Quick Summary of Automated Daily Income

Rating: 1 This is just a link posting scam

The Good: There are no pros to this system

The Bad: The sales page is full of blatant and subtle lies. Even ignoring them, there is no way that this can be turned into a sustainable business.

The Bottom Line: Automated Daily Income is an outright scam and should be completely avoided. Click here to learn how to real money online instead.

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Automated Daily Income Review

When you’re short on cash it can lead to some desperate decisions. How can you make some really quick cash to get you past your current financial difficulties?

There are some sites out there that offer the opportunity to make some money within a few hours. Often these sites charge you for the privilege, so is it worth it? The old adage “spend money to make money” might come to mind and convince you that it’s worth it.

I’m here to tell you it’s not, especially if you come across a site like Automated Daily Income or one of its numerous clones.

Automated Daily Income by Raena Lynn

According to the sales pitch you can start making money in just 60 mins. We’re not talking $50 bucks here; it states that you can make $379 or more in a single day. That’s a tempting offer, even if you have to outlay $97 to do it.

The problem though is that Automated Daily Income is a scam.

The basic premise of what they are offering you is something called Link Posting.

The idea behind this is that you post a link somewhere, someone clicks it and you make money! Sounds simple right?

If only it were.

The system is loosely based on affiliate marketing, which is a genuine way to make money online, but it misses a lot of the parts involved and hypes up the various claims to make it sound really good when it’s not.

Breaking Down The Issues

There is a LOT wrong with this sales pitch, as it has numerous elements that are shady or outright lies.

The News Networks

Automated Daily Income news

A common theme from scam sites is trying to use legitimate sources to try to make the scam itself seem legitimate.

By “name dropping” different well known news companies and big name companies, they are trying to trick you into thinking the system has either been featured on them or is sued by them.

It’s not true. The logos are used without permission.

Even the news report video on the site is likely used without permission and has nothing to do with Automated Daily Income: it’s merely a generic report about working from home.


Automated Daily Income scarcity

This trick is often used by genuine marketers too, but where an ethical marketer would actually remove a product after a certain number of sales, the people behind this system don’t.

It will always be available for sale and it will always say there’s only 9 or 7 or whatever copies left and that you need to act now.

This is purely to panic you: it will offer you the world and then rush you into a decision.

Inflated Claims

Automated Daily Income claims

Let’s be blunt here: you are not going to make $379 a day for 60 minutes work, unless you have a highly sought after skill, and link posting is not it!

These claims are purely to make you think of what you can do with the money or how much you really need it and to stop you from thinking rationally.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and the “what if”, rather than looking at something critically.

Fake Testimonials

Automated Daily Income testimonial

No idea who this guy really is but I feel sorry for him.

Testimonials are hard to prove at the best of times, but when you see one with a generic name that can’t be traced and a photo that has been used on countless other dubious looking sites, there’s no other conclusion that the testimonials being fake.

The Demand

Automated Daily Income demand

One of the biggest selling points on the Automated Daily Income sales page is that there are countless companies, and big name ones, looking for people like you to post links for them. Not only that they will pay really well for it.

This is BS!

Think about it, would you pay someone $5 – $30 just to post a link online? No you wouldn’t, and neither would any company. Instead they would either automate the process or hire people from countries with lower relative wages.

Not only that but these links will be considered spam wherever you post them, so why would a Fortune 500 company want to associate themselves with spam links? They wouldn’t!

The demand that’s being hyped up here simply does not exist.

Raena Lynn Herself

Automated Daily Income raena lynn

A lot of people online use fake personas, and that’s OK. What’s not OK is if a company does it. Raena Lynn does not exist, she is made up. The photo used is a generic stock photo and that photo is used on all of the cookie cutter sites like this.

As well as that on the other sites the name is often changed to Kelly Simmons, Kelly Richards or one of a dozen other names.

