Quick Summary of Internet Selling for Newbies

Rating: 4 Solid training but a lot of overview.

The Good: Good value for your money, with multiple media formats and solid training for beginners.

The Bad: Hyped up earnings claims. Not as much varied content as it suggests. Can be wordy. Not many actionable methods: a lot of overview and discussion.

The Bottom Line: This is the sort of quality internet marketing product you don't see very often. It's jammed with a lot of information that every beginner should know. It's let down by being to high level with very few if any actionable areas.

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Internet Selling for Newbies Review

I love internet marketing, even though it is often challenging and sometimes frustrating. When I was a newbie though, things were a little different.

Like most newbies I had just come out of the “everything is awesome” phase after researching and learning and of course buying products for the first few months.

After that stage there are two divergent stages: you either have been successful or like most newbies, you haven’t made a cent.

I was in the stage where I hadn’t made much money, just a few dollars (literally something like $1.27).

It’s at this stage that you either battle through or give up.

The problem I see is that there are a lot of products out there that target newbies and most of them either provide bad information or are just plain bad.

As a newbie, I didn’t know that, I just took the information provided on blind faith.

That’s why when I now see products aimed at newbies I jump at the chance to review them so I can either sing their praise or warn potential newbies off because I don’t want you to go through the financial and emotional struggle I did back in the day.

Internet Selling for Newbies

This program has actually been around since 2008 when the couple behind the system actually sold the product on CD’s!

The modern day version pitches itself as a membership program that can help you build a “reliable $23,774.56 per month online business”.

This is literally the first thing you see on their sales page and it has my scam-o-meter needle in the red!

This sort of hype is terrible for newbies as it pulls people in with a lot of false hope, especially as the sales pitch goes on to say that the system generated $142,647.35 in 3 months.

internet marketing for newbies table of content

It doesn’t say that a newbie generated that money, nor does it say how long it took to get to the stage where that sort of money could be generated (it could have been years before that six month period happened).

There’s a rag to riches story that comes with the sales pitch and while this might be true in parts it’s also likely a selected story.

As such I have hope that this system is going to be good, so long as the actual training dials down the hype.

Buying Internet Selling for Newbies

The membership system costs a flat $24.95 with no monthly fees which is nice. Of course there are a couple of upsells the first being a monthly membership to a different product called the My Unfair Advantage.

The second is a selection of courses for a set fee of $27.

When it comes to upsells I ask the question: how do these benefit me and complement the product I’m buying?

For Internet Selling for Newbies, I have to say I’m concerned because surely the course training and membership/Facebook group should be enough that I don’t need to buy another membership access and courses?

Inside Internet Selling for Newbies

The membership area links to several parts of the training:

internet marketing for newbies table of content

This initially looks like a lot but it’s not. The Content section for one is really just another table of contents linking to the other pages with zero value whatsoever, and the My Unfair Advantage part is just an upsell.

7 Day eCourse

This section is a collection of 7 short training courses – the ebooks are just 8 pages long on average (and that includes the cover and intro!).

That being said, there’s more info in these 7 short ebooks that is valuable to a newbie marketer than I’ve seen in a whole slew of internet marketing products.

This course is basically a primer explaining the absolute basics of internet marketing that everyone should have under their belts before getting started.

It covers what the author considers the fundamentals: list building, traffic, conversion and duplication.

It also covers other areas (components in his terminology) such as hosting, domain names and website creation.

The information provided is succinct and explains the points well.

While it won’t get your from $0 to $24k this sort of information is perfect for someone who has had no introduction to internet marketing or websites.

Ebook & Audio Course and Video Course

I’m putting these two sections together as they contain the same content just in different formats.

The ebook is 107 pages long, the videos and audio are about 6 hours long split up into 9 videos with an average length of 39 mins (shortest 20, longest 89).

The size of the content suggests that there is great value for money here: it’s not a thin product like so many others are.

The training is split up into 9 sections:

#1 Web Business Basics

This section covers all the basics in detail from the URLs to general business practices. It’s a high level overview intended to expand your overall knowledge.

internet marketing for newbies keyword business

#2 Marketing Versus Selling

This is what separates this training from everything else out there. Seriously I rarely find training programs that spell it out for newbies but this course is doing just that. The entire section covers the difference between marketing and selling.

It also covers the different methods used to sell to people. This is the sort of information that most newbies have to glean from a variety of sources over time, but here it is laid out.

#3 Branding & List Building

The third section covers the importance of branding yourself and your business, as well as why should add value to everything you do.

#4 Affiliate Marketing

Here you learn what exactly affiliate marketing is and how you can make money from it. The focus is on JVZoo, but the authors also cover a few other common affiliate networks from Amazon to Clickbank.

#5 Vendor Marketing

Section 5 is actually about product creation: what it is and how to do it. Its focus is mainly on digital products, specifically ebooks which is a bit narrow but the advice it gives is solid. I loved the fact that it eased into the idea of upsells by explaining that you should create multiple variants and offshoots of the product but not sell them in one package.

#6 Traffic Driving

“I think the lack of traffic is probably the cause of most online failures”.

That quote from the ebook is so true. There’s often a build it and they will come attitude taught to newbies and it’s a fallacy, a lie that will cause most people to crash and burn.

The authors cover 3 broad ways to get traffic (buying, borrowing and creating) and discusses a various ways in which you can generate traffic such as Facebook Ads and blogs.

#7 Funnels Made Easy

Sales funnels were like magic to me when I was first starting out. Everybody talked about them but I had no idea really what they were or how to make one.

While this section covers a variety of funnels I found it to be a bit more complex, perhaps due to the subject matter, than other chapters.

#8 Product Launches

This is the what, why, and how of product launches with some general advice on how to do one. A lot of what is said here sounds like common sense to me, but I can see the points of failure that are discussed easily happening to someone who is launching for the first time.

#9 Putting It All Together

The final chapter of the training is intended to bring the previous eight chapters of theory and advice into something actionable. However, it’s still a very high level over view and not really actionable.

internet marketing for newbies wall of text

No one likes a wall of text when trying to learn something.

The Bottom Line

One thing that I loved about Internet Selling for Newbies is that it provides you with the same training in different formats. As a reader I prefer ebooks to video, but I know a lot of people prefer it the other way around. Internet Selling for Newbies caters for all in this respect.

The supplied training blows everything else at its price point out of the water, but while it’s detailed and provides a great starting point it isn’t perfect.

For one thing you’re not held by the hand which some newbies would be looking for (or needing), most things discussed are an overview of the topic. If you need instructions on how to actually set up a website or what to write for content or emails then you’re out of luck.

Another, minor, point is that even as a lover of words, I found the content hard to get through as it’s dense and formatted as a wall of text, so you might want to mix up the media even if you’re a reader like me.

In my opinion Internet Selling for Newbies is a primer for starting an online business and in that regard it’s excellent.

The sales pitch is somewhat misleading though and some people might be expecting a step by step plan to make money online, and this product simply isn’t that.

Last Updated: December 6, 2016

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