Quick Summary of Freedom Cash System

Rating: 1 A link posting scam with a slight facelift

The Good: Really, there are none, though as with the best lies, there's a kernel of truth to it.

The Bad: Freedom Cash System offers lies, exaggerated claims and false hope - avoid it!

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Freedom Cash System Review

Have you ever dreamed of making some extra money? Maybe you’ve already looked into different ways of making cash online. Perhaps you’ve even bought into some systems and not had them work out for you.

Maybe then you’ve come across Freedom Cash System and are wondering if this is the one?

When you’re struggling to make ends meet, or to make this whole “make money online” thing work for you it can be really tempting to look at systems like Freedom Cash System and to be sucked into the hype it offers.

Let me explain exactly what this system is about and why you should pass on its offer.

What is Freedom Cash System by Karen Evans?

This system is based on something called link posting. This is where you are given or create links and then you, well, post them to different places such as website comments, forums, social media and even offline.

The hype surrounding these systems is that there is apparently good money to be made doing this as companies will off you $5 – $30 per link posted.

Unfortunately, pretty much everything that Freed Cash System has to say is either exaggerated out of all proportions or blatantly untrue.

Let’s examine all the red flags.

Legitimacy Tactics

Freedom Cash System work from home opportunities

Statements such as the one made in the screenshot above are dotted around the Freedom Cash System sales page, and combined with the generic news report they are intended to give a sense of legitimacy to the system.

It’s not true though. That statement that “this work at home opportunity has received a lot of national media attention” is just BS. It hasn’t been showcased anywhere!

While the video seems to be legit, it’s basically just a generic news report about working from home in general and has no direct link to this system.

Fake Facebook

The sales pitch contains several customer testimonials that suggest they are from Facebook. This isn’t true, these are simply images made up to resemble Facebook comments.

Freedom Cash System Testimonial

In fact I searched Facebook for Freed Cash Systems (the wording used in their imagery) and it found one page which contained a single updated profile image and zero comments from other people or even other posts.

Freedom Cash System Facebook

As well as that the people in these so called Facebook comments used generic stock photos that have been seen on sites like Freedom Cash System time and time again.

In other words, these are all fake!


Freedom Cash System wants you to believe that there is money to be made in link posting.

It states that you can make $379 or more per day simply by posting a few links on the web.

The reason that it gives for this lucrative offer is that big name companies are desperate to hire you to post the links and they will pay big money for it.

This is BS!

There are reasons why this is utter crap:

#1 – Why would anyone pay a random person like you $5 – $30 to post a link online? Why not pay a contractor in another country pennies instead?

#2 – It’s basically spam, so why would a legitimate well known company want to participate in spamming the internet? They wouldn’t!

#3 – Let’s say the companies did want to spam the internet, they would simply have it automated: no need to hire anyone as they will have their own IT/development team in house already.

Terms? What Terms?

Don’t worry, if you do buy the product you get a 60 day money back guarantee, just read the terms… oh… there’s no terms? Oh.

Any site that launches without some sort of terms and privacy details is not to be trusted. Where are the details of the company? How can you contact them?

This oversight is worrying as there’s nothing to help you confirm this is a real company (perhaps because it isn’t?).

$500 Cash

One draw for this system is that it offers you $500 when you sign up, just for signing up!

Freedom Cash System 500 dollars

That has to have got your attention, but can it really be true?

First off there’s no terms, that’s a red flag. Second off, why would a company make you pay $97 only to give you $500 back?

You might say that well maybe there are other costs.

Sure that’s true and is likely, especially as you hand over your phone number to begin with (cold sales calls anyone?).

As such maybe they will give you $500 back in the hope that they can gouge you for thousands in return.

More likely is that you will simply never see the $500 due to them simply never giving it you or through some sort of loophole in their non-existent terms.

Security Issues

The one thing that this site has going for it is that it has an SSL certificate (the code that makes the site encrypted and gives it the HTTPS at the front).

This is needed for any purchases so it’s great to see.

Sadly, that’s the best I can say.

Freedom Cash System secure

Do you see all the logos and badges at the bottom pronouncing the safety and security of the site? Well they should actually link out to verified companies in order to confirm the site is safe and has been tested.

These do not. The images have simply been copied and slapped on Freedom Cash System’s site to add another veneer of legitimacy that cracks when viewed too closely.

The Bottom Line

Freedom Cash System by Karen Evans is simply yet another link posting scam, comparable (and probably by the same people) to one of the dozens of other link posting scams we’ve reviewed already.

While the theory behind what they are offering is true (affiliate marketing does work), the way they are promoting it is scammy, and as such the things they will teach you will only offer limited success if any.

If you do buy this system, you’re more likely to walk away labelled as a spammer, and with less money in your pocket than you started with.

I’d strongly advise you to avoid Freedom Cash System!

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