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Regular Dollars: An Irregular Scam

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Quick Summary of Regular Dollars

Rating: 1 Possibly a phishing scam!

The Good: There are NO pros for this system.

The Bad: Your details will likely be sold to scammers and fraudsters and there's literally no way to make money with this system.

The Bottom Line: Regular Dollars is betting that you will fall for their hype and look past the fact that it's not a real way of making money, only a real way of getting your email and password to scam you! If you're looking for a legitimate way to make sustainable money online, stick with our tried and true methods of making money online instead.

Regular Dollars Review

If you’re looking to make money quickly and easily then you may have come across Regular Dollars or a site like it.

They make an irresistible offer that plays at your emotions to try and get you to make a decision without thinking rationally. Next thing you know, you have wasted your time, money, and energy. This is the exact formula that Regular Dollars follows.

What is Regular Dollars?

The basic premise for this site is link posting: you’re given an affiliate link after signing up and you’re told to post it online so others can click it. Once they click, it you make a commission.

In some ways it sounds like affiliate marketing where you make a commission if someone clicks you link (say to Amazon) and then buys something.

The concern with Regular Dollars is that there is no product to buy, and that’s just one of the numerous red flags that make me believe Regular Dollars is a scam.

Regular Dollars

But there’s no product?

As mentioned, there are no actual products here so while there’s nothing to sell as such it also means there’s nothing to entice other people to sign up for.

The site suggests that it makes money by advertising but there are two things that turn this statement into a lie:

First, the link you get given routes people to the main Regular Dollars site. This might not be bad, but the site has zero advertising on it, so how do they expect to make enough money to pay you $5 – $10 per referral?

Secondly, even if there were adverts on the site it’s highly unlikely that those adverts would pay Regular Dollars $5-10+ per view of the advert.

Even for a click that sort of payment is high. Without being able to earn $10 or more per impression (view) of an advert they can’t afford to pay you!

After all, the site specifically states they pay you up to $10 for a click.

Regular Dollars per click

Payments Unlikely

Based on the evidence that there is no money coming into the site, any earnings you may accrue in your account will likely not be honored.

Let’s look at this at another angle: Google is one of the largest advertising companies in the world. Their ad platform Adsense, pays publishers on average, 5 to 10 cents per click. This is for highly targeted, relevant traffic.

Now, compare this to “Regular Dollars” and you’ll see there is no way in hell they are ever going to pay out $5 to $10 per click to absolutely random traffic. It will never happen.

Regular Dollars guarantee

Bad Website

I’m not being a web design snob here or anything but the Regular Dollars website is BAD! For a supposed business that relies on advertising I don’t think anyone would use it because it’s outdated (not responsive etc.) and with poor grammar and spelling.

Even if you said that perhaps the creators have English as a second language, surely they could get someone to proof read the site?

As well as it being bad, it’s also a cookie cutter site. By this I mean the site is a basic template that they use on a variety of domains trying to snare the unwary.

Regular Dollars freeey

freeey.com doesn’t even exist anymore…

The people behind this site just don’t give a damn and expect you to not pay attention because they even left an old domain as part of their description.

No Terms or Business Details

A business on the web has to do more than a brick and mortar business to earn your trust. As such they should always have details of the business and terms and conditions.

This site has none of that and the domain information is protected meaning you have no idea who is behind this site or where they may be in the world.

It’s a Phishing Site

In my opinion the site exists for one reason alone: to get your personal information!

A Phishing site (or email) is so called because they are fishing for details. All it takes is a slip and you could easily have opened your identity (and bank account) to fraudsters and criminals.

Let’s face it most people are terrible with passwords. It’s common to hear that a large number of people use weak passwords, rarely if ever change them and use the same password and email combination across multiple websites including important sites like banks.

Now keep that in mind when you think that you (hopefully not) or someone has just registered with Regular Dollars.

If you do use the same email and password for everything now someone else, probably not in the US and probably not someone with your best wishes at heart has access to pretty much every site you use.

Throw those details into an automated attack and it’s possible that your online accounts could be compromised meaning you could end up with an empty bank account and debt that isn’t yours!

It’s a sobering thought isn’t it?

The Bottom Line

Regular Dollars is free to sign up and that makes it a very dangerous scam site, because it lowers the barrier to entry. This means more people are willing to sign up on a whim and don’t think much about it when they never get paid.

However, it means more people will pass on their details without hesitation. With luck nothing will happen, but I can see that at the very least your details will be sold on to spammers and at worst you could even suffer from identity theft.

There’s nothing about this site that will make you money, the only thing that you might get out of it is gray hairs while you deal with incessant spammers or worse.

Sound off in the comments below with your experiences with Regular Dollars.

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