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Inside Affiliate Blogging Ninja

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Quick Summary of Affiliate Blogging Ninja

Rating: 4 A great newbies starter product

The Good: You'll be taught the basics in a clear understandable way. It offers short, bite-sized training with little fluff and hype.

The Bad: Some areas are hinted at but not discussed in detail and they promote the use of PLR material, which I absolutely hate.

The Bottom Line: Overall Affiliate Blogging Ninja is a solid product for the price and is a good way for newbies to get started with affiliate marketing. It's not a complete education but consider it a primer or Affiliate Marketing 101.

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Review

When I was a kid I wanted to be a ninja! I also wanted to be an architect and a superhero and a teacher.

Instead I became an internet marketer. Still I have a fondness for ninjas so it disturbed the younger version of myself when every internet marketing product out their started using ninja in their product names.

That phase seemed to pass, so seeing Affiliate Blogging Ninja randomly it caught my eye.

What is Affiliate Blogging Ninja?

This system by Shreya Banerjee purports to be a newbie friendly guide to starting a profitable blog on while working from home.

Not only that but it suggests you can make a reasonable income with just 2 hours, or less, work a month.

That’s an interesting claim.

The Sales Pitch

Aside from the possible hyped working hours, I actually enjoyed reading the Shreya’s sale pitch. I know odd right?

Most sales pitches for internet marketing products that I see are either hyped up in your face “gimme your money” types/ They almost always follow the same obnoxiously fake formula.

This sales letter obviously was still marketing to you, it was pulling the right string and prodding the right buttons, but it just seemed more genuine. It helped that the photos used weren’t stock photos but real life ones.

The biggest thing that made me feel like this was a genuine product was the fact that the earnings shown were realistic. There was no screen captures of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in a day being shown. Instead there were much more modest incomes of $47 or $9.01 and so on.

Of course, the time frame for these earnings is a little suspect – just 8 days – but there has to be some blurred lines in a sales pitch, right?

Affiliate Blogging Ninja

Buying Affiliate Blogging Ninja

At the time of writing this product is $9.95 but if the affiliate page holds true, it will be increased to $19.95 in the near future.

The purchase comes with upsells, 3 of them to be precise:

  • Affiliate Vlogging Ninja – $37
  • A PLR Bundle – 14.95
  • Done For You Blog – 197

None of these are truly needed so of course I passed.

Inside Affiliate Blogging Ninja

After safely navigating the upsells, I logged into the membership area.

Inside Affiliate Blogging Ninja

Here you will find access to your purchase, along with the obligatory upsells. The training is comprised of 6 modules, each one broken down into various videos.

As always when I’m faced with just video training I’m slightly disappointed, but unlike other training Shreya has at least broken it up into bit sized portions. The longest video in module 1 was 16 minutes, with the average length being around 8 minutes.

This broken up, snippet sized training is perfect for beginners as it means you’re not overwhelmed with information and perhaps more importantly you can easily find training again when you’re unsure of something.

In terms of video quality (which matters when you’re spending time training) they are OK, but not amazing quality: they’re not HD and the sound has a buzz to it.

You can download the videos though which is nice.

In total you’re looking at 27 videos, with just under 3 hours’ worth of training.

Module 1

The first and largest module, this section covers a lot of areas. It starts out by explaining affiliate marketing, discussing and teaching you how to set up a domain and hosting and of course installing every marketer’s favourite software: WordPress!

A large number of the videos also focus on setting WordPress up: installing plugins, creating pages and menus etc.

The final few videos teach you how to set up an autoresponder and optin form, both of which are vital for email marketing.

Module 2

The second module is about content, with a focus on headlines and content types.

Module 3

The videos in this module are oddly titled as How?, Why?, and Where?

It wasn’t until a started watching them that it became apparent that they are about the selection of products to promote on your blog.

Module 4

A mixed bag of videos, content wise, module 4 has videos on products still as well as writing articles with affiliate links.

Module 5

No affiliate marketing training is complete without information on traffic and this 4 video module focuses entirely on that. It has an overview and three different traffic sources.

Module 6

The final module and video is about different ways to monetize your blog.

Is the Training Any Good?

3 hours of training isn’t a great deal of time to express to intricacies of internet marketing, but that’s not what Affiliate Blogging Ninja is about.

Instead it focuses on taking an absolute newbie by the hand and getting them started with creating a basic blog that has the foundation to succeed.

The training itself has a lot of hand holding, especially with the technical areas and does cover enough of the tactics to get you going.

However, due to the short training period there’s a lot of information missing. For example she shows you how to set up an autoresponder and opt-in but there’s no real explanation of what to do with it or how to monetize it.

This is to be expected in an inexpensive product but you do need to be aware that it’s more of a primer than a teach your everything course.

One concern I had was with the use of PLR content, but the product author handled this nicely by showing you how to check if it’s been used elsewhere and advising you to rewrite it. If you are going to be rewriting PLR content, just write your own unique material! It’ll take the same amount of time but is much safer.

The Bottom Line

All in all Affiliate Blogging Ninja is a solid product for newbies, especially at the price point.

You won’t be making millions any time soon with it, and even the earnings described will likely take some time to obtain, but that’s the reality of internet marketing!

There are no push button systems or set and forget systems: it takes time, energy and yes probably some money too.

I still dislike the statement that you can work on the site for merely two hours a month and make money, I think that is not quite true, but you can definitely work on it in between other work and home life.

It’s not a scam and is a pretty good starter product for newbies.

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One Comment

  1. I purchased this course for myself but I found that i was already familiar with 80% of what she taught. I did reccomend it to a friend who was unsure about setting up wordpress and needed the hand holding. I believe that the course is great for a complete newbie. I agree that more time should have been spent on certain topics but i felt that the basics were thoroughly covered.


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