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Rating: 1 It's yet another link posting scam courtesy of "Kelly Simmons"

The Good: There are zero pros.

The Bad: It's a scam designed to get you to spend money without thinking rationally. There are no benefits and you'll likely walk away poorer and frustrated.

The Bottom Line: This is not a good method of making money online. For a true education in building a sustainable online business check out my top recommendation instead.

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Home Job Position Review

Once upon a time, the biggest and most relentless scam around was Binary Option systems.

Now it seems that Binary Options has a bed fellow, a joint title winner of the scammiest system on the internet: the Home Income Program.

This system is sold under a variety of different websites and website names, all of them using the same cookie cutter website template.

As well as that they use pseudonyms such as Kelly Simmons, Kelly Scott and Kelly Richards: all generic names, impossible to trace even if they were real.

Today I want to tell you about one of these, so that you’ll spot these on your internet travels and know to avoid them.

Home Job Position by Kelly Simmons

If you examine the sales pitch for this product there are numerous warning signs that this is not a system you should buy.

Fake News Recommendations

Right up at the top of the page are some well-known logos. The sales pitch is trying to imply that the product it’s promoting has been featured on these sites.

Home Job Position news sites
It really has not.

All it’s trying to do is legitimize the product in your eyes.

Just to compound on this there is a video showcasing work from home jobs: it has nothing to do with Home Job Position at all; it’s just a clip from a genuine news program about working from home.

The fact that above the video its states implicitly that “this work at home opportunity has received a lot of national attention” is just BS.

Home Job Position video

Fake Testimonials

Social proof is important to people, as it can help confirm to them that a product is what it says it is and is worth the money.

One popular method of social proof is testimonials. These are great if you can verify them. Sadly the testimonials provided by Home Job Position are at best not verifiable. Really though, they are fake. They use generic names that can’t be traced and stock photography.

Home Job Position testimonials

Psychological Tricks

There are plenty of psychological tricks used through this sales pitch. Some of them are commonly used, others are more nefarious.

Things like highlighting particular phrases are a great way to capture the attention of people skimming an article, so they see the main points quickly. This is something many writers and businesses employ.

Here though you see things that are designed to make you excited, worried, jealous and more.

Home Job Position tricks

The whole sales pitch is designed to take you on a rollercoaster of your current life, to show it in a bad light and champion Home Job Position as your savior.

Home Job Position tricks 2

As well as that, there are the various images of wealth that are dotted about the page, again to trick you into thinking that Home Job Position can give you the life you dream of.

These aren’t even pictures of real customers or even the people behind this product, they are just stock photos again.

Home Job Position stock

Hyped Demand & Outlandish Earnings Claims

Apparently the work you do in order to bank boat loads of cash is in high demand and big businesses are willing to pay you lots of money for it.

According to the sales pitches own text, you can make up to $379 per day with just one hour of work.

Really? Do you believe that? The only people I’ve heard of making that sort of cash are highly skilled professionals and drug dealers.

Home Job Position claims

Let’s break down what exactly you will be doing to make $379 per hour: you’ll be posting links.

That’s right you’ll copy and paste links and post them on websites, forums, social media networks and maybe even offline in print media.

According to Home Job Position you’ll make anywhere from $5 to $30 per link posted.

Who will pay you such easy money? Apparently it will be well known businesses like Netflix and the GAP and Oakley.

I call BS on this.

First off, $30 to post a link somewhere? Nope, not going to happen. If a business is desperate enough to want that link, they either pay an employee to do it, outsource outside the country or get automated software to do it for them. All of which wouldn’t even cost $1 per link let, alone $5 – $30!

Secondly, the type of links you’ll be posting are likely to be considered spam, and no business, big or small, wants to be labelled as a spammer, so they just won’t do it!

This means that if you do end up buying this system, you certainly won’t have companies “desperate” enough to pay you to post links.

Let me be clear: there is no demand for this and even if there were, no one will pay top dollar when they can pay peanuts.

The Bottom Line

Here at I’ve Tried That we’ve seen and reviewed dozens of systems like Home Job Position and continue to do so because the people behind this scam are putting the sites out there quicker than we can find and write about them!

Therefore, take what you’ve learned today from this article and apply it to future purchase of make money online products.

If it looks too good to be true, it likely is so avoid it. Read and research the systems and try to find real life people who have used them – if all you can find are 5 star “reviews” that offer no real details except offering bonuses if you buy, then you know it’s not something you should pay for.

In short, avoid Home Job Position and any link posting scams like it!

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