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Is the Big Profit System a Big Scam?

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Quick Summary of Big Profit System

Rating: 1 A borderline pyramid scheme to avoid

The Good: It is possible to make money with this, if they pay out!

The Bad: The ease of earning sis very over-hyped, the cost to join is ludicrous, the training you will get is likely just PLR content, and this is not the way to build a real business!

The Bottom Line: Systems like this promise the earth but the reality is completely different. While it might be possible to make some money with this system, the whole set up makes it unlikely that it will be a sustainable business model that can alleviate your financial woes. If you're looking for a legitimate way to make sustainable money online, stick with our tried and true methods of making money online instead.

Big Profit System Review

When you’re looking to make extra cash, maybe even life changing amounts, the internet is often the first place to look.

After all it’s filled with new and exciting possibilities; it’s basically like the gold rush but one where pretty much anyone can take part in and from the comfort of your own home.

But just like the gold rush era the internet is a Wild West filled with scoundrels and snake oil salesmen.

Today I want to show you a system that might seem like an ideal way to make money online, but really is just another online scam.

Big Profit System

What is the Big Profit System exactly?

It’s a big ticket (in other words, expensive) system that suggests it can make you tens of thousands of dollars with little to no work.

The basic idea behind the system is that you buy into it and then are given tools and training to be able to promote the same product you just bought.

The selling point for this system though is that there is a team of sales people at hand who will close the deals for you.

All you need to do is to get people interested enough to hand over their contact details.

The Pricing Structure

As mentioned, the Big Profit System is a high ticket system. In this case it means that the cheapest option you can buy in at is $1280.

Yes that’s correct; the cheapest option is $1,000 plus an admin fee of $280.

There are though, several tiers to the system: $1,000, $3,000, $6,000, $12,000 and $20,000.

Now, the tiers are important to you making money because if you buy in at the $1,000 tier and the recruit someone also at the $1,000 tier, you make $500.

Big Profit System tiers

If however you buy in at $1,000 and then recruit someone who buys in at $6,000 you make no money whatsoever. You’d need to have bought in at the $6,000 tier to have qualified for that commission.

This means, in order to make the best commissions, you need to really be buying in at the $20,000 tier which allows you to have commissions from any level.

That’s a LOT of money!

What You Get

For the large sums of money you will be handing over, you should be getting an awful lot of stuff.

Digging into the website it seems that you get different things depending on your tier.

Each tier provides more and more content, yet when I look at the content they state they provide I’m worried.

You see you’ll be getting things like a marketing manual, personal development course and access to a library of some sort. That’s for $1,280.

The rest of the tiers add on things like the Social Media Mastery Super Pack, Total Video Marketing Mastery, Periscope Income Pro, and so on.

Big Profit System plr

These sound eerily like generic marketing ebooks. The ones you often get for free when signing up to email lists or PLR content that you can buy for a few bucks.

This does not sound like the sort of content that you deserve when you’re spending thousands of dollars.

This is NOT a Business

The thing is, no matter how many ebooks and videos they through at you, they will be teaching you one thing and one thing only: to promote Big Profit System.

Their entire sales pitch is devoted to telling you how you can make thousands by getting people to buy into the same system you’ve just bought.

What happens then if Big Profit System suddenly stops?

Your entire income will cease, that’s what. As well as that you’ll be lefty with whatever eBook you downloaded and probably still no idea how to create a real and sustainable online business!

It’s Easy, Right?

The sales pitch for Big Profit System makes it sound like you will barely work and yet still rake in more than your average CEO per year. I mean one sales page I saw for this system said:

“[generate] $500 to $3000 or more daily without making one phone call, sending one email or even speaking to anyone, EVER!”

Big Profit System example cookie cutter

Does that not sound ridiculous to you?

How exactly can you not work, but make big bucks? Really you’re going to need to hustle to make money with this system.

Sure, they have a sales team that will perhaps close the sales for you but you need to generate those leads for them, and that requires work. You’ll need to be creative in where you post about this system, you’ll need to target the right people, and you’ll need to convince them that at the very least this is worthy of further inspection.

All this requires work, and expertise. You’re going to be asking people to part with a lot of money, and that will take some convincing because not everyone will believe that Big Profit System is legitimate (perhaps because it isn’t?).

Who is Behind Big Profit System?

That my friend is an excellent question! Who exactly will you be handing over between $1280 and $20,280 of your hard earnt dollars to?

The answer is I don’t know! There are no other company details apart from the generic name of Big Profit System. There’s no address, or phone number. There are no details of a company with this name that I can find.

The domain name details are protected so it’s impossible to tell who owns it.

In fact you may as well go and hand over your cash to a stranger on the street, because you’ll have about the same amount of information on them as you do for Big Profit System.

If this was a $50 system, I’d still be cautioning you about this lack of information, but at $1-20k would you really trust someone you can’t even verify?

Is Big Profit System a Pyramid Scheme?

Big Profit System is what I call a borderline pyramid scheme. While you get something for your money in terms of training, it is just a way for them to skirt the law.

The reality is that the whole system is reliant on promoting the system to recruit people in order for them to promote the same system to recruit people ad nauseam.

Any government agency looking at this site would immediately question if it’s a pyramid scheme and you should too! Just because they may have bent the rules to stay within the law does not make Big Profit System legitimate.

The Bottom Line

Can you make money with Big Profit System?

The answer is probably yes. I mean you only need to recruit 3 people at tier 1 to cover your $1280 and make a small profit. That is, if the people who close the sales actually tell you they did so and pay you out. After all, you don’t know anything about who is behind this system!

The question though is can you do it? Can you really convince people to join this system and spend lots of money on basically a promise of wealth? Can you find the skills and know how to get people interested without becoming a spammer?

Can you cope with the fact that the people you recruit will become your direct competitors?

The bottom line is simple: Big Profit System is a borderline pyramid scheme, and while it may work at least for a short while, it is far from the hands off money making system you think it is.

In my opinion, you need to understand that making a successful online business requires work, but you don’t need to spend $20,000, not even $1,000 to get started building a legitimate business.

Stay away from schemes like Big Profit System and find a legitimate way to make money online instead.

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