Quick Summary of My Secret Sites

Rating: 1 Scammy sales site spewing lies and misinformation. A product to avoid just based on that

The Good: In theory you could make money from the system, it is after all based on affiliate marketing.

The Bad: The earnings claims are wildly exaggerated. The lack of work needed is ridiculously understated. The trusts system is not real, which is very worrying. The testimonials are blatantly fake.

The Bottom Line: This system has too many red flags - it just screams scam. Save yourself the bother and look for something that actually works. Click here for the exact formula I followed to start my own successful online business.

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My Secret Sites Review

There are a variety of different scams out there, some more blatant than others.

Today I want to talk to you about My Secret Sites a system that is doing the rounds right now.

This so called money making method is pushing a lot of hype and expectations your way without offering any solid proof, or realistic earnings.

It just doesn’t feel right or legitimate to me, so let me explain why.

Scarcity Tactics

My Secret Sites scaricty

Apparently there’s limited availability for this system, as only 18 spots are available for my area. They do realize that this is a digital product and as such there’s a never ending supply of it?

Scarcity tactics are used legitimately, with products and services being taken off after a set number of sales or time. I know without a doubt that so long as the My Secret Sites website is online, you will always be able to buy it!

The tactic here is designed to rush you into a purchase by making you think you don’t have time to look into it properly. Don’t fall for it!

My Secret Sites Sales Video

Apparently this site is hidden from Google and 99% of the internet and yeah it’s blocked from Google, but what has Facebook got to do with it?

Also, if “many of the wealthiest people and companies on earth know about this secret site” is it really a secret site? Does Google (one of the wealthiest companies on earth) really give a damn about some random affiliate marketing site?

No. They do not.

The 25 minute video you get to watch after signing your email away is just jam packed with teasers and stories but really there’s no actual data or information here.

My Secret Sites claims 1

The blink of an eye you say?

The video is really just talking about affiliate marketing and how you can make a “passive” income. I quoted passive because while it’s true that you can make money while you sleep with affiliate marketing, there’s a lot of work that gores into it beforehand. There’s no push button system to make it work.

Just like those “overnight successes” you hear about – the ones 10 years in the making – affiliate marketing requires a lot of prep and work, and is not for the feint hearted.

The video offers no information about what these sites are like, how they work or well, anything. All it offers are hopes and dreams: its aim being to make you feel greedy/desperate/excited enough to buy in without too much thought.

Fake Testimonials

I always feel so sorry for the people pictured in online scam testimonials. Mostly they are images from stock photos but sometimes it’s just an unlucky person whose face is used to promote a dodgy product and no doubt without permission.

If you Google Image search the photos, do these results inspire confidence that the testimonials are real? Nope!

My Secret Sites Testimonials

Trust Guard

My Secret Sites trust

If it doesn’t link to Trust Guard how can you trust it?

The site’s footer contains some icon badges from Trust Guard, a business that helps authenticate websites and businesses. Trust Guard itself is completely legitimate, but these logos are not.

They link out to a completely different site called SafeDomainVerify and there are a number of issues with this site.

First it was only created in January 2017. Second it hides the ownership details of the domain, which no formal business does.

Thirdly, if you go to their home page you see this:

My Secret Sites safedomainverify oops

This isn’t an error, the site just doesn’t have a proper home page because it’s been made to help try and legitimize otherwise dodgy websites.

Their site has even been indexed by Google with this error!

My Secret Sites safedomainverify google

Wildly Hyped Income Claims

The claims made in the sales pitch for My Secrets Sites are really out of whack with a realistic earnings claim.

In fact the earnings disclaimer effectively refutes what the sales pitch has to say about you making money.

The sales pitch really wants you to believe that you can make money at the push of a button. The legal blurb basically says this isn’t true.

My Secret Sites earnings disclaimer

I’m with the disclaimer in that if you do nothing you earn nothing, but that’s not what the sales pitch would have you believe. As such this is just confirming the sales pitch is full of lies.

Sales Redirect

Often if you try to exit a sales pitch a pop up will appear and try to entice you to stay. If you do stay you usually get a discount. Here it’s a $20 discount. If you keep trying it often the discount goes really low.

Not so with My Secret Sites. No, instead they redirect you to a completely different site advertising a completely different product.

Because that’s what legitimate businesses do, right?

The Bottom Line

I didn’t buy My Secret Sites as it’s obviously not a legitimate way to make money online. Instead it’s intended to lie to you throughout the sales pitch and offer you an unrealistic way to earn cash.

Can My Secret Sites make you money? Maybe, after all it’s basically affiliate marketing. The issue I have here is that with all the lies and hype being spewed by the sales pitch I have no confidence that the product you’ll buy will be worth it.

As well as that without a solid network of support, it’s easy to lose your way or get overwhelmed by the complexities of online marketing.

Seriously, there’s no push button system out there. The people behind systems like this are looking for easy marks and by buying a product like My Secret Sites you’ll be opening up a world of hard selling directed at you for much more expensive products, none of which will teach you the real ways to make money online.

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