Quick Summary of Instant Income Generator

Rating: 1 The kernels of truth can't compete with the numerous warning signs in this scam

The Good: There is a potential that you could make money with this system, but it's still unlikely

The Bad: Exaggerated earnings claims, lies, falsehoods and hype are everywhere on this site. Red flags like these should be enough to warn you away from the system.

The Bottom Line: Avoid this one and learn how to make real money online instead.

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Instant Income Generator Review

Would you like to earn over $350,000 per year? I know I would! The thing is though, how exactly will you go about making the $1,000 per day that you would need in order to make that amount of cash?

There are jobs out there paying that sort of money, but the vast majority of us don’t have the skills, experience or networking to land such a lucrative position.

That’s why we’re all trying to make a go of making money online.

Sadly though, this niche is also full of scammers and con artists looking to make a buck by tricking you.

That’s why when I see products and systems offering to make people large sums of cash my internal scam-o-meter goes wild.

Instant Income Generator caught my eye because this system actually suggests that it can make you $1k a day.

Instant Income Generator

When you first look at the sales pitch for Instant Income Generator there are several parts of it that scream scam!

The first thing is the top bar that states that the product has recently had a lot of media attention and shows some of the more popular news network logos.

instant income generator news

This is utter BS, and a common trick used by less reputable people to try and convince you that this system is legitimate.

A search for the product name on any of the various networks mentioned and you will not find anything about Instant Income Generator.

The next thing is the limited positions countdown. This is just some code to fake a timer, come back the next day and you’ll still have time to take action.

Ignoring the video for now, the rest of the page has yet more red flags.

instant income generator no skills

Apparently this system that can earn you twice the amount as a well-paid CEO requires no skills, experience or well, anything!

instant income generator payscale CEO

Data courtesy of Payscale.com

Doesn’t that strike you as odd? It should. The idea here is to get you interested in the money and then reassure you that anyone can do it.

The reality is that to be a success you do need skills and yes experience. Can you do internet marketing without knowing anything? Of course, but you will suck at it until you do acquire the skills needed to make decent money.

The fact that this system states there are no skills required, plus the hefty earnings claims, is a huge warning sign.

There are two more issues with the Instant Income Generator sales pitch.

First are the security check symbols. These should lead to a website confirming that the site has been scanned by them etc. They don’t. Instead the person or persons behind this scam simply added some images from the internet to suggest it’s a secure site. That’s dodgy!

instant income generator not secure

Not real!

Finally, this system has a copyright from Home Earning System. This likely means the same people behind that system made Instant Income Generator.

You can read our review of Home Earning System if you like, but the too long; didn’t read version is that it’s a scam.

As such it’s more than likely that Instant Income Generator is also a scam.

The Sales Video

What strikes me most about this video is that it’s not your typical pitch. Normally you’d see certain things such as a section talking about how poor you are, a rags to riches story from the narrator, maybe a section bashing other systems out there, and a lot of images of wealth and prosperity.

This video talks about you and making money online. It discusses how the best way to make money via the internet is to not think about money but to think about solving problems for people.

instant income generator value

This makes absolute sense. I was stunned by it. If you watched the video without seeing the red flags raised elsewhere on the site you might even think it’s a genuine system.

The pitch aspect to it comes at the end where it suggests that what you will be buying is a starter system to rocket your path to success.

The Problems

Now, I didn’t buy this system, there’s too many red flags to make it worth the effort. That being said, you might be able to make money with Instant Income Generators, I just doubt that you will make decent money.

The reasons for this are several.

First the system you will get will include things like optin forms, email templates etc but it will all be cookie cutter content that everyone who buys this will get.

There will be no additional training unless you get sold some.

The content is also going to be telling you to target internet marketing and make money online niches. While these are evergreen and profitable niches, they are also the worst for newbies and beginners as they are highly competitive and overcrowded niches.

Throwing up a few pre-made landing pages and spending the hundreds and thousands of dollars needed to send them traffic is unlikely to make you a profit any time soon.

More likely is that you will lose a bunch of money on this and give up on internet marketing altogether.

The Bottom Line

Instant Income Generator is everything that is wrong with the affiliate marketing industry. They are trying to promote a legitimate opportunity as a get rich quick scheme. They’ll provide you with sub-par, outdated training, all the while hyping you up with lies so you give them your credit card information without even thinking.

You will most likely end up having to pay a lot more money out before you start to see even a few dollars in returns – the $1,000 per day earnings claims with little to no work are just nonsense.

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