Quick Summary of 50 Cent Freedom

Rating: 1 This is a Pyramid scheme - avoid!

The Good: You "might" make some money with it, but that money will come at someone else's expense.

The Bad: It's a highly illegal pyramid/ponzi scheme. It's unlikely you'll make money as you won't be an earlier adopter. You will need to spam friends and family or become a really good marketer in order to recruit people.

The Bottom Line: 50 Cent Freedom is nothing but a cash grab that will cost you, your friends, and your family money if you decide to pursue it. These types of schemes ALWAYS collapse and there will be no recourse to recover the money you lost to it. In no way shape or form is this a legitimate opportunity. Click here to learn how to build a real income online instead.

50 Cent Freedom Review

The true reality of making money online is that it often involves some sort of investment, whether that is time or money.

What really matters is whether you can make a solid return on that investment, after all the old phrase says you’ve got to spend money to make money.

Spending money is one thing, if you have it, so what if there was a way to invest a really small amount of money, with incredible returns?

What if you could invest just $0.50 and get a return of over $8,000.00?

That’s precisely what 50 Cent Freedom is offering you, and it begs the question: is this too good to be true?

What is 50 Cent Freedom?

50 Cent Freedom opportunity

The basics of 50 Cent Freedom is that it is an MLM system – Multi-Level Marketing.

The idea is that you start at the bottom level and as you achieve certain goals you get to the next level. Each level allows you the opportunity to earn more and more money.

For 50 Cent Freedom there are four different levels.

How Much Does It Cost?

Surprisingly enough, it costs only 50 cents to join 50 Cent Freedom.

This cost is an ongoing monthly payment.

There are costs assigned to moving up a level but these costs are deducted from your earnings rather than as separate payments.

What Am I Selling?

Nothing but a dream. Really… There are absolutely no products associated with this system. The idea is that you’re given a link which “promotes” a random site from a list of ten.

These links could be anything but will not directly affect what you’re doing.

As such, the main aim of this game is to recruit more people into the system.


The compensation gained from 50 Cent Freedom is simple: for every person that joins you get the $0.50 cents from them if they are in your downline.

50 Cent Freedom matrix

For example, you join and recruit 3 people. You pay 50 cents, and they also pay 50 cents, but that $1.50 goes to you.

You then pay $1 from that money earned to go to the next level. Money earned from both yourself and your recruits recruiting new people funnels money up the chain. This goes on until you hit level for.

This sort of system sounds great on paper but there’s a whole bunch of issues with it, which I’ll get to shortly.

Who’s Behind 50 Cent Freedom?

That’s a really good question as you can tell a lot by knowing who is creating systems that you may want to pay for.

The problem here is that there is no direct information about who is behind this system.

In fact the only way to find out some actual details is to get all techy about it and do a check on the domain name. It appears that one Sheri Vine is behind the site, and she is based out of Thailand.

The fact that the business (and I use that term loosely) is based in Thailand means that you pretty much have nowhere to go should you have any problems or grievances with them.

Red Flags and Numerous Issues

There are a lot of issues I have with 50 Cents Freedom. In fact there are so many and some of them are so important, that I’m going to tell you right now that you should not give this “company” any of your cash.

Here’s why:

It’s not an MLM scheme!

I have a lot of concerns about MLM schemes, but the thing is they are legal.

The problem is when a system has nothing to sell, just like 50 Cent Freedom. In these cases where your sole goal is to recruit more people, it’s no longer an MLM but a Pyramid Scheme instead! More specifically, this is a ponzi scheme.

Pyramid/ponzi schemes are illegal in most countries!

Pyramid schemes are problematic as they not only tend to funnel most of the money to the top (i.e. not to you), they also tend to collapse when there’s not a constant flow of new recruits. EVERY single pyramid scheme will eventually collapse. It’s just basic math as these things are not sustainable in the long run.

You’ll Become “That Guy”

In order to actually make money with 50 Cents Freedom, you’ll need to promote it.

50 Cent Freedom spam

The advice given to you is to send messages to everybody in your email contacts list, on Facebook and to post links on random sites.

You will start to annoy your friends and family, you’ll start to get labelled as a spammer.

This is not how a legitimate business works.

So Many People

In order to make money, you need to recruit, and the people below you need to recruit and those people need to work their way up the chain. You’re reliant on other people working this system in order to make money.

That is also not how you run a legitimate business.

It’s Too Good To Be True!

Come on, how can you believe that you’ll turn 50 cents into over $8,000? If it were that easy we’d all be doing it.

You can’t even buy a scratch off for that amount of money, so how can investing 50 cents really turn into thousands? It can’t!

You Will Be A Little Fish

The idea behind any pyramid scheme is to make as much money for the people at the top as quickly as possible before the pyramid collapses. They are designed in such a way that unless you’re at the top or near to it, you’ll struggle to make money, or at least make any decent amounts of money.

If you’re not in that elite few (and you won’t be), at best you’ll make a few dollars maybe you can even cash out.

Most likely you will end up spending time and energy promoting a system only to have it collapse before you can cash anything out.

The Bottom Line

50 Cent Freedom is a pyramid scheme, pure and simple. These are illegal. If that’s not enough of a reason to avoid this scam of a website, then good luck: you’re about to lose time, energy, money and possibly friends.

If you are looking to actually make legitimate money online, there are three things you need: training, tools, and support. 50 Cent Freedom offers none of that. I have been helping people get their starts online since 2007 and I offer absolutely free training and support to anyone that asks. All you have to do is click here to learn how to build a real business online.

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