Quick Summary of One Click Pay Day

Rating: 1 You are paying for hype.

The Good: I can see no pros for this system at all.

The Bad: Exaggerations, a lack of information, fake testimonials and the preposterous notion you can make thousands of dollars by clicking once a day make One Click Pay Day incredibly suspicious.

The Bottom Line: One Click Per Day is everything that is currently wrong with Internet Marketing. They hype up building an online business as something it's not and they try to make you feel as if you've already won the lottery and just need to pay for the ticket in order to cash out. Don't fall for their bullshit. Learn how to build a real business online instead.

One Click Pay Day Review

Unlike a lot of people who dread waking up to commute to a boring dead-end job, I wake up every day excited to work on my business and to make money online.

I know for a fact that the internet is an exceptional way for you to become your own boss and make extra money, maybe even life changing amounts.

I also know that it takes a lot of work, learning, sweat, tears and money to succeed.

This is why I hate seeing online systems that state they can make you money with a push of a button or a click of a mouse and little else.

Let me tell you about one of these systems: One Click Pay Day.

One Click Pay Day by Kathy Evans

The sales pitch for One Click Pay Day is a lengthy video that entices you in straight away by suggesting they have already made you a money making website and all you need to do is keep watching.

This is complete BS, there’s no way they would generate a website just because someone is watching a video. Even if it’s automated, it takes server resources and space to make. Plus, what would be the point as you may not even finish watching the video?

Apparently this has been done live (via a recorded video…) and is already making you money by funnelling commissions into your account.

Seriously? Does anyone fall for this? Sadly, I know people do.

Who is Kathy Evans?

My best guess is that Kathy Evans is fictional. The name is incredibly generic and as such you cannot really find a specific person on Google.

This is of course intentional. If you look at scams and less that ethical products out there, they all tend to use generic names to make searching harder.

As well as that the company supposedly behind this system, Fast Track LLC, cannot be traced on any US government website. They don’t supply an address or phone number either.

What legitimate company makes it hard for you to find them? None of course, which makes One Click Pay Day even more suspicious.

Red Flags

The sales pitch continues on and there are a few elements of it that really raise red flags and should make you very wary.


These people are paid actors, and as such their testimonials cannot be trusted.

Don’t believe me? Well here’s the guy who apparently makes $20,000 a week selling his professional services on Fiverr.com:

One Click Pay Day testimonial2_

He probably doesn’t make $20,000 a week…

If the guy is earning over a million a year, why is he still selling cheap video snippets?

The 1%

While the 1% is only slightly touched on in this video, probably because it’s been in the news, other related and worrying elements are shown time and time again.

It discusses how basically you’re poor and you deserve better and that this system can provide that for you.

This type of tactic is designed to make you emotional, because people you are feeling emotional tend to make rash decisions such as buying random products from the internet.

Old School

According to Kathy, One Click Pay Day is the same system she used back in 2012 to become a millionaire.

One Click Pay Day 5 years

This makes me worried as the tactic sand tricks used five years ago were scammy and completely black hat: simply trying to game the system.

This led to an arms race between unethical marketers and search engines.

Any tactics from 5 years ago are highly unlikely to work now, because search engines like Google know all the tricks and take action against them.


One Click Pay Day automated

Whenever something says it is an automated or a one click system, beware! There is nothing in this world that will make you money simply by clicking a button.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for automation and it can help streamline a business and make you more money, but what it can’t do is be the business and that’s what Kathy is saying here. All you need to do is click a button, no skills, effort or anything.

That sort of system does not exist so it cannot work!

No Information

This for me is a huge red flag: the sales pitch spins a great story on how One Click Pay Day can make you rich, but it doesn’t actually tell you anything about how that will happen.

With no information you will be paying out your money on a hope and a dream. Dreams are great, but this is business, so let’s be rational and think about why they are not providing you with any information on how the system works!

You Made a Sale!

According to Kathy you made 4 sales (and some later on in the video too).

One Click Pay Day sales

I’m not quite sure how she managed to create a site, market the site and generate earnings in the space of ten minutes. It’s not normal, and if I’m blunt not likely.

The screenshot provided proves nothing as it could easily have been mocked up in Photoshop.

It also suggests that the site you made has hit thousands of likes on Facebook, again within a few minutes. This is just ridiculous, surely you can see that? Cat photos and memes can get thousands of likes quickly, businesses take a lot longer because, well, they aren’t funny or interesting!

One Click Pay Day hits

How Much?

Off the bat Kathy suggests that this system will make you an average of $1,000 to $2,000 a day.

These sorts of earnings claims are wild, and most likely exaggerated. This is pretty obvious, but just to make you think, the sites earnings disclaimer actually states that the average person will not make any money.

One Click Pay Day disclaimer

Well, that’s encouraging…

Which is it then, $2k or nothing? I’m betting on nothing.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day I can’t call One Click Pay Day an outright scam, but it has a lot of indicators that suggest it’s certainly not a good way to make money online. In fact, I believe that you’ll end up losing money and time by using this system.

One Click Per Day is everything that is currently wrong with Internet Marketing. They hype up building an online business as something it’s not and they try to make you feel as if you’ve already won the lottery and just need to pay for the ticket in order to cash out.

Don’t fall for their bullshit. Learn how to build a real business online instead.

Last Updated: September 13, 2017

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