Quick Summary of My Home Job Connection

Rating: 1 A scam hidden behind the facade of a job site

The Good: It does actually link out to a real jobs site.

The Bad: It lies to you from the start by pushing systems that are not jobs. Plus, half of the site doesn't even do anything.

The Bottom Line: If you want to find work, head to a well known site rather than this scam wrapped up in a pretty site design. If you're looking to start your own online business, then you should check out my number 1 recommendation.

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My Home Job Connection Review

When I ask people about the types of scams they see online, the most common answers involve badly written, incredibly hyped up sales pages that that just look dodgy.

Something that most people don’t tend to see is a professional looking website that, at least on the surface, appears to be a genuine and legitimate business aiming to help you make money online.

My Home Job Connection is just that sort of system, and I want to explain to you why you should avoid.

My Home Job Connection

The idea behind My Home Job Connection is that it is a site that can help you find part or full time work online by connecting you with businesses: it is attempting to be a job placement site.

At first glance the site looks the part: it has a quality design, pretty logo and all the trappings of a regular and genuine business.

MyHomeJobConnection top

The first thing I noticed was how many likes the site has on Facebook: 455,232 which is quite impressive.

That is until you realize that the Facebook like buttons and the number are fake!

Further down we’re treated to a common sight on make money online scams, a video from a news report discussing work from home opportunities in general. It has nothing to do with the site and that plus the news network logos plastered next to it are just there to add a sense of legitimacy.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is there to help you overcome any objections you might have, such as whether you need experience. It’s quite clever in what its achieving psychologically.

Then there are big brand logos, who apparently need your help and are willing to offer jobs. I have no doubt that these large companies are looking for employees but I do doubt they are doing it via My Home Job Connection.

Finally, and tellingly, there is a disclaimer at the bottom advising you that they are not endorsed by these companies (fair enough) but also that a “typical user of our website does not make money using this system”.

That’s an odd turn of phrase for a recruitment site, but perfectly in place with a make money online scam!

MyHomeJobConnection disclaimer

Finding a job

Searching for your zip code in the prominent search area, leads you to a form that supposedly tries to narrow down your choices:

  • Choose your desired weekly income? [sic]
  • How many hours can your work per week?
  • When can you start working?
  • Do you have basic typing skills?

MyHomeJobConnection desired income

These questions really do nothing except to help make you feel like there is an actual process here. You can answer anything and still end up at the next page, which is a signup form.

Here you add in your details (including your phone number) on the pretense that you’re registering to the site. The reality is that you’re not and you’re simply handing over your contact details to savvy but unethical marketers.

An Upsell?

If you’re not aware an upsell is often shown after you buy something in order to try to sell you something else. In the marketing world these are often called One Time Offers, OTO for short.

Imagine my surprise then when I noticed the URL for this page (and the next one) is OTO. The page is stating that you can make up to $100 almost immediately by signing up to certain companies listed below.

It’s also very clear on telling you that you must click the link in the emails you’re sent. Why? Well, the links are something called a CPA or Click Per Action and the people behind My Home Job Connection make money when you complete the action and usually it’s very good money.

MyHomeJobConnection cpa

Will you make $100 just from signing up with these companies? Probably not as these are survey companies and they usually don’t pay that well, unless you manage to fit their needed demographics. As long as you click the link and input your personal information, the marketers who created this page don’t really care whether you make money or not.

Another Upsell

The second upsell is outlining a way to make money online, and clicking the video as they request you to actually takes you to another website for the Home Earning System. This is most likely owned by the people behind My Home Job Connection but either way it looks like yet another scammy site.

The Members Area

Finally we get to the so called members area.

Here you’re again pushed different make money online systems and also shown the CPA offers from before.

The main purpose of the site, in theory, is to find you a job, so of course you click the big green button to take you to the job board only to find that it’s broken due to a typo in the link.

Luckily there’s also a link in the sidebar.

Once there you will see a fancy looking filter system that does nothing but reload the page, and a list of jobs.

MyHomeJobConnection ziprecruiter

These jobs are real! This surprised me a lot, until I realized that the jobs are from a different and legitimate site called ZipRecruiter, who also happen to have an affiliate program.

I tried other areas of the site including the Make Money and Paid Surveys sections, but all the links there just reload the current page.

Even the sign in page (referred to as the Logout link just to confuse you) only redirects you back to the main page.

