Quick Summary of 3 Week Millionaire

Rating: 1 Nothing but lies and hype

The Good: None. Nada. Zip.

The Bad: False promises, exaggerated earnings claims and blatant lies.

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3 Week Millionaire Review

I find that most online scams tend to use unrealistic targets to promote themselves, and this week’s Binary Options system is no different.

I mean how can this product be real when its name is 3 Week Millionaire?

Who exactly can earn a million dollars in 21 days?

Most likely, this is yet another Binary Options scam but let’s take a closer look at 3 Week Millionaire.

The Pitch

3 Week Millionaire has gone all out with their sales page, employing a lot of different marketing tactics, both legitimate and not so legitimate, to make you sign up to their system.


As any good salesman or marketer knows, overcoming buyer objections is a key part of making the sale or getting the user to take action.

3 Week Millionaire tries to do this with a short list:

  • 100% Autopilot Profits
  • No Previous Knowledge Needed
  • Guaranteed To Make Money
  • Works Anywhere In The World
  • 24/7 Live Chat (For Members)

Some of these are valid, though several are certainly dubious. I have yet to come across anything in the Binary Options world that is guaranteed to make profits, although I have seen a lot of guarantees!

Binary Options is incredibly high risk, with both the FTC and a professional gambler sharing their concerns about this trading method.

Live Trade Alert Map

This “live” trade alert map is a hoax. None of the data is live, the closest it gets to being live is that it generates the fake data live in front of you.

Looking at the code, it is merely using some pre-set things like names and locations, and some random numbers and images and then combines them into what you see.

In other words, it’s fake!

Profit Table

This data might be real trade data; it’s hard to be sure, though the website that provides the data has nothing to do with Binary Options as it is named Go To Webinar.

If this is real trade data then there is no way to verify that this data has anything at all to do with 3 Week Millionaire. I especially doubt it has as I have seen numerous other Binary Options systems use the same website for very similarly structured data.


This Facebook comment is also a fake. Not only can’t you click on it to see the real post, but according to Facebook, there is only one Clancy Hobbs on Facebook and he signed up and stopped using the service seemingly the same day back in 2010.

No Loss Software Graph

This data is also being thrown out from Go To Webinar, and once more is using made up data to fool you into thinking it is real.


The testimonials are both hard to verify and hard to prove as fake. They could be the genuine article but based on the current state of the 3 Week Millionaire website, I would err on the side that these are not legitimate.

Ratings Chart

These ratings charts are something new to me, I have not seen them before on Binary Options scams. They link to a website that I certainly have seen before though: Trader Verify.

This website has come to my attention as seems to be there solely to help Binary Option scam artists legitimatise their sites.

At no point have I been able to verify whether Trade Verify is a genuine business or not, but I personally think it’s the not.

Spots Left

Another trick by unethical marketers, this number of spots left section is there to make you rush to sign up, as it slowly trickles down. It never drops below 1 though, so it’s really just a scarcity tactic to trick you.


The sales video for this system starts out with a lot of altruistic behavior. The narrator suggests he regularly hands out $10,000 to worthy charities and people. Does he provide any evidence of this? Nope. Also, the signature on each of the visible checks is different and looks nothing like the one on the member’s page.

Apparently it’s easy for him to do this because all he has to do is press a button and he earns $10,000.

It still amazes me that people fall for push button scams like this. Of course the narrator washes over the fact that he is apparently giving away a way to make a million dollars in a month for free, by suggesting he wants your help with “testing” it.

This is just a way to help you get over your skepticism.

What made me laugh was that an American showed us his personal bank account, a UK bank, though it showed the values in Dollars. Why is that surprising? Well, why would he be using a UK bank and why would it show a balance in a non-national currency? Why? Because it’s fake!

When you see the actual balance all you really see is a screenshot and screenshots can be faked, you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to do that.

From there the video goes on about how it is an unknown system that uses lightning fast code to get the trades and how they have been verified by Trade Verify Inc.

It’s a shame we can’t verify Trade Verify! At best this company is just that, a for profit company. At worst, it is in league with Binary Option marketers to help validate their less than legitimate systems.

3 Week Millioniare trade verify

If anyone out there can provide me with a government agency verifying 3 Week Millionaire or Trade Verify, I’d love to see the report! I highly doubt that will ever happen though.

The first testimonial that is shown is a fake: the guy sells testimonial services on Fiverr.com for $5 bucks.

I couldn’t confirm the second but it also looks like a purchased testimonial.

3 Week Millioniare bad testimonial

The video goes on and on in the same format and then starts spewing out jargon and technical terms to baffle you with science.

The writer behind this Binary Options masterpiece even finds space to throw in a so story, of how someone helped him out with medical bills for his daughter.

I’m not going to bore you with the rest of the video; I think you know it’s just more of the same BS.

Inside 3 Week Millionaire

After signing up and reaching the members area, I discovered that this was another front for a Binary Options broker.

On the surface it looks good and polished, though behind the scenes there were some worrying code errors and it looks a lot less polished.

Did I hand over $250 and give this system a test drive? Not a chance, and nor do I need to.

Based on the sales page and members are I already know that this is just another scam using the bog standard Binary Signals software that’s already out there.

This software is poor and generally biased towards the brokers as the brokers made it. It also only uses broad trends to look for minute changes in trades. Unfortunately broad trends can’t predict what will happen in the space of 1 minute, as trades are highly volatile.

The Bottom Line

3 Week Millionaire is just another Binary Options scam.

They will try every trick up their sleeve to get you to sign up and deposit money.

Nothing they have said or shown proves that you can make a million in just a few weeks. In fact common sense and the evidence of lies in front of you should prove that you won’t be making that sort of cash. Most likely you will be just throwing your deposit/s away.

My advice is to steer clear of 3 Week Millionaire, unless you like losing money.

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  • Paul

    Thanks for this review. I sure wish that some agency or other interest would clean up Binary Option marketing tactics and such supporting organizations as click Bank. This bunch of scams intended to punish poor people who are just trying to make a living is fraud and completely shameful. Why has this been allowed to flourish for so long? And why cannot it be stopped? I could go on for a while but you get the idea. Thanks again for your efforts to expose the wrongdoings of scammers.

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