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Home Online Profits Club: Another Scam to Avoid

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Quick Summary of Home Online Profits Club

Rating: 1 It's just another link posting scam

The Good: Buying this system will teach you a valuable lesson about losing money to scam artists.

The Bad: It promotes a flawed method of making money online, the earnings claims are exaggerated, it's another in a long line of cookie cutter scam sites fronted by a fake persona, and will leave you with a hole in your wallet.

The Bottom Line: Home Online Profits Club is a scam designed to suck as much money from you as possible. They over exaggerate to make it seem like you can make millions online with little or no work. That's simply not true. Learn how to make real money online instead.

Home Online Profits Club Review

I don’t care what anyone tells you, making money online is not easy. It takes hard work, commitment and even failure before you can reap the rewards.

The sad fact is that many people don’t understand this and go out seeking get rich quick schemes and push button systems. What’s even worse is that these systems don’t work.

“Link posting” is the latest scheme running rampant right now and scammers are deceiving people left and right.

Take for example…

Home Online Profits Club by Linda Wilson

Home Online Profits Club - attention

I’d love to tell you that Home Online Profits Club is a unique venture, a system designed to help you navigate the treacherous waters of online entrepreneurship.

I’d love to, but I can’t.

You see, this system is one of dozens that I’ve already encountered online, and they basically promote the same thing in the same way.

Mostly they merely change the name of the person so instead of Linda Wilson you have Kelly Simmons, Raena Lynn, Kelly Richards and Heather Smith.

The fact that there are so many of these Link Posting sites out there and that they are virtually identical just goes to show you that the people or person behind them is casting as wide a net as possible to ensnare the unwary.

Who is Linda Wilson?

As briefly mentioned above, Home Online Profits Club is figure headed by Linda Wilson, but this lady doesn’t exist and her name is so generic there’s no way to trace her.

In short, this person is fake and cannot therefore be trusted.

Home Online Profits Club - Linda Wilson

Same picture as other sites, but who is Linda Wilson?

What is Link Posting?

As mentioned, Home Online Profits Club is a link posting scam, but maybe you’re not clear on what exactly link posting is?

In essence link posting is very similar to a real and genuine way of making money online: affiliate marketing.

The idea is that you place links that lead to products and if someone clicks and then buys a product you make a commission.

Amazon.com is one of the world’s leading companies that makes use of people (affiliates) promoting their products this way.

The key difference between affiliate marketing and this type of link posting is quality, location and the soft sell.

Home Online Profits Club - desperate

Here you are told to post links basically anywhere and when people click them you’ll make on average $15 per link.

Do you go around clicking random links on the internet? I know I don’t, I’m very selective with links due to the numerous viruses and malware out there.

That’s where this system fails, there’s no trust. Affiliate marketers on the other hand build up trust by providing value by working at creating a website that people actively want to use and trust enough to click through on.

If you end up posting in any old location you’re more likely to simply be labelled as a spammer and blocked or banned from wherever you’re posting. As well as that the links you’ll be posting will be as cookie-cutter as everyone else’s who uses this system meaning they will get flagged as spam very easily.

Lastly, if you’re simply posting links there is nothing to back it up. Baring the trust, people click affiliate links because they’ve been soft sold on a product or service. A plain link does nothing to help get people into a buying mood which is what you want.

Exaggerated Claims

If you look at the Home Online Profits Club it suggests that you can make a lot of money very quickly but that’s simply not true.

Home Online Profits Club - calculator

This earnings calculator has been used by scammers for over 10 years now. Nothing has changed and it is entirely devoid of any meaning or use.

First you need people to actually see and click your links which is no easy task in itself. Most of the links you post that do make it through spam filters etc. and are actually shown to people will still not be clicked, especially as a lone link.

A click through rate of 5% is really goods and with this system I’d expect a click through rate of at most 1% and probably less.

Secondly, the earnings you might theoretically make are likely to be lower than you think. While it’s true that some commissions are large, especially for digital products where there is a higher margin of profit, most commissions are low.

For example Amazon’s commissions are on average around the 5% mark. If you manage to get someone to buy $500 of products you make $25.

That’s not to be sniffed at but generally purchases are smaller, meaning commissions are smaller too.

The claims that you can make $4,500 a month are, in theory, valid but I just don’t believe that it will be possible with this system, as the methodology is aimed at plastering links everywhere with little to support it.

Most affiliate marketers making that sort of money put a lot more than 1 hour a day into their work and often wait 6 or 12 months, or even longer for money to actually start coming in.

The Bottom Line

Home Online Profits Club is just another scam in a long procession of cookie cutter websites. The method of making money online that they teach is fundamentally real, yet fundamentally flawed.

I cannot see how you can make any money with this system; more likely you’ll lose your initial investment and end up being virtually hounded by sales people trying to sell you on more expensive systems that will likely also be a waste of your time and money.

In short, avoid Home Online Profits Club and go find a genuine, sustainable way of making money online instead.

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