following bonuses:

  • Access to SendLane, which an email autoresponder platform, for three months.
  • A “point-and-click” squeeze page builder (included with SendLane).
  • Daily “power calls” for 30-60 days post-purchase.

How much does BML cost?

The basic membership cost for BML is $49.

That’s really not a lot of money for a tutorial program, pre-built squeeze pages, and a platform that all help you get traffic and conversions. However, just when you thought you were safe…in come the upsells. There are three, specifically:

Upsell #1: BML Elite

The minute you’ve paid for the basic BML platform, Jimmy pops up and tries to upsell you to the “deluxe” version of BML. For $97, you get 10 weeks of live training and priority support. Also, you get Jimmy’s personal email address.

Upsell #2: Build My List Pro

For $97, you get “done for you” sales funnels, headline creation software, a PLR ebook to give to your subscribers, and advanced training.

Upsell #3: SendLane

This is Jimmy’s personally created email autoresponder, and which your basic BML membership gives you three months of free access to. Once those three months are over, you are “nudged” to purchase a plan. If you have up to 2,500 contacts, your price will be $19/month. As your subscriber count increases, your price could go as high as $499/month (for up to 100,000 subscribers).

Is BML a worthwhile investment?

There are always pros and cons with buying into any training system. Up until now, I have listed some of the benefits that you gain when you buy BML and its upsells. Here are some negatives:

1. The training is very basic.

Several BML members have noted that Jimmy’s modules offer basic principles of email list and squeeze page building and, which is suitable for beginner affiliates but not for those who are looking to ramp up their sales and have prior experience with marketing concepts.

One example involves Jimmy showing you the basic components of a squeeze page, but not how to set up and build an actual squeeze page.

2. The squeeze pages are limited.

The squeeze page templates that you get with BML are tuned into promoting specific consumables such as weight loss and beauty products and work-from-home opportunities. If you have a service or contracting business that you wish to promote, those squeeze pages from BML will be less suited to your goals.

In short, BML is intended for affiliate marketers looking to sell one-off and business-to-consumer products that have short sales cycles and low barriers for entry.

3. You pay for traffic.

In his training modules, Jimmy talks a little bit about free traffic streams, but he really emphasizes those paid traffic streams. While you’re not forced to buy traffic, you’re also not told how much it’ll cost for you to generate $100 or $200/day in affiliate commissions through PPC and other campaigns.

4. Sendlane is the name of the game.

In Module 3, Jimmy talks about finding 100% commission products. Care to guess what those products are? Why, they are none other than BML and two of its three upsells, BML Elite and Build My List Pro.

Should you become an affiliate with BML (which occurs after you purchase one of its upsells), you’ll get to promote Jimmy’s products and make killer 100% commissions for doing so. How can Jimmy afford to give away those $49 and $97 commissions?

Because the real focus here is on getting people locked into SendLane, the email autoresponder that Jimmy touts at every turn. Once you have a list generated and are paying a minimum of $19/month for SendLane, who needs to worry about $49 here or $97 there?

In fact, if Jimmy’s claims are to be believed and he has at least 15,000 users on SendLane, that means that SendLane is banking at least $285,000/month.

It might be argued that the entire purpose of BML is to act as a sales funnel for SendLane.

BML: Just a sales funnel for SendLane?

Think about it: Autoresponders are a tough sell, and most affiliate marketers are already using free ones like MailChimp or established ones like AWeber and Get Response. To get subscribers interested in a new and untested platform, you need to be smarter than the average bear.

Ideally, you need a funnel, and a funnel that’s peppered with small investments and 100% commissions is a far better conversion tool than a single lonely sales page. Couple that with “power calls,” which are more than likely going to recommend a few upsells, and you got yourself a carefully herded audience that’s ripe for conversion.

Do we recommend BML?

While Jimmy does provide useful information and tips in his videos, a good portion of his training is very basic and doesn’t divulge the finer details of just how you’re going to make sufficient affiliate sales and commissions to quit your day job. His recommendations to buy paid traffic and an autoresponder mean that you’ll be spending a lot more than $49 or even $243.

There are better priced affiliate programs out there that not only provide you with a more thorough understanding of list building, they also don’t ask you to pay increasing amounts of money as you become more and more successful at your trade.

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