Quick Summary of The Auto Money System

Rating: 1 Red flags galore

The Good: None that I could find.

The Bad: Exaggerated earnings claims, no evidence the system works, no mention of how the system works - just a lot of hype and fluff.

The Bottom Line: There is nothing about the Auto Money System that would make me recommend it! They lie and exaggerate from the very start. Don't fall for their bullshit. Learn how to make real money online instead.

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The Auto Money System Review

Most of us would love to be able to have enough money coming in that we can do whatever we want.

Having enough money to partake in hobbies and pastimes, traveling the world and buying all the nice things in life is something I think we all attain to.

I’m pretty sure that’s why you’re here right now. You’ve come across a system called The Auto Money System, and you want to know if this is the real deal or not.

Let’s examine it and find out.

Is the Auto Money System a Scam?

Systems like the Auto Money System are rife on the internet. Each one promises to make you rich enough to say goodbye to regular work and hello to the good life!

The question is though, is it real or is it a scam?

The Auto Money System in my eyes is little more than a scam: it has numerous red flags on its sales page that suggest it should not be trusted.

The “Live” Account

The Auto Money System live

The sales video starts off by telling you that an account has been created for you and that the details of it will be shown live as you watch the video.

That’s obviously not true.

First off, a pre-recorded video uploaded to YouTube on the 26th September 2017 cannot be live right now while you’re watching it.

Second, it would be completely unfeasible to create an account for everyone that watches the video. Right now the You Tube version of the video has over 2,000 views. That means over 2,000 accounts would have been created.

It doesn’t make any sense from a technical point of view to do that.

No, this is just a flimsy tactic to draw in the unwary.

Fake Testimonials

Dotted throughout the video are recorded testimonials of people who have apparently used the system and made money from it.

Sadly these are really just paid actors reading a script.

The Auto Money System testimonial 1

Not only is the acting staid and wooden like but the wording used is odd. I mean if you’ve made $21,367 in a set period, most real people would say, “I made over $20,000 dollars!”. They wouldn’t spew out the exact amount, it’s just not real.

This is a common tactic used in scammy product sales, using paid actors to try and tap into the social proof that people need to believe in something they find on the internet.

The Dream

Another tactic I see used throughout the pitch is the constant references to you being in a dead end or boring or crappy job and how you wake up, eat an unhealthy breakfast, commute and make minimum wage.

There are statements about how this system can turn you from a follower into a leader and how your boss doesn’t appreciate you.

While the work related comments might be true, it’s just intended to make you realize there’s a problem and to put this system in your face as the solution.

Fake Scarcity

Scarcity is a common tactic employed by businesses worldwide. It’s how they drum up hype and hunger for a product.

The difference between genuine scarcity and what you see with The Auto Money System is that this system actually never runs out.

It says there are only 45 spots left, but it said that back in September and it will continue saying that until it’s pulled down, regardless if 40 people have bought it or 4,000.

No Skills Required – Autopilot

This is a huge issue in my opinion.

According to the sales video you do not have to deal with:

  • Web design
  • Advertising
  • HTML Coding
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Tech Jargon

It also suggests that all you need to do is click.

The Auto Money System click and sit

I can assure that there is no job, work or career out there that will pay you decent money to log in a couple of times a day and click once or twice.

The Auto Money System suggests that’s exactly what will happen which is complete BS!

Even if this system is based on methods that have been proven to work, there is no automating these things.

Take affiliate marketing. Good affiliate marketers can earn thousands a day, yet they work hours a day even after automating and outsourcing the mundane tasks.

There’s always work that needs doing from planning, to networking, dealing with freelancers, writing and tweaking sales copy, reviewing and interpreting stats, finding new niches, talking to your audience and many more tasks.

Ask an experienced online entrepreneur if they simply log in and click a bit to make money and they will laugh in your face!

Exaggerated Earnings

When you started watching the video you allegedly had an account created which immediately got traffic and buyers (which is farfetched as it is).

Over the course of the 12 minute video this account supposedly earned $278.34. Where did this come from? Who bought things? What did they buy?

This alleged earnings is not explained.

The Auto Money System 1 to 2 k per day

The state that you can make $1 to $2,000 per day with this system: that’s $30-60k a month, or $360,000 – 720,000 per year.

All from logging in a few minutes a day?

That’s not just unrealistic; it’s unbelievable.

If I walked up to you in the street and said go to Facebook once a day and I’ll give you $1,000 every time, you’d think I’m nuts. So why would you believe The Auto Money System?

There is no evidence backing these earnings barring some random screenshots of Auto Money System accounts, which can easily be faked.

The Bottom Line

I have a policy not to waste my money on programs that make such exaggerated claims on the sales page. If it’s obvious they are lying to me from the beginning, what good is it to just hand them my credit card information? I don’t need to set my money on fire to know that I’ve wasted it.

The Auto Money System has all of the hallmarks of every scam I’ve seen before. It doesn’t provide any real proof of earnings, it doesn’t tell you what it will teach you or make you do, and yet, it will pay you thousands of dollars a day.

To buy this system is to basically gamble on the fluff and nonsense stated in the video. In the end, you are basically paying them money to label yourself a sucker who is willing to spend money on just about anything.

In my opinion, you should avoid The Auto Money System and anything else that looks too good to be true!

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