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12 Day Millionaire: Yet Another Scam Site

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Quick Summary of 12 Day Millionaire

Rating: 1 12 Day Millionaire is yet another scam trying to trick you out of your hard earned cashe

The Good: There's a slim possibility it could make you some money though unlikely anywhere close to what it states

The Bad: The blatant lies, exaggerated earnings and concerning aspects of 12 Day Millionaire that make me believe it's a scam.

The Bottom Line: Systems like this promise the earth but the reality is completely different. While it might be possible to make some money with this system, the whole set up makes it unlikely that it will be a sustainable business model that can alleviate your financial woes. If you're looking for a legitimate way to make sustainable money online, stick with our tried and true methods of making money online instead.

12 Day Millionaire Review

I know for a fact that you want to make money online, that’s why you’re here right? I bet you want to get away from the rat race, get financial security and live the life you’ve longed for.

The internet is definitely the newest frontier for finding ways to achieve that goal, but as with any frontier, it has its bandits.

You’re here to find out whether or not 12 Day Millionaire is real or whether it’s just another scam artist looking for your money. Well I’m sorry to say I’m going to disappoint you.

What is 12 Day Millionaire?

According to the sales pitch the general idea behind 12 Day Millionaire is to provide you with “profit-punching, money-exploding” websites that can generate cash fast, with little to no work.

Other than that it’s difficult to say exactly what this entails as they provide no further information.

If the only concern was buying something blindly I could maybe say that it’s worth a shot, but there are numerous other red flags shown in the video that make me believe that this is a con.

The Sales Video

As mentioned above, the sales video contains a bunch of hype, mistruths and outright lies that suggest it is a scam.

Exaggerated Earnings

The biggest sign of an online scam is exaggerated earnings.

Making money online is not a simple or quick process, it’s like any brick and mortar business in that it requires time to set up and become profitable.

As such, if a system online promises to make you hundreds of dollars a day from the start, it’s a warning sign

Apparently Josh made over $10 million dollars in earnings in 2 years.

He offers some screenshots as proof of this.

12 Day Millionaire Profits

The problem is, screenshots are not proof. I can take any website and edit it on my screen to show what I want it to, even a banks website. It won’t save of course, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t inflate my bank balance and screenshot it.

Even if that’s not what has happened here, there’s no proof that the money was earned as a direct result of following 12 Day Millionaire.

What about the newly made website, designed for you when you started watching the video? Supposedly this site makes you $175 by the end of the video.

This is BS! Not only was no website made for you but it didn’t earn money, it’s a lie to entice you in.

The video also mentions James who is a supposed user of 12 Day Millionaire.

If you look closely at the screenshot provided you can clearly see pixelization around the amount of money earned, a clear as day sign that the number was manipulated in the screenshot: this means it’s fake!

12 Day Millionaire James Fake

Pre-Made Websites

As mentioned above, the video suggest you have a premade website created for you when the video starts.

Not only that but it’s meant to be earning money for you.

How a new website can do that is beyond me as 10 minutes (to be generous) is not enough time to have the website indexed by Google let alone found by other people and make money.

Barring the obvious issue of the site not being found, the fact that you will be “copy[ing] the exact cashflow websites” that Josh uses is worrying. Cookie cutter sites that all look the same cannot work in search engines, as giants like Google despise them (and rightly so).

This means you would need to push traffic to the site yourself via paid adverts or spamming social media networks.

There’s no mention of how traffic will be generated, so my best guess is that you will get no traffic and therefore no money!

Too Good To Be True

12 Day Millionaire Too good to be true

Just because something says its real doesn’t mean it is!

If a system offers to make you $1,000’s of dollars in a short period of time, it’s scamming you as no business can do that from scratch without serious investment and skills, neither of which are apparently needed with 12 Day Millionaire.

Not only that, but Josh can’t share with you how the system works.

12 Day Millionaire Can't Share

Imagine if I said that I had a device that can turn garbage into gold, and it will cost you only $50, would you buy it without seeing it in action? Hell no you wouldn’t!

Why then would you buy 12 Day Millionaire without seeing what it actually does?

Are You Serious?

Apparently this system is only open to a few people (sure it is…) but to make sure you’re being serious they need you to pay $37 bucks.

Of course, they can’t be too strict with this as if you try to exit the page they’ll offer you $10 off. Then a further $10, so in the end you could only pay $17 for the system.

Any product that does a price drop that quickly and that easily is not after making sure you’re serious, but only after one thing: your money!

Scarity Tactics

Throughout the video the narrator, Josh, states that you need to hurry up and pay your money because the video is going to be taken down tonight.

He doesn’t just hint at this but says it clear as day several times.

Unfortunately this is a lie. I did a quick check in Google to see if anyone else has reviewed this product and guess what; they had, several days ago. This means the video wasn’t taken down and I’m pretty sure that in weeks from now you’ll still be able to access it.

All this is, is a tactic to make you rush and not think things through.

Fake Testimonials

Did you see all those happy people; overjoyed by the amount of money they made using this system?

They’re fake, just paid actors from Fiverr.com:

12 Day Millionaire Testimonials

12 Day Millionaire Testimonials

You could say that maybe they just used actors instead of real people. Maybe so, but it isn’t made clear anywhere on the site, so I consider it unethical, and you should too!

The Bottom Line

I’ll be honest here, I didn’t purchase this system. Why? Well, I’ve seen enough scams to know one from the sales pitch.

The exaggerated earnings claims, lack of real proof, fake testimonials and badly Photoshopped earning screenshots simply scream scam!

As well as that, the copy and paste nature of the system will not work. At best you’re going to be given a cookie-cutter template of the exact same site you looked at and told to promote it. That isn’t a real business, it’s barely even a fake business.

Let’s be straight here, you can probably make money with 12 Day Millionaire but unless you have a broad skill set and lots of marketing experience you’re never going to make anywhere close to the stated amounts.

Even with all those skills, you’d fare better by avoiding this so called system and using other, more legitimate avenues of making money online.

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