I love the internet; it’s a wonderful place full of freedom of speech and creativity.

There are many awesome communities and avenues to learn and grow, and to experience things that would otherwise be denied to you as a result of your location.

There is a dark side to the internet though, and one of my least favourite aspects of it is the lies.

It is so easy to hide your true self on the internet that many people abuse this by making things up. Sometimes it is harmless things like tweaking your age or location. At other times it can lead to mass panic as a piece of fake news snowballs out of proportion.

Because of what I do, the lies that hit the hardest for me are the ones that cost you money: dodgy online marketers, promising the earth just to make a quick buck.

30 Day Change is a website that makes me simply want to howl in frustration.

Here’s what 30 Day Change is pitching…

30 Day Change is trying to sell you Binary Options. I’ve covered these systems numerous times on I’ve Tried That, but just in case here is a quick rundown of what Binary Options are:

  • You pay a broker real money.
  • You choose if a stock will go up or down, and place money on the outcome.
  • You theoretically make money if your choice is correct.

The sales pitch for this particular system is typical for a Binary Options pitch: it contains enough lies and emotional string pulls to get you worked up enough to hand over your hard earned cash in return for the pipedream of making money with Binary Options.

The Lies

30 Day Change lies

One of the first things that appear on the sales letter is a list of people who are earning “Real Time Profits”. The problem is, this list and the associated profits are generated by some website code: they are not real! In fact they are simply a bunch of random numbers.

How about the spots still available section? Well, this will always start on 84 spots taken and will always end with just 3 spots available. Sneakily they use something called a cookie, so if you try to refresh it still looks like the numbers are going down. I assure you; if you clear your cookies the website author’s trickery will become apparent.

The video that accompanies the sales letter is standard marketing fare. It pushes how much this system can make you with so called proof from a bunch of fake testimonials and even faker bank statements.

Can I prove that they are fake? No, I cannot, but once you have watched hundreds of testimonials from Fiverr.com, you can spot them a mile away.

From there we move onto the beautifully placed and designed awards and security badges. All of them are meaningless. One says “100% secured site” but offers no information as to who has secured it, and the site is not in HTTP (SSL) which is the industry standard for securing sensitive data on a site.

30 Day Change random number

This may not make much sense, but what it means is that the numbers on the 30 Day Change website are not real.

“Software Awards 2014” and “Top Profit System 2014” are next up. Who awarded these? There are no links or logos from established and reputable organizations. Instead all of these icons are there to instill a sense of trust, when in fact they are complete fabrications.

What about the other testimonials? Well, considering most of the people featured are from stock photography and are featured on numerous unrelated sites, I would happily put my money on the line and say these are fake too.

Signing up to 30 Day Change

If you fail to heed my words of warning and sign up to 30 Day Change, you are instantly passed over to the brokerage and requested to deposit several hundred dollars into your account to proceed.

The author of 30 Day Change will then receive a hefty kickback from the broker as commission for sending them another unwary traveler of the internet who is looking to strike it rich.

The likelihood of doing that with Binary Options is limited: the whole system, whichever you choose, is weighted against you.

With the brokers 20-30% fees on wins and the 30 Day Change fee of 3%, you need to have a win to lose ratio that is consistent and large. Getting that level of consistency in an industry that makes and loses money based on 50/50 chances is highly unlikely.

The Bottom Line

30 Day Change is yet another Binary Options system to avoid. They will promise you endless riches, but in the end they are just trying to take the shirt off your back before moving on to another sucker.


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  • Kinya Shelley
    Kinya Shelley

    Sounds like gambling. It’s really a shame that people take other people’s money by being unethical and lying to them. Is there a money back guarantee anywhere on the site?

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