Quick Summary of Online Money Business News

Rating: 1 A scam leading to another scam

The Good: There are no pros to this system. This is not a valid opportunity.

The Bad: It pretends to be affiliated with CNN. It's not a real site at all, It pushes you towards another site which pushes a really bad method of making money.

The Bottom Line: If you come across Online Money Business News or it's sister site Online Income Profits, avoid them. It's a scam designed to rob you of as much money as they possibly can. Stick with tried and true methods of building an online business instead.

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Online Money Business News Review

Fake news is everywhere at the moment, so much so it’s often hard to tell what’s real and genuine versus what’s just utter BS.

It’s not just popular news sites that are doing this; some downright unethical marketers attempt this sort of fake news to lure you into purchasing products.

Not only that but the products they purvey are usually poor quality or simply scams.

The most recent fake news site to come across my path is Online Money Business News

Why is it a fake news site?

The first thing that you see when you visit the site is it’s header:

Online Money Business News CNN

The site has no relation to the news network CNN, yet it clearly displays their logo. The links in the menu by the way are fake as the whole menu is just an image that links out to a different site (more on that shortly).

The article was supposedly written by David Palmer, Michael Pearson, Faith Karimi and Joe Sutton. These are actual people, two of which are journalists at CNN. I can’t imagine they would be thrilled to learn their likeness is being used to peddle an online scam.

The content of the page discusses one Deborah Lee who apparently has used a specific system to make thousands of dollars while only working 30 minutes a day.

It goes into detail on how she apparently tried numerous schemes in the past, just like you may have, and in the end only found success with this particular product.

It’s littered with links all going to the same site.

The fake news style continues at the bottom of the page where it shows links to other articles, like tricks for your phone, child stars, and so on, just like a real news site might contain.

The trick is that clicking any of them takes you to the same site, and not actual articles.

Online Money Business News footer

Yes, not only is the site fake, it’s bad quality too!

As well as those, the sidebar area of the site shows an overused clip from an actual real news show about work from home businesses. It’s a generic discussion that has nothing to do with the rest of the site.

All the links in the side bar also link out to the same place.

Online Income Profits Scam

With every link on Online Money Business News going to the same site, you’d think that it must be terribly important.

Unfortunately you’re just being suckered in.

You’ll end up on a site called Online Income Profits (by Derek Johnson. What happened to Deborah Lee?) that was most likely created by the same people who made the fake news site.

Online Income Profits

There you’ll be asked to hand over your name, email and phone number in order to get access to this life changing product.

If you do hand these over, be prepared for a barrage of sales calls and emails!

Online Income Profits has a long sales pitch designed to get you interested in their product.

To summarize it, it’s offering you the chance to earn hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on a daily basis with no skills, experience or time necessary.

In fact it suggests you can make all this money by simply spending 30 minutes a day doing work.

Let’s think about this logically for a second. If it were possible to spend 30 minutes a day doing mindless easy work to make thousands upon thousands of dollars, why wouldn’t every single person be doing it?

There are no such things push button systems, yet Online Income Profits wants to make you believe there are. Real businesses take time and effort to build.

Online Income Profits push button

The pitch also uses numerous unethical marketing techniques such as using stock photos for testimonials and unprovable earnings screenshots, meaning that while it seems real, there’s no way to validate and confirm the legitimacy of the system.

The sales pitch pushes all the right buttons and pulls all the right strings to get anyone who is struggling financially to take notice.

It’s offering a dream, but that dream will probably end up as a nightmare.

The Reality

The product itself is focused on something called link posting.

At its simplest, you get access to some links and premade text and you post them online and you earn a commission when anyone that clicks them and then buys something.

That in itself isn’t bad, it’s called affiliate marketing, and many people make hundreds and thousands from it every day.

Online Income Profits desperate


Systems like “Online Income Profits” doesn’t teach you any of this. Instead, they give you some outdated training, and tell you to copy and paste your text and links on Facebook, forums and the like. When you fail, they hit you with another product, expensive coaching, or private circles, all designed to drain you of as much money as possible.

This was a popular scam a few years ago. Scam artists were advertising “data entry” jobs and telling people you can make millions overnight by doing basic data entry. The “data entry” was you entering in your credit card information to buy advertising. It was bullshit then and it’s bullshit today.

The Bottom Line

Online Money Business News is a fake site and its only purpose is to push people to the sales pitch for Online Income Profits.

That site is also highly worrying as it promotes an unsustainable business model that’s more than likely just going to make you think that internet and affiliate marketing are scams, when the reality is that they’re not; it’s just the people behind systems like this which are unethical and scam-like.

There are much better alternatives out there!

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