Steve, myself, and pretty much anyone else that runs an internet marketing review site are constantly receiving requests to review the latest product that our followers have heard about.

Since we can’t clone ourselves (yet), it’s impossible to review everything that low-quality product publishers are putting out in this industry. Binary options, affiliate marketing “training”, forex, MLM… The list goes on and on, and dozens of low-quality products are released each week.

There are red flags that we see every day that almost guarantee a product is a scam. If you see one or more of the red flags discussed in this post on a product’s sales page, know that you’re at least 95% likely to be buying into a scam.

Without further ado, here are the five tell-tale signs that scream “SCAM!” to the pros that have reviewed hundreds of internet marketing products collectively:

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1) The Publisher Has a Huge “Secret”

If you’ve watched many sales videos in the internet marketing industry, odds are you’ve seen this tactic used more than once. Shady Guy #1 told Innocent Guy #2 about how he makes thousands of dollars every time he flips his toilet seat up, and if Shady Guy #1 finds out that Innocent Guy #2 is sharing this information with you, boy is he going to be mad!

Shady Guy #1 doesn’t exist. Innocent Guy #2 doesn’t have some huge secret that’s going to make you a ton of money. He’s just using a classic, surprisingly effective sales tactic to try and scam you into buying his product.

Never in the 3+ years that I’ve been reviewing internet marketing products have I seen this on a sales page and found a legitimate product once I paid and logged into the members’ area. Never.

2) Flashy Cars and Flashy Houses

This isn’t a rap music video. There’s absolutely NO REASON for internet marketers, no matter how successful they are, to show off all of their expensive toys and bling unless they’re trying to distract you and make you easier to scam. Sometimes, if you pay close enough attention, you can actually see the rental tag on the keys for the luxury cars these gurus “own”.

Every honest, legitimate internet marketer I’ve met in this industry has been very humble and the complete opposite of “flashy”. Just like the #1 warning sign shared above, I’ve never seen someone drive up in a fancy car, pitch a product from every room of their rented mansion, and then deliver a high-quality, legitimate product after I’m finished paying. They always turn out to be scams, so if you see any flashiness on a sales page, you’re probably about to get scammed.

3) Outrageous Sales Claims

Irene made $21,284 in her first week! And she’d never even seen a computer before! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Nothing comes quickly or easily in this industry. Building an internet business takes several weeks, if not several months or years, of extremely diligent, hard work. Putting an “average Joe” in front of the camera and having them spout off huge numbers has proven to be really effective at getting people to buy, but again, I’ve never seen someone using this technique deliver a helpful product of any kind.

4) “Limited Quantity” Threats

“Only 7 spots remaining! Buy now!”

It’s very, very rare that product publishers limit the number of memberships they’ll sell. The more they sell, the more money they make. Why would they bother to spend hours upon hours putting together a sales page, creating a video, etc… if they were only going to sell 20 copies at $49 each? That’s a lot of effort for less than $1,000.

Make sure to apply logic to the situation. Who in their right mind would do this? Why would anyone limit the amount of products they’re going to sell after they’ve gone to such incredible lengths to put the product together?

If there’s not an extremely logical, clear answer – odds are they’re pushing a scam.

5) Shortcuts, Copy/Paste Systems, Push-Button Ease, etc…

As I mentioned earlier in this post, nothing comes easy to a new internet marketing business. There can be times you feel like you’re grinding yourself straight into the grave. But if you push through those difficult times, there’s no lifestyle like the internet lifestyle, where you can take time off whenever you want or travel with your business wherever you go.

It’s a long, hard road. Anyone that promises otherwise is setting you up for a lot of disappointment and almost guaranteed failure. Many products on the market right now that promise push-button riches are lengthy, step-by-step programs on the back end that are years out-of-date.

Copy/paste doesn’t work in today’s search engine climate. Search engines punish anything that looks remotely similar to one of the other billions of pages across the internet. If it’s not unique, it’s going to fail.

And nobody’s programmed a piece of software or come up with a shortcut that can make you rich on the internet in over a decade. It was easy to rig things in your favor once upon a time, but companies grew smarter and those golden years are long behind us. The only way to success now is dedication to learning everything about this industry that you can and then taking the time necessary to apply it to your business.

Building a successful internet business doesn’t have a different set of rules than building a successful traditional business. Would you expect to have a business delivered to your door that you could open one day and be counting money the next?

Online business creation has its perks, but it’s no different when it comes to dedication and gradual growth.

Congratulations! You’re Now Scam-Proof

If you avoid all products that use the sales tactics mentioned above, I can 99% guarantee that you’ll never buy into a scammy internet marketing product again. The “good guys” that sell legitimate products in this industry don’t use any of the methods above, and every product that I’ve reviewed without any of these 5 warning signs has turned out to be high-quality and helpful.

If you see a product with one out of the five red flags above, approach it with caution and you should probably steer clear altogether. If you see a product with two or three of these warning signs, run for the hills! And take your wallet with you. You’re about to get ripped off.

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Ian Pribyl runs, a consumer protection site that prevents innocent people from wasting their hard-earned money on work at home scams. He got started a few years after Steve, but having purchased and reviewed over 100 internet marketing products has given him plenty of evidence as to what works, what doesn’t, and who’s selling legitimate products vs. who’s selling scams.

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