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Internet Wealth Biz: A Biz Op to Avoid

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Quick Summary of Internet Wealth Biz

Rating: 1 Another system offering hype instead of reality!

The Good: As it states it uses affiliate marketing there is a chance you'll make money, just nowhere near the claims as quickly as they state.

The Bad: A lot of hype with very little to back it up. The earnings claims are incredible yet there is no evidence and there is a lot of fake information and obfuscation going on - too much to be able to believe this is a real and effective system.

The Bottom Line: Systems like this promise the earth but the reality is completely different. While it might be possible to make some money with this system, the whole set up makes it unlikely that it will be a sustainable business model that can alleviate your financial woes. If you're looking for a legitimate way to make sustainable money online, stick with our tried and true methods of making money online instead.

Internet Wealth Biz Review

You want to be wealthy, I know I do. I don’t mean the kind of wealth that keeps you in take-out and with a roof over your head, I mean the kind of wealth where going to foreign destinations and buying a new car can be drop of the hat things.

This sort of wealth is what we all really want when it comes down to it, and the internet has created many millionaires and given everyone a chance to break out of the rat race and make real money.

The big problem is that all the snake-oil salesmen have taken to the internet in droves, so navigating the various products designed to help you make money is a treacherous undertaking.

Take Internet Wealth Biz for instance: it looks like a real opportunity, but I’m here to tell you that there is something rotten about this system

Internet Wealth Biz by Brian Thompson

The idea behind this system is affiliate marketing. At least that’s all the sales pitch tells you about the system. It says that it will explain in detail how it works, but then misdirects you and never actually discusses it.

This in itself is worrying, but it’s also a concern that they are taking the legitimate business model of affiliate marketing and hyping it up into something unrecognisable.

InternetWealthBiz - 3k Autopilot

Fake Testimonials

As usual for less than reputable money making systems on the internet, Internet Wealth Biz makes heavy use of fake testimonials.

Not only are half of these paid actors really unconvincing, but what they say is obviously scripted.

You might think that using paid actors is OK, well good for you. Personally I expect testimonials I see to be, well, real!

The fact that there is no evidence that the stories behind these are real just compounds the fakeness of it all.

InternetWealthBiz - Fake Testimonials

Bold Earning Claims

Probably the most important thing for anyone looking at Internet Wealth Biz as a way to make money online is how much will it make me?

The testimonials throw a lot of big numbers at you and this trend continues throughout the sales pitch.

Apparently this system has made Brian over $1 million in just 6 months, and makes students of his $3,000 or more per day.

It’s very tempting and easy to get sucked up in to the hype when you hear these sorts of figures but try to stay grounded.

These claims have no basis in reality, and literally can be plucked from the air.

Proof of Nothing

InternetWealthBiz - Proof of Earnings

Further to the exaggerated earnings claims there is literally no proof. Sure you see a lot of references to proof throughout the video, but what is it exactly that you are seeing?

All they are screenshots of various banks, affiliate accounts and other sites.

The reason they are not proof is twofold:

Firstly, screenshots can easily be faked. Give me a website and I can make it look like whatever you want me to.

Look at this:

InternetWealthBiz - I can fake it too

It’s easy to fake a website screenshot!

This Clickbank account is empty, completely. I can still make it look full for a screenshot if I choose to. See how easy it is to fake screenshots?

Secondly, even if these screenshots you’re seeing are real, there is nothing to prove that the money in those accounts is made via this system. The only thing that Internet Wealth Biz offers is the word of Brain Thompson, so no proof at all.

Who is Brian Thompson?

InternetWealthBiz - Brian Tompson

According to the internet there is a marketer called Brian Thompson. I’m pretty sure though that if you contacted him he would have no knowledge of Internet Wealth Biz.

He has an obvious and public internet presence and the guy in the video says that if you search for him you won’t find him. Plus Internet Wealth Biz has no actually details of a company or owner attached to it making it basically untraceable as far as you’re concerned.

No, Brain Thompson in relation to Internet Wealth Biz is a fake persona, so how can you trust what he (or the voice actor reading his words) has to say? You can’t!

Psychological Warfare

Throughout the video there are two recurring themes that are basically there to cause you to doubt yourself.

The first is the belittling of you. It starts by asking if you’re a sheep or shepherd, which is little more than asking if you’re man enough to take charge.

It goes on with subtle and sly digs at you.

InternetWealthBiz - Sheep

Will you take action, you bought garbage and other statements are all intended to psychologically wear you down. Whether some of them are true or not the sales pitch is wearing you down enough to make you buy.

As well as that attack there is the constant showcase of wealth. From images of big houses, large bank accounts and how Brian supposedly flies to exotic locations and lives in 5 star hotels.

InternetWealthBiz - Signs of Wealth

This is designed to make you look at your current position and feel envious and sad and mad all at the same time. It’s to knock you off kilter from rational thought into making a rash buying decision.

Bashing Legitimate Methods

Most sales pitches like this one take a jab at other unethical marketers in the space, because they know that you’ve bought into some crap before.

Internet Wealth Biz does that but then takes it one step further and starts bashing valid and legitimate marketing methods such as Google Adwords and PPC, content marketing and more.

While these methods take time and yes money to learn, there is nothing wrong with them; in fact every marketer uses at least one of the methods this pitch bashes every day. If they were that bad would they still be used?

Internet Wealth Biz bashes them merely to promote its own “underground sources” of making money online.

My guess is these underground untapped sources is some already known system like using Craigslist, or trawling forums – in other words it won’t be anything new!

No Skills, No Experience, No Worries

If you can’t use a computer and have no skills or experience how the hell do you think you’re going to make over $3,000 per day? Especially when you’re supposedly only going to need to work 10 minutes a day.

No, this is garbage and is the sort of thing that is ruining the reputation of internet marketing.

Every single experienced and successful marketer started off working a day job plus hours a day at marketing. And then they swapped to just working 12 plus hours a day at what they love.

There is no shortcut, no push button system, no underground source, it’s all BS!

Realize you will need to work hard to be a success!

The Bottom Line

Can Internet Wealth Biz make you money? Sure, if it’s using affiliate marketing as a base then there’s a real chance it can.

What makes me tell you to avoid this system is the extreme exaggeration of making a lot of money in a short space of time.

It says it’s not a get rich system, but anything that says you can make $3k a day in a matter of days or weeks with no skills is the epitome of a get rich quick system.

In short, save your cash and find a legitimate system of making money online that doesn’t exaggerate its claims.

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