Quick Summary of Home Online Profit Education

Rating: 1 Yet another link posting scam.

The Good: Absolutely none.

The Bad: It's a scam designed to get you to spend money without thinking rationally. There are zero benefits here.

The Bottom Line: This is not an education in how to make money online, the only thing you'll learn is the feeling of being scammed. For a true education in making a sustainable online business check out my top recommendation instead.

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Home Online Profit Education Review

No matter whether you head to college or learn through the University of Life, the key is that in order to succeed in life you have to continually learn.

Every successful business person, be it offline or online, has had their shares of up and downs and the truly successful learn from both their failures and successes.

Today then, I’d like to teach you something, I’d like to teach you about a scam that that is doing the rounds and why you should avoid it.

Breaking News!

I came across this particular system via the avalanche of emails I get every day, most of them trying to sell me something.

What caught my eye was that the landing page for this product was a news style page. This isn’t something new, but it’s something I’m seeing more frequently.

The landing page looks like something from Fox News, in fact it even uses Fox’s logo! Don’t be fooled though as this is nothing more than a way to get you to the real sales pitch.

This “news page” states it’s an advertorial, and perhaps this is a possible legal way to not get arrested for fraud (though I’m sure Fox News’ legal department would have something to say about it).

Every single aspect of the page screams scam: from the fake quote by President Trump, to the fact that every single link on the page goes to the same place, to the fake tweet by the President.

Home Online Profit Education trump tweet The President surprisingly did not actually tweet anything that day.

I’m pretty sure that even advertorials have to stay within the bounds of truth!

Heather Smith’s Home Online Profit Education

The purpose of that page is simply to indoctrinate you with ideas and then push you to another sales page.

Sadly, the sales page for Home Online Profit Education doesn’t fall far from the tree as it contains both out and out lies and other worrying content.

The first thing to note here is its claim that it’s the “net’s top work at home program”. Says who? There’s nothing got back this up at all.

It also includes some logos from various news agencies. Now this isn’t necessary a problem, especially as it only talks about how work from home opportunities have been featured on them, which is true.

However, it’s very easy to miss this or misread this and assume that this particular program has been featured on these networks, which it has not.

This is then compounded by the video further down the page which also talks about work from home opportunities, and it clearly states above it that Home Online Profit Education has received a lot of national media attention, which is a lie.

Overall, the sales page is trying to legitimize the product by suggesting it is well known and has received attention when the reality is that it really hasn’t.

There are many other issues to be had with this sales letter that suggest something is very much wrong, one of which is the testimonials.

Using generic names, and stock photos, these testimonials are completely unverifiable, which ultimately means they are made up – if a person is so happy with a product then why do they not show the world their face?

Home Online Profit Education testimonials

Another preposterous statement made here is that by using the system you will be guaranteed to make $379 per day working part time from home.

Home Online Profit Education guarantee

The thing is, there is no make money online system out there that can guarantee such a thing. In fact the sites own disclaimer states that it doesn’t guarantee any level of earnings!

As such the sales page is lying to you!

Home Online Profit Education disclaimer

The real guarantee!

How Are You Supposed to Make Money?

The crux of Home Online Education Profit by “Heather Smith” is that you make money by posting links online.

These links will apparently net you anywhere between $5 to $30 every time you post a link. The sales letter claims that there are thousands of companies out there desperate for you, yes you, to post links and that they will pay decent money for the privilege.

Guess what? That’s not true. Even if companies did want their links plastered on random websites, forums and social media pages, it doesn’t actually do them any good: without context and a damn good reason for those links to be there, it’s just spam!

And no company wants to be labelled a spammer!

OK, but let’s play Devil’s advocate and say that they will pay people to do this, why would they pay you $30 or even $5? Np, they can pay people in other countries pennies to do it.

Or even better, they pay their in house developer his regular wage to create a program to post the links automatically at an even lower cost!

There is no realistic way that you will get paid simply to post a link.

The Reality is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way, a real way, to make money online. The idea is that you promote and recommend certain products and services and for each person who clicks your link and makes a purchase, you get a commission.

This is what the link posting is about. The thing is, building up an affiliate marketing business is not push button. It requires work to create a site, build an audience and gain enough trust to recommend useful products to your audience.

Posting links on a forum or on social media just won’t cut it unless you have the authority and a following to rely on.

The Bottom Line

Heather Smith, though I seriously doubt that that name is real, is selling you a pipe dream here. Her name and identity are being used across a number of different scams as well.

While the fundamental aspects of affiliate marketing are valid and can indeed make you a decent business, what she is pushing will not.

No one will pay you money to post links, not above 1 cent per link at any rate, and in order to make an affiliate business work you need to invest time and money and also to learn how it works.

Avoid the Home Online Profit Education system and anyone telling you that you can become rich overnight by “posting links.”

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Join the Discussion

  • Cindy

    Omgosh! I love the name of your website! Lol! And I love the fact that you are exposing the internet vultures that are shamelessly selling false dreams! Thank you for the heads up about the Home Online Profit Education system, that was really good information. The scammers should be exposed and I think it’s wonderful that you have a site that is dedicated to doing that.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks Cindy! I’ve actually just passed 10 years of running this website. It’s been a wild ride but I’ve helped saved easily millions of dollars from falling into the wrong hands. I appreciate the comment!

  • wade

    Hmm. I am glad to find your site. I was very informed on the in and outs of this program and how they use photographs that are not legitimate only to leave you thinking they are. What a scam. I like the education of education to avoid part of it. Thanks so much.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Glad to have helped Wade. Home Online Profit Education is nothing but a scam and their deceptive practices must be stopped.

  • Amy

    SO glad you took the time to write about this awful scam. For those of us wanting to make extra income online, it is difficult to tell the honest businesses from the scams, and so thank you for pointing this out! I really want to earn money online and will be checking out your link for sure. Thank you!

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Glad to be of service Amy. These guys are definitely some of the worst out there. They hide behind fake identities and build convincing replicas of news websites in order to trick people into buying into their garbage. I’ll keep covering them though and working to put their sites out of order.

  • Carol

    I am glad that you have exposed this unrealistic get rich opportunity of posting links. Many readers who are looking for online business or work form home opportunities often get caught up with these “too good to be true” claims.
    There is no doubt that affiliate marketing seems to offer better financial gains than posting links.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      These guys are relentless with their shady tactics and ridiculous claims. Plus, they try and convince you they are legitimate by creating fake websites that look just like real news websites. These guys even have the balls to fake a tweet by Donald Trump to make it look like an endorsement. I’m astonished they haven’t been sued into oblivion by now.

  • Crystal Doc
    Crystal Doc


    Thanks for you honest review of this scammy company. Home Online Profit Education my foot.

    I always tell people to do their research on any investment before diving in head first.

    I see all these get rich quick scams floating around and I just get so upset when people complain about losing their hard earned money on these things.

    You are providing a true service and I love your tag line

    I’ve tried that! :) Keep up the good work.


    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks Crystal! These guys have no shame. I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve changed their name and logo. They slap on a diffrent identity and attach another fictious person and rerelease the same scam over and over. Home Online Profit Education is just another scam and hopefully this one will close down soon too.

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