It wouldn’t be so bad is she was a mascot, a make money online Ronald McDonald, but no, she’s been given a sob story (also made up) to help you resonate with her.

It’s a cold, callous psychological trick.

The Bottom Line

Automated Daily Income is a clone of dozens of other sites, all with the same style sales pitch, but with a different name (often it’s Kelly Simmons rather than Raena Lynn).

What’s the same is the product they are pushing and the hype of their claims. They lie to you from the onset in hopes that you stop thinking rationally and fork over a lot of money without giving it a second thought. Avoid this garbage.

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  • Ieysha Nicole Lamb
    Ieysha Nicole Lamb

    Well I quess I just lost $50 to the sign up process. I feel like a dumm ass because i know better. Just wanting to make a lil cash and fell for it because i was vulnerable. Sad so I’m not getting my Iron cald money back ugh. Thanks for the info. I should have done my reseach first.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      It’s not lost. Contact your bank or credit card and have them issue a chargeback. They can recover the funds for you.

  • Ben

    How can we tell scams without spending tons of time or worse, money? There are so many it’s scary.

    Thanks for the info and the picturs. They are proof of what you say.

    I wonder if any automated income opportunity can be real. Seems to nice to be true.

    I guess selling scams might be it, huh?

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Critical thinking and independent research goes a long way. But, the best way to avoid a scam would be to ask yourself: “If it was this easy to make a ton of money, why isn’t everyone already doing it?”

  • Kirsty Pea
    Kirsty Pea

    Thank you for taking the time to explain this. These offers can sometimes seem too tempting, especially when you are in financial difficulty. It sickens me that there are so many bad eggs out there willing to scam people out of their hard earned money.

    Have you had much success with affiliate marketing? I am looking into this as a possibility of making some money on the side, but not really sure where to start! Can you help?

  • Andre

    I ran across one of these clone sites one day and i almost went for it. I’m so glad that I didn’t. I just had a feeling that something wasn’t right. So I did some more research and saw your post. You saved me some hard earned money that can be used for better things. I love your post. Thanks for exposing this scam.

  • Dustin

    Thanks to taking the time to explain this. You’ve done a really good and thorough job. It kills me that people actually fall for this stuff. I really don’t understand how people can live with themselves. It seems like with all the effort they put in to a scam, they could us that same error to actually create something of value and be able to sleep at night.

  • Amit Misal
    Amit Misal

    hi, Steve, I just visited your site while surfing the internet, and I saw your review about Automated daily income.
    There are lots of quick rich schemes online that are cheating people of their hard earned money.Even I was going to opt in for this program but your review saved my buck and also saved me from frustrations.I should thank you for helping people like me.

  • MIck

    Good website. I like the fact that you are very candid in saying that these get rich quick schemes are in reality scams. You’ve provided a lot of great info on the subject, good content and visuals. Work at home can be very tempting for most people. A lot of times, as you pointed out, the business or job is a scam. I enjoyed reading your ” Three Work at Home Websites That Aren’t Worth Your Time” page. I think we all could add something to this page with some of our experiences on the internet. I know I have a few. The link posting scam to me is without question the most dishonest way to try to make money. Yet it is still going strong. You have done a great service in exposing these scammers on your website. Great Job!

  • David20013

    I really like this site. It is well organized and provides quick yet detailed descriptions. One thing I do have to talk about though is said “Let’s be blunt here: you are not going to make $379 a day for 60 minutes work, unless you have a highly sought after skill”. I realize and agree with you that this is a scam, but don’t you have the potential to make that much with one hour through Wealthy Affiliate? Something to think about. Anyway, despite that part, I enjoyed reading on this site and it seems pretty legit. Keep it up!

  • Ed

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the article exposing Automated Daily Income. There are so many scams out there that dupe innocent people out of hard earned money for something that just doesn’t work.
    Also, thank you for pointing out Wealthy Affiliate as the way to truly make money online. It is the best way to learn how to make money online.

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