Quick Summary of Extreme Home Paycheck

Rating: 1 A Link Posting Scam!

The Good: None

The Bad: Lies and inflated earnings claims are used to lure you in!

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Extreme Home Paycheck Review

Making money online is not an easy and often you end up searching for legit products only to end up buying into a scam or purchasing a poor quality product.

You’re likely here because you wanted to check out on Extreme Home Paycheck (also known as Xtreme Home Paycheck) before making a purchase.

Well let me be blunt, don’t buy it!

Here’s why.

Extreme Home Paycheck by Mick Moore

This system is a link posting scam that we have come across time and time again, often using the exact same sales pitch with very minor tweaks.

Supposedly Mick Moore is the brainchild behind Extreme Home Paycheck, but in reality he is nothing but a fake persona, dreamt up by the real people behind this system in order to give it an “average Joe” edge to it.

It also means that you will never be able to Google search the person as the names used are so generic. I say names plural as this same sales pitch is used on numerous other websites, pushing the same product, but with different names such as Kelly Simmonds, Kelly Richards and Raena Lynn.

There’s a lot more about this website that’s fake apart from the spokesperson.

Fake News

I found Extreme Home Paycheck via another site called Consumer Review Trends. This site is the pinnacle of fake news sites, though this one at least states that it’s an advertorial, as many don’t.

Every link on this page pushes you to the Extreme Home Paycheck website, and because this is an advertorial (really though it’s not!) nothing on the page is to be trusted.

Extreme Home Paycheck Consumer Review Trends

Fake News Networks

On every page associated with this system, there appear numerous references to various news agencies. Most of these merely suggest a connection by saying that work from home opportunities have been advertised on them, but at least one states clearly that Extreme Home Paycheck is featured on these news sites.

Extreme Home Paycheck advertised on

That’s not true unless they managed to somehow get an advert displayed on one of the news agencies websites.

The reality is that these logos are there to add a sense of legitimacy to this system, to build up a sense of trust with you, the potential buyer.

Hyped Earnings Claims

The biggest problem I have with this system is the earnings claims.

One of the first things you see when checking out Extreme Home Paycheck is the statement that you can be earning money in under 5 minutes.

Extreme Home Paycheck 5 minutes

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Link posting scams like this have you copying and pasting links around the internet and you’re supposed to get paid for each link you post.

The reality is that you only get paid when someone clicks the links and then buys something on the other website.

It’s called affiliate marketing and it rarely if ever works via random links, even though Extreme Home Paycheck would have you think otherwise.

When was the last time you clicked a random link on the internet? Most people don’t, most people have had years to get used to the internet and become cautious of random links!

Affiliate marketing is a real way to make money, but it needs more than just link posting; in fact it can get quite in depth with various elements associated with it like email marketing, SEO, content marketing, social networks and building a reputation.

It can’t be done overnight!

The calculator provided by Extreme Home Paycheck makes it look like it’s really easy to make money: you post 10 links a day, even at their lowest rate you supposedly make $26,000 a year by basically working for 5 minutes a day.

Extreme Home Paycheck calculator

Does that sound rational?

It doesn’t because it’s not!

It’s hyped up to try and convince you to spend $97 on their product.

Fake Demand

Another element to this is the language used. It suggests that you will make money by simply posting a link: so 10 links posted is money in the bank.

Supposedly there are thousands of companies out there wanting to pay you to post links for them and are willing to pay you a lot of money.

This is partially correct. There are thousands of companies out there wanting you to post their affiliate links and they will pay you, just not in the way suggested by Extreme Home Paycheck.

You will not get paid for simply posting a link. You will get paid by posting an affiliate link, someone clicking the link and then buying a product within the “cookie” lifetime (1 day to 1 year normally).

Extreme Home Paycheck demand

The commission rates differ from a mere 3% – 10% on physical products, and up to 100% (rare, but possible) on digital products.

Extreme Home Paycheck suggests you get paid regardless, but what company is going to pay you just post a link somewhere? None of them!

No one will pay you $10; let alone $30 per link! If the companies really wanted to pay people to post links, they would outsource in countries with lower relative wages or just automate the process!

There is no demand to pay you to post a link, Extreme Home Paycheck is twisting and corrupting the idea of affiliate marketing to make it seem like a push button system when it’s not.

They are lying to you!

The Bottom Line

Extreme Home Paycheck is just one in a long line of link posting scams out there.

While the core idea of what it offers is legitimate (affiliate marketing) the way it portrays the level of earnings, speed of earnings and ease to make it work is just an outright lie!

You can learn to do affiliate marketing yourself for free, with time, or by joining a legitimate training program.

With the number of lies, half-truths and exaggerations shown in the Extreme Home Paycheck sales pitch I can only mark this as a scam and tell you to avoid it!

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  • Crystal Doc
    Crystal Doc

    They always go for the fake news coverage. These people really need to stop. I have a Facebook group dedicated to freelance writers and freelance job opportunities available out there. I have a very hard time filtering through the pots to allow in my group.
    I will share your review so that they can be informed. Sometimes the person posting the job opportunity doesn’t even know its a scam so you cannot even completely blame them.
    Thanks for your honest review. Keep up the good work

  • Michelle Hatcher
    Michelle Hatcher

    Hi there,

    I love articles that home in on scams, but I will be honest, I am concerned about your tage line to your site. You say, I lose money …’ which rather suggests you still are losing money. If I found this site independently,

    I would think, ‘okay, so perhaps he is STILL losing money, then why, in that case, would I need to download the free book?’ It is only my opinion. I am someone who takes note of tag lines, although I do like the site name. It’s catchy, but I am not sure if it is giving the right impression. It sounds like you have tried everything and are still trying…

    Just a thought. The article was very good, very concise with great images… !

  • Travis Bille
    Travis Bille

    As a full-time freelance writer, it’s sometimes hard to pass up any advertisement offering work-from-home money. I appreciate sites like yours giving an honest and full review of the scams so people like me, who can ill-afford to waste any time, can avoid them.

    It seems like the guidance offered from this system is no more than what anyone could learn from an hour of Google searches on affiliate marketing.

  • Chris

    Its really great that there are sites out there like this offering honest advice nad making sure the scammers arent stealing our money. They really do sseem to be rampant out there and people do fall for these tricks especially the ones not so tech savvy. I like what you’re doing here. Great review! down with scammers!

  • Jacquie

    Thank you for this informative review of this program. Such a shame that people actually put in so much work into something only to rip others off – like, how do they sleep at night?

    People can be so vulnerable, and must be so desperate for a breakthrough to believe the, “Within five minutes you could be making real money working from the comfort of your home” blurb. Really, five minutes? That sets off so many alarm bells, and to fall for that is just so sad.

  • casey

    I’ve seen crap like this on facebook all the time and 99% of the time its bs that’s why you always google the name of the program before you sign up for it and majority of the time you will find reviews on any of these scams. awesome review by the way really caught my attention

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