Quick Summary of Simple Income Strategies

Rating: 1 Yet another link posting scam

The Good: There are none.

The Bad: Even if you ignore the lies and dirty tricks in the sales page, the system promoted by Simple Income Strategies just wont help you make a legitimate online business!

The Bottom Line: Simple Income Strategies is an outright scam and should be completely avoided. Click here to learn how to real money online instead.

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Simple Income Strategies Review

Link posting scams are all the rage at the moment, and they are catching out hundreds, if not thousands of people every week.

Most often these systems are cookie cutter websites that promote a single product.

Home Income Program is a system that is promoted under a wide range if guises, including Simple Income Strategies.

Simple Income Strategies by Kelly Simmons

Kelly Simmons is seemingly all over the internet, often under different names as well. She is here too, promoting Simple Income Strategies.

There are two parts to the sales page for this system.

The first is something called an opt-in form in marketing jargon, but when I see it on sites like this I prefer to call it an email harvester.

The sole purpose of this part of the sales pitch is to grab your email address, regardless of whether you buy the product or not.

As well as that you’re being asked to hand over your phone number (it’s a required field), so not only will you end up on a bunch of email lists that you’ll get spammed by, you’ll no doubt see an uptick in cold sales calls.

The main sales pitch is a masterclass is scammy techniques and manipulation.

The header of the site contains logos from news networks, suggesting that Simple Income Strategies has been featured on them, but it hasn’t, and I doubt the people behind this system have permission to use those logos.

Simple Income Strategies news 2

Then comes one of 2 scarcity tactics: The first at the top states there’s only 9 spots left, and the one at the bottom only 3. These never change as there are always available spots to buy this product, but by stating that there is limited availability it rushes you into a purchase.

Simple Income Strategies scarcity

From there is the obligatory video, this time it’s showcasing an old news report that discusses work from home opportunities in general.

It has only a tenuous link to the product being sold in that Simple Income Strategies is a work from home system. Other than that it has no relevance, and again is likely used without permission from the news network.

Simple Income Strategies news report

Can you really make $379 a day?

The earnings claims for Simple Income Strategies are ludicrous. Bear in mind that it is offering work that requires no skills, experience or anything, yet it states you can make over $379 per day!

There’s no one out that that will pay an unskilled worker that amount of money, especially for the amount of work that you will supposedly be doing.

Simple Income Strategies easy guaranteed

The work itself is being called link posting. The idea is that you get given some links and you go around the internet and post the links on message boards and forums, blog comments, social media sites etc. Then when a random stranger comes along, sees you link, clicks it and you get paid!

The sales pitch makes this sound like some sort of magic money tree: for a few mere minutes a day you can make a decent wage.

The truth is far from that.

The idea behind link posting is based on truth: affiliate marketing. With this, proven and legitimate, method you post links, someone clicks it, then (and this is important) buys something on the other end, and you get commission.

What Simple Income Strategies is proposing is different. They suggest that you can make money from merely the clicks and that you can post links anywhere and it will work.

Not true!

Simple Income Strategies calculator

With affiliate marketing it requires time, energy, perseverance and money and skill. You need to build an audience and provide value.

The sales pitch claims you can be earning in 5 minutes, which is utter BS: it can take months, if not longer to see the affiliate marketing bear fruits.

Companies want what?

To bolster the idea that the system promoted on Simple Income Strategies works, the authors state that companies are chomping at the bit trying to find people to post links for them, and they showcase some pretty big names (even if Blockbuster no longer exists).

Simple Income Strategies demand

The problem is that these are lies!

If these, or any, companies wanted links posting, why would they pay you to do it? They wouldn’t! they would either automate the system, or they would pay peanuts to someone outside the country to do it: the internet knows no borders after all.

Even regardless of that, no company would want these links as they would be considered spam by most other people, so would negatively affect their brand, and also a random link posted somewhere offers no return. It’s only by providing context and value that affiliate marketing works.

Think of it this way, would you buy a watch off a random guy on the street (not a merchant, just a random dude) or would you buy a watch from a shop where the assistant shows their knowledge and helps you?

Link posting is basically that random guy on the street.

As such it offers no value or return to any company, when done via the methods Simple Income Strategies offers to teach you.

That ain’t all folks

There is plenty more in the sales pitch that is concerning, from the use of emotional text and images to change your mind set to unprovable earnings screenshots. Not forgetting the fake testimonials (stock photos of people, with generic names).

Simple Income Strategies emotion

The Bottom Line

Simple Income Strategies, is simply another link posting scam, one of many we have reviewed previously.

These systems not only are trying to empty your pockets of $97, but with your email and phone number harvested, they will be trying to sell you even more useless and increasingly expensive products.

Don’t become the “whale” targeted as someone willing to part with their cash, instead avoid Simple Income Strategies!

If you come across any other Kelly Simmons, or link posting systems in general, avoid those too!

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  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy

    Hey Steve, thanks for such a great post exposing yet another Money Grabber who offers nothing except a chance to get fleeced of your hard earned money.

    I applaud people like you Steve, who expose these people for being the cyber criminals that they actually are. It is such a shame that more innocent people will not get the opportunity to read your post before falling prey to these conscienceless people.

    If all your posts are of this quality please show me when I can subscribe to your Blog so as to receive future content.

  • Matthew

    Hi there…I truly despise these scams and they have nothing to do with genuine affiliate marketing. The experienced marketer can usually spot the scams from afar, but many people do not and get suckered in. Scams have always existed and always will but sites like this help limit their reach and damage. Keep up the good work. All the best.

  • Dragi

    I will start my comment with the last sentence of the latest comment on this review: ” Making money without work is impossible!” This is true and everybody must know that, in the opposite, there will be a lot of people tricked and eased for a certain amount of hard-earned money. So I always support these reviews on such sites.

  • Dale

    At the end of the day if it seems too good to be true than it usually is.

    people are desperate and that’s why they fall for these clever scams.

    Could you imagine how well these scammers could do if they were legit and working in businesses that are real.

    Nice post to educate people. now we just have to get something like this to as many people as possible.

  • Maxx

    Most scams and cheaters gain attraction by showing the earnings claims and luxury lifestyle trying to make people believe that they are earning big bucks.

    Definitely they do when consumers pay a large amount of money into something useless and worthless.

    I’ll be on my toes and I hope more people read your this review and avoid it.

  • Emma

    I really hate scams , why do they have to do that , i hate seeing people losing their money for their dreams , thanks for sharing this information its very important people know about this as it will save them a lot of time and money, i think people need to know now that making money without work is impossible

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