Quick Summary of My Residual Income

Rating: 1 It's basically another link posting scam, crossed with a recruitment scam

The Good: You can potentially make some money, but it's not a sustainable business model

The Bad: Experience IS necessary if you actually want to make money. You'll be possibly labeled as a spammer. It's not a sustainable business model. Every one of your "customers" will become a competitor. There's no actual product!

The Bottom Line: This is just a modern day version of an envelope stuffing scam. You buy a website and convince others to buy the exact same website so they can convince others... etc. This is not a real business. Stick with our tried and true methods of making money online instead.

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My Residual Income Review

How many times a day do you open an email? Maybe 5 or 10 times? Or if you’re like me, 30-40 plus times a day.

Maybe these are work emails, perhaps they are from family and friends or maybe it’s just the latest offers from Amazon or other favorite stores.

However many you end up opening one thing is normally true: it costs you in terms of time, with no monetary reward.

What if there is a way to make your emails actually earn you money?

My Residual Profit

Making emails earn is the crux of the My Residual Profit sales pitch. The idea behind the system is that every time you process an email you earn $25, at least that’s how it’s initially presented.

It makes you think that you’ll receive some emails, do a little work on them and send them on their way and pocket $25 bucks.

The reality is quite different.

With My Residual Profit you first off need to pay $25 yourself. You are then provided some pre-written adverts and other material and promote the system on and offline. For everyone that signs up via your links you get their $25 and send them out the same information you got.

This is like a cross between a chain letter and a recruitment scam.

There is no actual product here, as the adverts etc. you get are not what you’re selling, you’re selling the idea of email processing.

My Residual Profit steps

Something Doesn’t Seem Right Here

This is not a legitimate way of making money and far from a sustainable business model.

Let me explain a few things about this system.

Ad Posting is for Losers

The statement that this system is about processing emails is misleading. You will be handling emails but that’s not the core of the work. The main part is getting people to actual buy the product.

This means you will need to advertise the system. My Residual Profit will provide some material but it’s up to you to actually get it under people’s noses.

This means that you’ll either need online marketing experience or you’ll need to post to family and friends on Facebook or randomly on the internet.

This will not be easy!

Adding a link somewhere does not guarantee someone will see it or click it.

Exaggerated Earnings Claims

Because you’ll actually need to work at generating clicks, the likelihood of making the earnings claimed is remote, especially in the beginning.

Even further down the line once you perhaps have some experience (if you make it that far) , the fact that everyone else (including your customers) have the same content, the same wording means you’re actually creating your own competitors. This in turn means your market will start to get saturated and sales will drop.


My Residual Profit recruiting

The other element is recruitment. As touched on above, because you’re basically selling nothing with actual value you’ll need to convince people to sign up. This will basically be like selling snow to an Inuit so yeah, good luck with that.

Pre-written Ads

My Residual Profit steps 2

As the content you get is pre-written it means that everyone buying the My Residual Profit system has the same content. While it might seem easy because it’s pre-written, most people will think the same they will never change the content or know how to. This means that websites will start to recognize this as spam as more and more people post the exact same word (or similar) to Facebook etc.

If it gets labeled as spam, you get labeled as a spammer!

Only $25?

What does My Residual Profit gain from this if they don’t receive your payments? Well two things. Firstly they will get some direct referrals so that’s money in their pocket. Secondly and perhaps much more importantly, they get your email on their email list as a confirmed buyer. They now know you will pay good money for stuff and will market to you directly.

This means they can continue to hit you up for different (and likely more expensive products) and potentially even sell your email address to other marketers.

As such, that simple $25 payment may actually turn into more.

No Experience Required

While on the face of it this is a true statement, the reality begs to differ. As discussed, you’ll need to promote the adverts so you will need experience and knowledge in how to do this, otherwise you’ll just waste your time and money trying without knowing what you’re doing.

Raise the Flags, yes the Red Ones!

As well as those, there are several elements on the website that should immediately be considered red flags.


The first thing you see when checking out My Residual Profit, is a big banner stating you can get paid up to $70 per day guaranteed.

My Residual Profit guarantee

This is utter BS!

First off, the sites own terms state that there is no guarantee to making any money at all!

Secondly, making money is down to you, there’s no one who will simply stuff $750 into your pocket each day. This means that there is no guarantee to making the money as you may simply not work that day, may not succeed or whatever.

As such the statement about guaranteed money is a lie!

Work From Home Video

This is a tactic I see a lot on scam sites: they use a real, but generic news clip about working from home to try and legitimize their system.

Really though, this is irrelevant and has no bearing at all on My Residual Profit.

No Refunds

This says it all really – if there’s no refunds then the people behind the system has no faith in it, regardless of what excuses they give in their refund policy.

My Residual Profit no refund

Business Unknown

When we give ourt money to businesses, especially online, it’s an act of faith.

How then can you put your trust in My Residual Profit when the underlying business is unknown?

Their disclaimer is boilerplate, they didn’t even change the Company Name part of it. There’s no business name given let alone an address.

My Residual Profit company

Checking their domain name in WhoIs shows it has been protected, which is quite common for individuals, but not so much for businesses.

The closest I got to tracing the company was via PayPal where you can see “Amoto Unltd Lifestyle” at the bottom but I cannot trace a company with this name.

The Bottom Line

I didn’t buy in to My Residual Profit as there was no need to. Its own sales pitch clearly tells you what sort of system this is: a recruitment/link posting scam.

My advice here is simple, avoid My Residual Profit!

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