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We Review IM VIP Training from Kevin Fahey

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Quick Summary of IM VIP Training

Rating: 4 A solid program with training videos, bonuses and support.

The Good: Kevin provides many training videos that are well-outlined. There are minimal product upsells/cross-sells. You can try the program for just $1. You get WP plugins, monthly webinars, and a personal training call.

The Bad: Some portions of the program are still in development. Questions and/or issues may take some time to resolve if Kevin is the only person who is there to help.

The Bottom Line: This is a solid program with loads of useful resources and fairly well-developed training.

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IM VIP Training Review

If you’ve been looking at Internet Marketing (IM) training programs online, you may have already come across IM VIP Training from Kevin Fahey. This program, as advertised by Kevin, offers the following 12 training parts:

  1. IM Newbie– This introduction to IM gives you enough information to make at least $1,000/month.
  2. Email Marketing– This module teaches the basic of email list building, traffic growth and split testing.
  3. IM Affiliate Funnel– The basics of affiliate marketing are taught in this module, which also includes 15 offers.
  4. WordPress Plugins– 5 free and 3 premium WP plugins are offered here, plus one paid plugin. Example plugins include WP Conversion Tracker, Redirect Pro and JV Giveaway.
  5. Webinar Replays– Here, Kevin offers his previously recorded live webinars on topics including list building, Facebook ads, funnel mind maps, video marketing, etc.
  6. PLR Training– Two videos train you on how to double your affiliate income by offering private label rights products to customers.
  7. Facebook– This video introduces Facebook as a source of leads and gets you started on using this social media platform’s ads.
  8. Product Creation– Launching your own digital products is one of the best ways to make an online income; Kevin introduces you to product launches here.
  9. Advanced Tracking– This module covers advanced concepts in Facebook advertising and performance tracking.
  10. Video Marketing– This is an “in progress” module that will eventually teach you how to create, edit and launch effective marketing videos.
  11. Customer Support– Maintaining a good online reputation is critical for you and your business. To this end, Kevin discusses how outsourced support staff and VAs can help you provide excellent customer service.
  12. IM Coaching Guide– If you already have a skill or hobby that you’d enjoy teaching to others, you can become a coach or trainer and profit from your passion(s). Kevin teaches you how to do this.

In addition to these ready-to-view trainings, Kevin also offers live, members-only trainings every month.

You can sign up to a strategy call where Kevin will help you with your marketing idea. There is also a Facebook VIP Group that members can join.

Best of all, Kevin offers potential members the opportunity to check out his program for 7 days for just $1. After the 7 days are up, a $27 monthly fee is assessed.

Because the program cost only $1 to try and offered a 30-day money back guarantee, I decided to spend exactly $1 and find out what was offered.

As soon as my payment went through, I found Kevin offering me the following upgrade:

For $197, I could have unlimited membership in IM VIP Training and forego paying those monthly $27 fees. I clicked out of this offer and had to return to JVZoo to locate my product again. Once back inside IM VIP Training, I saw the following:

When I scrolled down this page, I encountered Kevin’s previously introduced IM parts. For example, here is Part 1: IM Newbie, which is actually broken down into 6 modules of its own and totals 35 separate videos (each video ranging 10-15 min).

Due to the sheer volume of material in just this single module, I picked out one or two videos to peruse. I decided to go with the very first video in the first module, Purchasing Your Domain & Hosting. Here, Kevin spends just over 11 minutes providing step-by-step instructions on how to purchase a domain name and web hosting. He also adds details such as which hosting company to use, which name to input into the domain info, one easy trick to avoid getting your site hacked, etc.

Overall, I found this video very thorough and informative. A newbie would certainly benefit from the in-depth information provided here.

In the List Building video of IM Newbie, Kevin demonstrates how to generate a sales page. Here, he spends over 19 minutes going through the details of purchasing an email subscription service (e.g., AWeber), building the sales page, and tracking opt-ins.

Another part of IM VIP Training is Email Traffic. Here, I came across 14+ narrated videos where timed strategies are outlined. These strategies can be used to garner the interest of your readers and then profit from their interest. Audience segmentation is discussed at length.

What about other areas of Kevin’s training?

In Part 8: Product Creation, I located at least 15 informative videos, plus 8 additional resources on subjects like how to run affiliate contests, close high value leads (such as for coaching programs), and get involved with JV Facebook groups. The screenshot below highlights just a portion of this training area:

Other IM VIP Training benefits

Kevin offers much more in his training area than just videos. He is actively involved in the community and offers at least one in-depth strategy call for his members. There is also the Facebook Mastermind group, which boasts 80+ members:

What I like about IM VIP Training

In summary, what I really like about this program is that it actually offers useful, actionable training and materials. You can ask for help directly from Kevin or fellow Mastermind group members. And if you no longer need this program, you can easily cancel out of the recurring membership.

What IM VIP Training could do better

As I went through the various videos included in this program, I got a feeling that some of them were in draft form and needed improvement on content and length. There were some recent edits, such as the changing of the Advanced Facebook training portion into individual case studies, that were not accounted for. Overall, however, these deficiencies were not critical issues.

I liked the fact that Kevin had a Facebook Mastermind group for members who may require extra help or have questions not covered by his training. A good opportunity for improvement here would be to have an actual users’ forum not subject to Facebook’s rules or ’eminent domain’ reality.

For a newbie or even advanced marketer trying to learn about IM and find new revenue streams, IM VIP Training is a good investment.

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