Quick Summary of Accelerated Income

Rating: 1 Another in a long line of scams!

The Good: None

The Bad: Exaggerated earnings and lies punctuate a terrible method of making money online.

The Bottom Line: There is nothing about Accelerated Income that would make me recommend it! While in theory it could make you money, it will never make what it says it will and will hinder you in your journey to building a real business online. Don't fall for their bullshit. Learn how to make real money online instead.

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Accelerated Income Review

The idea of being able to make several hundred dollars a day, quickly and easily is appealing to most people. I mean most people barely make that a week let alone a day, so who wouldn’t be interested?

Accelerated Income claims that it will make you that sort of cash with little effort, but if you’ll bear with me I’ll explain exactly why this is nonsense and why you shouldn’t part with your cash buying this system.

Accelerated Income by Susan Whitmore

The sales pitch for Accelerated Income is broken down into two steps. They do this for a reason of course; namely to grab your email address early on to spam you later and also to weed out those that do not take action easily.

The first page has a few red flags, nothing overly serious but certainly things to wonder at.

Take the news station logos at the top.

Accelerated Income news companies

These are placed here to suggest that Accelerated Income has been featured on these sites. It doesn’t state this of course, but the mere suggestion is enough to subconsciously legitimize the site in your mind.

Then there is the news report espousing how working from home is great and wonderful. There’s nothing specifically wrong with the video apart from it has no real bearing in respect to Accelerated Income as product. It’s also quite outdated now as it was first aired in 2012.

Accelerated Income news report 1

The real kicker here is the section about what you need to get started making hundreds of dollars a day, or actually what you don’t need.

Supposedly this system requires no skill and no experience.

Now while you can get started in anything, including making money online, with no skill or experience, it’s an incredibly rare person that will start making life changing earnings days or even weeks after getting started.

Most online systems like Accelerated Income revolve around one of the areas of internet marketing. This is generally things like promoting other people’s products and making a commission if someone buys it.

From my own experience and the journeys I’ve seen other people take, it normally takes several months from starting from scratch to making even a handful of dollars, and it can take much longer to make a regular, sustaining income.

That’s why whenever I see the combination of no skills/experience plus quick and high value earnings it sends alarm bells ringing in my head and it should do the same for you too! If it looks too god to be true, it probably is.

The Second Part

The next page of the sales pitch (after you’ve handed over your email) is something I have seen time and time again because this sales page has been used with minor tweaks on numerous scams.

There are many red flags being raised here.

First off there is something called a scarcity tactic. This is where a product or service is only available in limited numbers or for a short period of time. It’s a legitimate method of drumming up business, but only if the scarcity is acted on.

It says here that there are only 6 positions left in my area, and that’s just not true! Come back tomorrow, the day after or in a week and so long as the site is active there will be spaces available.

FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out) is a strong feeling for some people and that what the scammers are tapping into here.

Accelerated Income fomo

There’s also another video about working from home, this time dated from way back in 2010. Again, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it has no bearing on what you’re buying.

Susan Whitman

The lady that is supposedly behind Accelerated Income is one Susan Whitman. She doesn’t exist. I’ve see this sales page in various forms and the lady’s name is always different, with some of the common ones being:

  • Kelly Simmons
  • Raena Lynn
  • Kelly Richards
  • Heather Smith

Accelerated Income susan whitman

Google those names plus the word scam and you’ll see how often these names come up. Susan Whitman is just another fake name to add to the list.

Now, if you can’t trust the person selling you the product how can you trust the product?

What is Accelerated Income?

And on that note, what exactly would you be doing if you bought Accelerated Income? How will it make you the stated $379 per day?

The idea behind it is something called Link Posting.

It’s similar in a way to Affiliate Marketing, which you may have heard of, but it’s really a stripped down, spammy style system.

The process is that you be given some links, that if a person clicks and then buys something, you’ll get a commission.

You’re instructed to post these links everywhere you can: Facebook, forums, blog posts comments, Craigslist, etc.

With Affiliate Marketing you’re kind of doing a similar process in that you provide a link, but the key difference is value.

With Accelerated Income all you’ll be told to do is effectively spam places with your link hoping someone will click.

With Affiliate Marketing you’re providing value in the form of guides, advice, tutorials, and reviews and so on.

They are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Why You Won’t Make Money

You probably can make money with Accelerated Income, but only if you’re very lucky or already very skilled at marketing and completely ignore the whole Accelerated Income system (if so, why buy it?).

The biggest problem you’ll face is convincing people to click the links. Generally most people are internet savvy enough nowadays that they won’t just click on a random link posted to Craigslist. They need to trust you, and in order to do that they need to know you.

Sure you could spam family and friend son Facebook but that will wear thin quickly.

As you will also be using the same links and text that everyone else in the system is using you’ll be quickly flagged as a spammer and either blocked, banned or simply ignored.

Accelerated Income posting links No, you can’t…

The claim that you’ll make $5 – $20 just for posting the link is also incorrect. No one is going to pay you to post a link somewhere, and if they do it will be a few cents per link if you’re lucky.

This suggestion is an outright lie made to help bolster the exaggerated earnings claim made by Accelerated Income.

Think about it: would you pay someone $5 to post a link, when you could have them do it for free, or pay someone abroad pennies or simply automate it with software?

The Bottom Line

Accelerated Income is the latest in a long line of cookie cutter scam sites designed to grab your cash in return for a poorly thought out system that just simply won’t make you money.

The idea that you can simply post links willy-nilly and make hundreds of dollars a day is laughable: real online income takes time, experience and skill.

If you even have the slightest concern about Accelerated Income (and you should have concern by the bucket load) I’d recommend that you avoid this scam and look to find a legitimate and sustainable way to make money online.

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