Quick Summary of The Job Quitter

Rating: 1 There are way too many red flags with this system!

The Good: Potentially could make you some money, if it is indeed real

The Bad: The issues I have with The Job Quitter are the lies and exaggerations it makes. It lied about giving you $500, and it makes earnings claims that are beyond ridiculous!

The Bottom Line: There is nothing about The Job Quitter that would make me recommend it! While in theory it could make you money, it will never make what it says it will and will hinder you in your journey to building a real business online. Don't fall for their bullshit. Learn how to make real money online instead.

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The Job Quitter Review

Do you go into work every day and wish that you could tell your boss where to stick it and quit your job?

I know I’ve had jobs like that, but it’s a huge risk especially if you have commitments like a home or a family you need to help clothe and feed.

Therefore you really need to think about any system that claims it can help you quite your job.

The Job Quitter, obviously focuses its sale pitch on exactly that, but can it live up to the reality and more importantly, can it help you quit your job while being able to provide for your loved ones?

The Job Quitter

The sales pitch for the Job Quitter has a very bold claim: it can apparently make you $3,568.92 per day!

Not only is that an oddly precise figure, but it equates to over $1.3 million a year.

In my experience, systems that claim such extravagant earnings claims are usually not to be trusted. I mean if it really could make people over a million a year, it would be being spoken about across the world, rather than hidden on an obscure website you can barely find via Google.

Another bold claim is that they will give you $500. This is obviously to get you to watch the video as there is no other info about it.

The First Sales Video

Not much is actually said in this video, it’s a teaser.

It suggests that the video will only be available for a few hours, which is odd as the site has been live for over a month, and the same video (though with a different narrator) was recorded by the WayBackMachine in September 2017.

TheJobQuitter scarcity

Even if the video states it will be up for a limited time or that they are only accepting 100 students, it will likely remain up as long as it’s making money. Systems like this like to use fake scarcity tactics to try and make you rush your decision.

The rest of this video is basically meaningless BS that is designed to prime you to the next step.

For example it talks about a proven “trigger” that “forces money” inbto your bank account. What does that even mean?

TheJobQuitter trigger

And then there’s the statement that the system is so simple that all you need to do is listen and click to make money. Of course, this also only takes 5 minutes a day!

Be realistic, there’s no system where you listen and click for just 5 minutes a day that enables you to make over $1 million a year!

Just in case you’re still watching the narrator also shows you a couple of earnings screenshots showing lots of money that can apparently be verified, but here’s no explanation on how to verify it.

TheJobQuitter earnings

Screenshots of bank accounts are incredibly simple to fake. Anyone with simple web skills can make their bank account say it has lots of money in it when it doesn’t. Never trust this so called evidence!

Step 3

This video is where you will get paid $500! I’m so excited! There’s a bunch of stuff in this video that doesn’t ring true.

Richard Harper

Apparently the guy behind this is Richard Harper, which is odd as the Who Is for the domain name says one Jonathan Grey is the actual owner of the website.

Using pseudonyms isn’t uncommon, but it certainly doesn’t help with trust.

TheJobQuitter Richard Harper Jonathan Grey

The Sob Story

As with all good marketing there needs to be story and with make money online stuff it always appears to be a sob story.

According to the narrator, Richard basically messed his life up and was stuck in a dead end job working his fingers to the bone.

He tried his hand at making money online and all he got was more debt.

Then he came across a system that allowed for free traffic to an affiliate site and he started making money.

TheJobQuitter loophole

Of course, he doesn’t state what the system is or how it works, just that it did. This means you literally have to buy this on faith alone, which is not the best foundation for a business.

He works less than 10 hours a day, and shows off his extravagant lifestyle, if you can count stock images as extravagant!

Anyway, this free loophole he found supposedly makes money spew into his bank account with no effort. Now how anyone can set up an affiliate marketing website with zero effort or 5 minutes a day is beyond me. Sure if this stick works it can perhaps help you but the initial setup alone takes hours, and that’s with paying people for certain things such as content.

No, this loophole sounds like BS to me.

I mean if it worked that well, why not stick to his original asking price of $1,495 instead of dropping the price to $45? His caring, sharing mentality stinks of a lie.

Even if it does work, loopholes tend to get closed so I doubt this would be sustainable long term.

The $500

TheJobQuitter 500 now yours

I was expecting to have to send in my PayPal email address or something but sadly the $500 is not cash. Instead it’s tied to the product guarantee. If you buy it and you don’t make $500 in 60 days, he’ll give you $500.

It was lie that he would give you $500.

Unfortunately you’ll never get it as the terms (based on the video as there are no actual terms about this) are incredibly vague meaning he has plenty of loopholes to not give a refund!

TheJobQuitter guarantee

Security is Non-existent

OK, so let’s pretend you decide to buy this system and you head off to their shopping cart.

TheJobQuitter secure

The logos at the bottom clearly state the site is secure, I mean there are two logos for antivirus systems, a payment gateway logo, a webhost logo and UPS. Wait, what?

Yeah I don’t get the UPS logo either.

Not only that but none of these logos link anywhere meaning there’s no evidence that the site is secure.

In Fact, it really isn’t as the payment page, the one that requires your credit card details, does not have SSL encryption, so is not secure at all!

TheJobQuitter not secure

Not secure! Do not hand over your credit card details!

This means if your credit card details could easily be caught by another scammer!

GMP what?

There is no proof that they are certified and also why would a make money online system be certified for a good manufacturing process?

The money back guarantee looks nice until you notice there are no terms to support this.

Made in the USA! This is perhaps the only thing I could confirm is true and that’s only because I believe the person who owns the domain created the site.

I believe that all of these are lies, intended purely to help try and legitimize the system in your mind. With no evidence to support the statements a lie is all they can be.

The Bottom Line

I can’t say that The Job Quitter is an out and out scam; the system could provide some uses.

That being said, if you look at the extravagant claims, the blatant lies and red flags raised by the sales pitch of this site you can be sure that whatever the secret loophole is, it’s not worth $47!

My advice is steer clear of The Job Quitter and find a way of making money online that is upfront, realistic and sustainable!

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