Quick Summary of The Easy Marketers Club

Rating: 1 Just looks like another way to waste your money.

The Good: It could perhaps teach you some internet marketing skills.

The Bad: The sales pitch is full of hyperbole, exaggerated claims and bluster. There is no actual evidence that this system works, there's in fact no actual details of what this system actually does. All you get is hype and mind tricks.

The Bottom Line: The number of red flags in this sales pitch alone should send you running. You are better off spending your money getting quality training and support. Click here for my top recommendation.

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The Easy Marketers Club Review

Learning internet marketing is an involved process. There’s nothing push button about it and the market is filled with crap products, unethical marketers and plain old scammers.

That’s not to say that internet marketing doesn’t work, of course it does! It just requires the right training and the right mind-set (in other words, you need to work at it).

There are numerous training programs and platforms out there designed to teach you how to get started but they are not created equal that’s for sure.

When I saw The Easy Marketers Club I had to check it out because a new (maybe) system out there that’s designed to teach people internet marketing is sure to get people’s attention, and open their wallets.

The Easy Markets Club

I came across this site at their .biz domain, but a quick Google search suggests there are other domains, both in use and defunct pushing the same product.

The sales pitch contains an 11 minutes sales video that starts by suggesting that you are “special” in that you’ve managed to get an invite to access the course.

Apparently the person behind this is very strict about invites, which is of course garbage as anyone can access the site. Not only that but in order to be approved, you simply need to click the button, no form filling, nothing. That’s so strict…

The Easy Marketers Club strict

From there it slams into the online gurus and tries to separate itself from them. This is a typical tactic employed by less ethical marketers. I think it’s very much a case of “The lady doth protest too much” in that by arguing they are not like gurus, they are just showing that that is not the case.

The Easy Marketers Club jerk guru

Then comes the details of the system. It shows you the “exact same account that you will receive”.

Erm, this is a screenshot from the old style Clickbank affiliates account. Even if you compare it to the modern day Clickbank account you can see the similarity.

The Easy Marketers Club clickbank

The estimated earnings stated by the people behind this system are $638 on someone’s very first day. In fact, he states that all his clients are making about $5,380 per week!

That’s quite some earnings! Why are we not hearing about this system from all corners? Why is every marketer and their dog not using The Easy Marketers Club?

Well, no one starts out in marketing and makes hundreds on their first day. The vast majority of people fail to even make $1 in their first year!

Earnings claims like this are wildly exaggerated and should not be believed.

Stories are just that, stories

The story comes up next. Every marketer knows that a good story can help sell things. However, there’s a difference between a story used to help people understand and get a feel for a product, and outright lies.

Apparently this guy hates fake gurus and scam artists and what they do to people (rightly so, I’m with him on that), and decided to give people access to his “real” methods to combat this. For a price of course!

The Easy Marketers Club good guy

He classes himself as a “good guy and lays out his sob story of being ripped off and suffering and how he came back from it.

Really, this is just a tactic that preys on people who have already been suckered by dodgy online programs, trying to make you trust him.

Advanced Software, What?

The sales pitch devolves into a conspiracy theory when he starts telling you that the people making money online have advanced software that they are keeping from you, stopping you from making riches online.

This is BS. All marketers have access to the same software unless they paid to have it privately developed, and if so good for them. There’s no cabal of secret marketers plotting against you making money online. There’s no secret software that generates piles of cash with the push of a button. There’s only hard work and learning, failure and success. Good marketers sweat for their money.

No Qualifications Needed

In order to be qualified for the system you basically just need to be alive. All you need to be able to do is click a mouse, type 10 words a minute (these must be really long words), and turn your CPU on.

While you don’t need experience to get started with internet marketing, you also won’t get far if you can’t grasp the basics such as building a website, or you have the cash to pay someone to do it for you.

Automatic Systems Don’t Work

The key issue I have with this sales pitch is that it promotes a method that is supposedly automated.

Making money automatically online just doesn’t happen! The days of autoblogs using scraped content from other sites are behind us. The days of putting crap content online and expecting to make thousands are behind us.

Try an automated system now and you’ll maybe make a bit of cash but you won’t be making smart or long term money for sure.

The Easy Marketers Club automated

Sure, really, it’s that simple? Right…

More BS

The rest of the video basically just spouts the same nonsense at you: automated, money, nice lifestyle, no boss, money, automated, blah, blah, blah!

It also includes a screenshot from Clickbank apparently showing how this system made $176 in “a few short minutes”. I call BS on this. No where do you get proof when this was made, how it was made or how long it took to make. All you have is a screenshot and that is not evidence!

The Easy Marketers Club clickbank 2

Other Issues

There’s still more red flags with this system that you should know about.

First is the earnings disclaimer. Every site like this has one and that’s OK. They generally say that the results are not typical, that you need to work for it etc. They are covering their backs.

Here they are a little more blunt:

The Easy Marketers Club typical earnings

“The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system” – that means 99% of people do not make a single cent even after buying this product. That alone should be enough to warn you off.

Then there’s the terms and privacy policy which simply don’t exist, both going out to different broken links.

My final issue is that the system is sold via the digital marketplace ClickBetter. This site is known to harbor all the dodgy digital products that are more likely to be scams than any other digital marketplace.

The Bottom Line

I didn’t buy The Easy Marketers Club, and with good reason. The sales pitch and website set up alone are screaming that this might be a scam.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend it as a training program, especially for the high price of $97.

My advice, look for a decent training program that offers you valuable training and manages your expectations when it comes to earnings.

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