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Home Wealth Business: Yet Another One to Avoid

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Quick Summary of Home Wealth Business

Rating: 1 A copy of another scam

The Good: In theory you could make money with this system but no where near as easily or as quickly as it suggests.

The Bad: The system is a copy of another scam, it also offers no real evidence or proof of earnings, and it cannot be confirmed as a legitimate business.

The Bottom Line: Systems like this promise the earth but the reality is completely different. While it might be possible to make some money with this system, the whole set up makes it unlikely that it will be a sustainable business model that can alleviate your financial woes. If you're looking for a legitimate way to make sustainable money online, stick with our tried and true methods of making money online instead.

Home Wealth Business Review

Maybe someone sent you an email, or you clicked an advert on Facebook. Whatever you did, you discovered Home Wealth Business and are looking to see if it’s legit or not.

I’m glad you did your homework and checked up on this system before buying it as I have a few truths to tell you that might make you think twice about getting your credit card out.

Home Wealth Business by Brian Thompson

This system has a lavish sales pitch and it suggests you can earn big money every single day with little to no work.

That for me is the first warning sign of any make money online system: exaggerated earnings claims.

Home Wealth Business earnings

I’ve made my living online for years, and I’ve been privileged enough to rub shoulders with some of the best online entrepreneurs out there.

The trend I know is true is that not one of these successful, including me, works just a few hours a day to make serious money.

This is especially so when we first started out as we had no skills and no knowledge.

If what Home Wealth Business says is true, we should all have been rich from day one. Sadly that was not the case, so it goes to show that you actually do need skills, knowledge and time to make inroads into online entrepreneurship.

This particular system offers no information on exactly how it works apart from it might be Google AdSense related but it might not as the sales video also bashes AdSense and pretty much every viable way of making money online.

Red Flags

Baring the extravagant earnings claims there are a number of other red flags that make me wonder if this is a scam system.


A well-used tactic by marketers both good and bad is the scarcity tactic.

This involves limiting the number of places, products etc. to drive demand for the product. The fear of missing out will make people buy more recklessly than if they know they have time to weigh up the pros and cons.

Real scarcity is a viable tactic, but the scarcity used by Home Wealth Business is just simply fake and that smacks of underhandedness.

Home Wealth Business scarcity

So only 200 people are accepted, and this figure drops down. However, if you simply refresh the page, BOOM, 200 people can be accepted again…


A typical tactic is to use well-known new network logo s on a site to help legitimize it. It states that work from home opportunities have been featured on these sites, and yes they have, just not this one.

The Lack of Real Proof

The video shows a lot of screenshots of bank statements and affiliate accounts suggesting that Home Wealth Business is responsible for these bulging accounts.

Unfortunately there is no real proof that this money has anything to do with this system. The screenshots could have been easily faked or the money coming from another source. There really is no way to tell as they only thing you have to go on is the word of Brian.

The Owner

Talking of Brian, who is he? Well that’s a good question because the only information you have to go on is the name. He doesn’t offer even a photo of himself. The voice is so smooth it just has to be a paid voiceover artist so that doesn’t help.

What about the company? Well that’s a dead end too. The company information given is for the website name not an actual company name.

Even when looking at the terms, you end up with 3 different locales:

Home Wealth Business location

According to the terms the business address is a care of address in Texas, but the trust statement says it’s based out of California. With this in mind it’s odd that the legal location for the terms is based out of Canada.

Right now there is no way to prove exactly who is behind this system or where they are based making it very dubious in my mind.

Paid Actors

A common theme on scam sites is to use paid actors for testimonials. While this isn’t an uncommon practice surely the people behind Home Wealth Business could find some of their (supposedly) many successful customers to provide real testimonials.

Paid actors suggest pre written scripts which further suggests that the whole thing is just made up!

As with the earnings screenshots, the testimonials provide zero actual proof that this system does what it says.

A Duplicate Site

The worst thing about the Home Wealth Business system is that it is not unique. Just recently I reviewed a system called Internet Wealth Biz.

If you examine the two sites, especially the video you’ll see they are basically the same thing but re-branded. One of the actors in the Home Wealth Business video even thanks Brian for the Internet Wealth Biz system!

Why would a supposedly successful business rebrand itself in this manner?

The Bottom Line

It’s clear to me that Home Wealth Business is simply a re-brand of another dodgy scam in order to try and find new suckers to bleed dry.

There is no evidence that this system will do what it says, the only thing you do get is a bunch of hype and unrealistic earnings claims.

My advice here is simple: stay away from Home Business Wealth and go find yourself a real way of making money online.

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