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Big Profits Plan – More Like Big Profits Scam!

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Quick Summary of Big Profits Plan

Rating: 1 Avoid.

The Good: You'll quickly learn what not to waste your money on.

The Bad: They make over the top earnings claims, offer no real evidence, give zero details on what the system is, and they make use of fake testimonials and fake trust icons.

The Bottom Line: Big Profits Plan is telling you that you can trade $47 now and start making over a million dollars per year doing little or no work. Need I say more? If you're looking for a legitimate way to make sustainable money online, stick with our tried and true methods of making money online instead.

Big Profits Plan Review

How would you like to make $125,000 per month? I know I would! This is what Big Profits Plan is suggesting you can make with this system. Something doesn’t feel right with this so let’s take a closer look.

Big Profits Plan by Richard Paul

It’s quite unclear what exactly Big Profits Plan is going to offer you. The sales video (see below) offers a whole lot of hype but very little information about the actual system.

My best guess is that this is some sort of lead generation system for affiliate products.

The Big Profits Plan Sales Video

The sales video for this system is absolutely loaded with BS!

Big Profits Plan news reel

It starts off by showcasing a real news report about work from home opportunities. This really has nothing to do with the product but a lot (and I mean a lot) of dodgy products sales pages use this exact video or similar.

Next up is a surprise: a countdown of 500 seconds and for every second you watch you apparently will get given $1, so $500 in total.

Big Profits Plan buck

This is a trick to get you to keep watching, as by the end of the video the $500 turns into a guarantee that you’ll get $500 only if you buy the system try it and fail to make $500.

This guarantee is also complete garbage as there are no terms outlining it and the verbal guarantee given in the video is quite vague meaning there will be plenty of loopholes they can use to get out of giving you $500.

Big Profits Plan guarantee

The next section of the video is about making you feel bad about yourself and your life as it discusses how Richard supposedly was loaded with debt, hating his job, having marital issues due to being boring and not taking holidays.

This is a psychological trick simply to make you feel bad about yourself and setting you up for a solution (spoiler: the solution will be Big Profits Plan).

The video discusses a typical story of how Richard went out and bought scam after scam being ripped off but then as if by magic one of his friends told him about something. Apparently his friend has developed a mathematical algorithm that dumps money into his bank account on autopilot.

This type of story is used over and over and like all of them it has no basis in reality. There’s no evidence of the system working except screenshots of bank accounts.

While Richard says he’s good at spotting Photoshopped bank statements I also know it’s possible to fake a bank statement screenshot without using Photoshop so that it looks real.

Screenshots are therefore not evidence!

Big Profits Plan bank account

Proof of nothing!

The biggest red flag for me is that Richard says Big Profits Plan makes him $125,000 per month. This sort of exaggeration sends alarm bells ringing my head, because there is again no proof.

Big Profits Plan 125000

According to him the commissions you can make with this system are between $1,000 and $5,000. This must mean that whatever is being sold is very expensive.

Keep in mind that even though the video states this is all on autopilot you are given training so you must need to send quality leads to the system in the first place. Have you ever sold anyone anything? How about something that costs several thousand dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars?

No? Well it seems that this is exactly what you’ll need to do here.


Money is often tight so before handing out your hard earned cash it’s a great idea to see if other people have benefited from a product.

That’s where social proof comes in and being able to see that real people have tried something makes it easier to open your wallet.

Big Profits Plan tries to alleviate your fears by showcasing some of its recent Facebook comments that state what a wonderful product it is.

It’s fake.

Big Profits Plan fake testimonials

Really, it’s completely fake. It’s not embedded from Facebook instead it looks to have been specifically created for the site. As well as that none of the people on there are real. The photos look to have been stolen off the internet, with fake names and most likely fake comments attributed to them.

What makes this even more obvious is that the comments that are allegedly from yesterday also show up in the video and the video has been up for longer than a day that’s for sure.

Is Big Profits Plan Verified?

If you’ve read any of my other reviews you’ll notice that one common theme for less than ethical marketers is to plaster “trust” icons on their site. These are meant to link to third party sites that verify that the site you’re on is secure.

Mostly these icons never link anywhere, but on Big Profits Plan they do.

However, I have grave concerns about this still as they link to a rather odd site called Safe Domain Verify.

The sites domain was only registered in January 2017 and the owner details are hidden with Who Is Guard. That’s odd for a business as normally businesses have no issue in providing their office address to the world at large.

Another odd thing is that this site has no home page:

Big Profits Plan trust homepage

Instead the home page redirects to an error page.

This made me realise that I’ve seen this before back in July of 2017. The issue was the same then so this can’t be a coincidence.

My best guess is that some scammer has set up this fake trust site in order to help their own and perhaps other unethical people add a sense of legitimacy to their sites.

I would strongly advise you not to trust this!

The Bottom Line

While Big Profits Plan might (and it’s a slim might) be able to make you money, the way they have gone about it suggests that you’re going to get a subpar product that will not help you make money online.

I mean why else would they use so many lies and falsehoods and tricks on their sales page if the product they are selling is indeed a genuine and quality item?

Add into the mix that you’re being sold a system for $47 that supposedly makes people $125,000 per month. No, you’re being sold a lie! That sort of price point makes no sense for the claimed earnings. Sure you could say that Richard is being altruistic but that sort of real altruism is rare and these sorts of claims are very common. I mean, who wouldn’t trade $47 for over a million dollars per year? Come on!

My advice to you is to avoid Big Profits Plan and find a genuine way to make money online instead.

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