WebCopyCat: Hey, Wanna Buy the System I Just Bought?

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Quick Summary of WebCopyCat

Rating: 1 out of 5. The only product that WCC offers is itself. Not recommended.

Pros: WCC costs only a buck to try out. Devon tells you exactly how you're going to earn your money with WCC. The 10-day trial is easy to cancel.

Cons: WCC's sole product is itself. You'll need to pay additional fees for an auto-responder and traffic packages. Your potential earnings are over-hyped.

Our Recommendation: We do not recommend this system to any newbie or experienced online marketer. Look no further than our top recommendation here to learn how to actually build a business online.

Full Review

Devon Brown has a “done for you system” called WebCopyCat (WCC). This system, by his claims, helps online marketing beginners who don’t have a lot of experience with selling, landing pages, and traffic generation. “I do all the hard work for you,” Devon claims. “You simply copy my system and make money within a week.” Or, as he claims in his sales video:


What exactly are you copying?

To find out, I purchased a 10-day trial of WCC for $1. Following my 10-day trial, I’d be charged $34.95/month.

Inside WebCopyCat

After my purchase went through, I was immediately directed to a welcome video starring Devon Brown himself. Devon was quite animated, and he also noted that one of his staff members would be calling me shortly. This made me nervous because marketing follow-up phone calls are usually made so that product up-sells can be pushed.


In the ensuing 24 minute video, Devon spends about 10 minutes introducing WCC. A lot of the same stuff that was stated in his sales video is repeated in this video, including how WCC is a “done for you” system, how your earnings with WCC will reflect your efforts, how no income is guaranteed, etc.

After that part is over, Devon introduces some marketing terminology and defines it. Here is a sample:


Other introduced terminology includes auto-responder, initial offer, upsell(s) and additional products. Devon notes that the second through the fifth products are part of what’s known as a sales funnel.

Devon goes on to show you an “example” sales funnel, which he estimates cost as much as $1,400 and took up to 3 weeks to create:


And the best part? Devon says that you’ll be able to use this sales funnel for a fraction of what he paid to build it.


Granted, you’ll also need to purchase an auto-responder, which will be loaded with emails that Devon’s team built. An aWeber subscription plan runs $19/month, so tack that cost on in addition to paying $34.95/month for WCC.

You’ll be rewarded for promoting these products via the following payout structure:


However, the question that Devon has yet to answer is the following:

What will you be selling through WebCopyCat?

In the last minutes of his video, Devon tells you how you’ll have only one sales funnel with your 10-day trial of WCC. However, if you remain with WCC beyond the 10-day trial, you’ll get additional sales funnels to promote.

So, what is the first product you’ll be able to promote through WCC?

Get ready for it…


Yep, you’ll be promoting the very product you just purchased: WebCopyCat.

But hold on…

Before you can even begin to promote WCC, you’ll need to buy traffic. As with WCC, the traffic is noted as being “done for you” too.


However, what you’ll have to do on your end of things is pay money for that traffic. And we’re not talking chump change here either: the six traffic packages you’re offered through WCC range from $97 for 90-105 visitors to as much as $1,800 for 1,700-2,000 visitors.



What I liked about WebCopyCat

What I appreciated about WCC was that I could try the product for a very low price- specifically, $1. Also, Devon didn’t hide his face and tried his best to showcase his product. Devon also noted that there was a WCC support area that would help members with questions and issues.

After I signed up with WCC, I did receive a call from Lisa to make sure my setup went smoothly, and to answer any questions I had about WCC. This call went to my voicemail.

Once I submitted a ticket to cancel my 10-day trial (around midnight the night before), my cancellation was processed roughly 15 hours later.

Having said that…

What I didn’t like about WebCopyCat

The more I considered Devon’s WCC, the more I realized that it is nothing more than an affiliate product that you are paying major bucks to promote.

But wait a minute…shouldn’t affiliate products pay you??

First of all, you’re paying almost $35/month for the “privilege” of promoting a JVZoo product.

You also need to sign up for an auto-responder, which tacks on another $20/month to your costs.

Then, there is the traffic that you’re highly advised to purchase. Even the lowest traffic package that Devon recommends for WCC is $97.

There are no assurances given that your visitors will convert, and Devon stresses that these visitors aren’t actual leads. Devon estimates that your visitors will convert at 20-25%, but I don’t see how that’s possible; most email funnel traffic typically converts at 1-5%.

Devon says very little about this traffic and where it originates from. There’s no mention made about how these visitors were gathered, nor how/if they are being compensated for their time.

Most troubling of all is the plain fact that WCC’s sole product is…itself. The entire WCC program focuses on creating a sales funnel that will sell WCC. As for an actual WCC product or service…it doesn’t exist.

Our take on WebCopyCat

If you’re looking for affiliate products to promote, you can go to network sites like JVZoo and Clickbank and start promoting products for free. As for WCC, it’s a system that offers no tangible product and relies mostly on future buyers for profits. We do not recommend this product.

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