Apart from the advertisements, nothing on this site is real.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a site to help you find real work from home opportunities then avoid My Home Job Connection, as it is nothing but a scam.

The site lures you in on the premise of finding you a job only to try to get you to sign up to survey sites and to buy dodgy looking make money online systems.

Its only saving grace, if you can call it that, is that it does actually link out to a real job website.

If I were you, I’d look elsewhere to find work.

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  • Andrew

    These scam sites do try it on. All they want to do is make a quick dollar and they don’t want to do it the legal way like honest affiliate marketers want to. Thanks for pointing out this new” one Home job connection “. I doubt very much it will carry on business once it has been exposed to the wider audience. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  • Blesso

    Thank you for exposing this kind of scam, I have never heard of My Home Job Connection before. It is too unethical of them to lure desperate job seekers to click into their site, in the hope’s to find a legit one. But ends up only to beat down hopes of people to dismal upsell and getting scammed. Playing with people passion and dream such business won’t exist longer.
    – Blesso.

  • Dana El
    Dana El

    Hi Steve.

    I had never heard of Home Job Connection before. Based on your write up though it seems like some affiliate marketer created it to send leads to Zip Recruiter (who I also didn’t know had an affiliate program) and CPA Surveys.

    To me its such a waste of time to create spam sites. With the way Google works now, that site will get de-indexed sooner or later.

    Do you think the site is making money? 

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      It’s likely not making that much money and if it is, it’s not going to last. You don’t get rich by tricking people into signing up for opportunities that do not interest them. 

  • gregS

    Hi Steve
    Thanks for ‘opening my eyes’ on another dodgy site. Why don’t they put as much effort into building a legitimate site? Learn the right way, and you can have a money paying site for years/decades. Not one where you will probably close it down and have to start again.
    These types of sites are what gives the internet such a bad name.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Seriously, if they put forth a fraction of the effort into actually helping people instead of deceiving them, they could build a business that would last a lifetime. Far too often, people go for the quick cash grab and don’t care what the cost is. It’s sad and puts a strain on faith in this industry. 

  • Frankie Trillz
    Frankie Trillz

    Steve you hit on many point about scams and the main point I want to speak on is the fact that they make it seem like they helping somebody that’s in major need of all their money when in fact they are really taking advantage of the undereducated and suffering individuals who are only attempting to survive by acquiring a job. There are many other scams being played with the Western Union scams, IRS scams, Bouncing Check scams, and many more scams created to abuse the people who is already suffering financially. This is sad and these people are getting away with it everyday like its legal so we must beware of the deceitful scams being played. I am also thankful to have found Wealthy Affiliates because the lessons in this community are elevating me and my marketing skills. Can’t wait until my website starts to make enough money to support my day to day year to year lifestyle. Looking forward to receiving some of your words of wisdom. Peace and Blessing on your journeys of life.

    Frankie Trillz

  • JeffWA

    You pointed out some excellent thoughts regarding online job opportunities/websites that clearly are scams just by the manner in which the material is presented.

    Any website that contains numerous spelling, syntax and grammatical errors should point out the fact that the person, (people) who designed it was an amateur. It should be avoided at all costs despite whatever product is being promoted.

    A website such as this one has over 450,000 Facebook likes? Really? Most likely a complete lie and especially if the site is fairly new and one that most people are unaware of.

    The concept where you would provide pertinent info. about yourself beyond a name only during the initial contact has always rubbed me the wrong way. To immediately be asked to provide info about a physical and email addresses, age, and credit card info as payment leads me to believe that any person doing this without performing a heck of a lot of research on that opportunity is just plain foolish. As you stated, more than likely you would be handing over this personal info to unscrupulous marketers who then could do anything with it.

    I also hate upsells, even more so when a website on the surface is designed to provide people with opportunities to find jobs online. Again a sign that this particular opportunity is nothing but a scam.

    This opportunity simply reeks of it being a total loser! Why anyone could believe that he/she would land the online job of his/her dreams despite all the tell-tale signs of this site being completely fraudulent is beyond me. People are constantly told to be careful on the Internet regarding online job/business opportunties. Sadly, there still are individuals who get conned on a daily basis.


    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Jeff. My Home Job Connection was clearly designed just to dupe job seekers into investing into shady business opportunities. Sure the site does link out to actual job boards, but you are better off visiting a site like Indeed, Monster, Simply Hired, etc. to view those leads directly.

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