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Rating: 1 As with all Binary Options systems, it should get 0 but our system wont let us!

The Good: None that I can see.

The Bad: It's Binary Options, which is the biggest con out there!

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3K Daily Review

Let’s be absolutely clear, most people will never make over $3,000 in one day.

Most successful online marketers don’t earn $3,000 a day!

Can it be done? Of course it can, just look at successful people like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and the numerous other millionaires and billionaires out there.

The thing is, do you think any of them used Binary Options to earn their fortune?

Of course they did not! They used hard work, perseverance, skill and a whole bunch of luck.

Any successful business person would look at Binary Options and see instantly what it is: a scam that is more akin to gambling than actual financial trading.

This is why when I see Binary Options systems suggesting you can earn $3000 or more a day, I want to scream!

The 3k Daily Pitch

3k Daily is one in a string on websites created by affiliates to Binary Options brokers. The brokers themselves don’t make any financial claims, and even when unregulated (like most are) they steer clear of too much hype. They let the affiliates do this instead.

3k Daily’s sales pitch consists of a video and some blurb. Before we take a look at the video, let me walk you through the actual web page, as it sheds light on why 3K Daily is nothing more than an unscrupulous marketer, pushing for commissions.

The suggestion that you can earn up to $3,547.44 a day for 17 minutes work is ridiculous. Work that will pay you over $10k an hour is extremely rare and usually only for those with incredible skill sets, or those that can sweet talk their way into someone’s wallet.

The testimonials look fake. Sadly I can’t confirm that as our usual methods of finding testimonials on Fiverr didn’t turn up much. I did, however, find another testimonial from one of the suspected actors for another company. He’s wearing the same shirt, same lighting, same office. This usually indicates he’s a paid actor who is putting out a number of video testimonials in one go.

As for the software, it says it’s free to download. OK fair enough, it is “free”, but it also isn’t software.

Autopilot? Yes, the brokers allow auto trades. Will it be beneficial? Absolutely not! Most affiliates like this don’t create their own signals software, and 99.9% of signals software is completely useless, the other 0.01% is a fairy tale!

Guaranteed profits? Hahaahahhhahhahh! Yeah good luck with that. There’s no such thing as guaranteed profits in any industry, let alone Binary Options which is incredibly high risk.

I remember reading a story a while back where a professional gambler was trying to convince his father to avoid Binary Options as the risk was just too high.

A professional gambler wouldn’t touch this crap, and you’re maybe thinking of signing up? I’m hoping by now you’re having second thoughts.

Then there are the profit proof images, which are maybe real, maybe not. They could easily be accounts not related to this supposed system, and just as easily doctored in Photo Shop!

Without actual proof, these images are meaningless.

As with most Binary Options affiliates, the aim of their game is to get you to sign up to the broker so that they can get their commission. They will do this any way they can, including throwing fake testimonials and fake guarantees at you.

The Video

I’ve seen the first guy in the video before. He’s been in a few other Binary Options videos. By now he must be earning $1,258,456.25 a day!

Or perhaps he’s earning a measly $4 a time by selling testimonial videos of himself and his family on Fiverr.com.

3K Daily Fiverr family

The narrator, a man allegedly called Gerry Schwartz, tells us a little about himself. He is apparently a freelance market investor or something like that.

The Elance profile in the video is real, but old. Is the narrator really this guy? It’s possible, but more likely the affiliate merely used a defunct Elance account that suited his needs. Gerry’s Elance profile has him listed as born in the United Arab Emirates, but he’s got quite the American accent on film.

Anyway the story goes that this Gerry guy was a pretty rubbish trader until one day he came across a guy who wanted his special, magical trading formula automated.

This benefactor allowed him to use this system but only if he implemented a Neural Network Architecture around the system. Baffled with science yet? Good, that’s what they want to happen.

The video continues on, showing (easily-faked) “proof” in the form of screenshots.

3K Daily Gerry Schwartz

In some ways this is a good video, in that it offers up a seemingly legitimate back-story, and honestly I’m struggling to confirm that Gerry S. isn’t related to this video.

What I can confirm though is this:

  • The affiliate is using paid actors in the video
  • It’s Binary Options, and I haven’t seen a real one yet
  • The guy is getting commissions for you signing up, why would a multi-millionaire trader bother with this?
  • It’s Binary Options!

Signing Up

This website is from an affiliate that has promoted Binary Options systems before. How do I know? My email was rejected, meaning I must have used it to sign up previously. You see, even if you don’t end up depositing money, but make it far enough to hand over your email address, you will then get spammed and spammed and spammed.

Most often these people will sell on your email address to others too, which is why I personally use a throw away email address.

As is standard, once you have given your email to them (yes, you can cry if you want to), you need to sign up to the broker itself

There is a time limit on signing up, but unsurprisingly you can still sign up after the time limit expires, as this is just another crappy marketing trick to push you into rushing your decision.

The Bottom Line

Unlike most Binary Options scams, this one isn’t clear cut. It’s hard to confirm the identities of those involved, be we do know one thing. Betting on binary options is more or less betting on a coin flip and any one promising a “guaranteed” outcome is full of it.

My personal advice, avoid this. If not for the feeling of unease coming from the sales pitch, then avoid it because it is Binary Options related.

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