Quick Summary of 21 Days to Riches

Rating: 1 Another Binary Options scam!

The Good: The deposit is on the brokers website so marginally more secure.

The Bad: Everything else! It's all lies and hype from the first time you set eye on the website!

The Bottom Line: This "system" lies to you from the get go and offers only a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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21 Days to Riches Review

Binary Options marketers will try any angle they can think of to entice you to sign up with the broker they promote.

Tactics range from the subtle to the downright bizarre.

Most often though, they focus on your needs and desires, trying to change your mood into one that will think that this system is the one to change your life.

21 Days to Riches is exactly like that, let me explain.

The Pitch

The website for this particular product looks pretty professional at a glance. Once you start examining it in detail though, the veneer peels away to reveal the lies hidden beneath it.

It’s quite common to see scarcity tactics on pages like this and 21 days to Riches is no different, what with it having a fake counter at the top telling you that there are limited spots to take. Of course, it’s BS, on refresh it resets.

The image of the man behind this system, Nick Parks, is likewise fake, just take a look at what happens when you put his photo into Google:

21 days to riches nick park

21 days to riches stock photo

As you can see, Nick is in reality just a stock photo.

In addition to that are a bunch of logos added to the site from respected businesses such as the BBB, Norton antivirus, Forbes, CNN and more.

None of these actually link anywhere and I found no proof that this website is related in any way to these other legitimate businesses. These logos are there simply to make you feel a sense of trust.

What about the Total Members Profit ticker? Once again, it’s pure trickery, and will reset on refresh.

The testimonials? All fake.

Facebook? Twitter? Fake and fake.

As you can see, 21 Days to Riches is not off to a good start. All these lies are solely there to trick you into thinking that this website and by extension the system it peddles is legitimate and above board.

The 21Days to Riches Video

If you watch the 21 minute video, you will have just wasted 21 minutes of your life.

Seriously, it is just full of hype, and has no real evidence that the system works.

It starts by focusing on the 21 Days aspect, and how this probably not real Nick Park changed his life in just 21 days.

He tells you that, in 21 days he now has changed his life to be filled with BOOM unbelievable amounts of money! And yes, the BOOM was in the video…

Of course, he tells you all about his rags to riches story and how he went from a crappy car and house, to paying for a flash car and mansion in cash.

Who wouldn’t be jealous of this and want to know how he did it? It’s a clever ploy, one used by nearly every Binary Options marketer out there.

The first testimonial appears and while I cannot prove the lady was hired to make this testimonial, it’s pretty obvious that she keeps referring to a script.

The video shifts to tell you about Maxwell Maltz, a 1960’s cosmetic surgeon-cum-self-help guru. The narrator states that by following this guy’s advice, in 21 days he lost weight. Further on in the video, Nick tells us how this 21 day theory also helped him to make bucket loads of cash.

The next testimonial that appears is definitely a fake; you can hire him today on Fiverr.com if you want to. He will tell the world whatever you want him to.

21 days to riches fake testimonial 2

Hire this guy! Go on, give him $4 bucks!

In fact all of the testimonials in the video are obviously paid actors.

As with most Binary Options, the main ploy here is to sell you a dream of earning money while telling you that anyone can do it, even you.

Throughout the video the narrator keeps advising you how this only takes 15-20 minutes a day for 21 days and you too can be rich!

As usual the video disparages pretty much every other method of making money online, because the narrator tried them all and failed. That it until he stumbled upon Binary Options.

21 days to riches no details

Because if you did, people would walk away knowing it’s a scam!

Signing up to 21 Days to Riches

After handing over your email and then signing up again, you are transferred to the Binary Options broker, where unsurprisingly you need to hand over your cash.

The one saving grace of this system is that at least they make you give your money directly to the broker rather than involving third parties, so it’s marginally more secure. However I couldn’t clarify exactly where the broker, Binary Capital, was based. The provision of phone numbers in the UK, USA and France mean very little in this day and age.

The Bottom Line

21 Days to Riches is yet another Binary Options scam. Its sole purpose is to get you to give the broker some money so that the guy behind the pseudonym of Nick Parks can go and buy himself a flash car.

The only winners with Binary Options are the affiliates and the brokers – people like you and me lose money in ventures like this, because Binary Options is incredibly high risk!

My opinion is to avoid 21 Days to Riches and Binary Options in general!

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