As a freelance writer and blogger, I regularly speak with business owners that are at a total loss for what to do with their blogs. Maybe you have a blog yourself; you know that its supposed to benefit your cause somehow but are a little foggy on the specifics.

Here are some ways that your company’s blogging can bring you more business and money.

Blogging Turns Your Business Into A Friend

How would you feel if a stranger asked you for 10 bucks on the street? I bet you can already feel your wallet close and pocket tighten. Now let’s change the situation: your friend asks you for 10 bucks to get lunch because they left their wallet at home.

Suddenly, you’re much more likely to give up the money. In the internet age, relationships are everything and blogs build relationships with your potential customers through regular contact.

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Blogging Saves Marketing Money

According to HubSpot, inbound marketing costs 61% less than outbound marketing. When considering everything from Google Adwords to inflatable gorillas on one’s front lawn, there seems to be a million ways for a business owner to lose a million dollars in hopes of reaching out.

Finding the best way to market one’s services is not always an easy, or a cheap task. But the best things about blogs is that they’re mostly free to set-up and continue to offer a better return than many conventional methods of marketing.

Blogging Makes You A Trusted Resource

I was a salesman in a previous life, so I can tell you that without a doubt: FOLKS DON’T TRUST SALESPEOPLE. All the cold calling, door knocking and awkward approaches only serve to pester, and pestered people don’t want to buy from you.

Instead, use your company or CEO blog to share some helpful knowledge with your audience. 61% of online consumers have made purchases because of blog recommendations (source: HubSpot again).

If your advice continues to improve lives, don’t be surprised when people start knocking on your door.

Blogs Posts Create A Wider Reach For Less Work

I recently came across a blog post where its author proceeded into a taunting of his readers. It went something like: “Ha, ha, ha, I wrote this years ago and still make money off of this. And you’re working a 9 to 5?”

While one couldn’t commend his methods, the benefit of blogging does stand.

Blog posts are awesome because they can still be relevant even years from now.

For example, if you’re a tax professional and you create a series of articles on “How To Get A Bigger Return On Tax Day”, you’ve created a valuable resource that can be used over and over each year. And you only had to write them once.

Its An Easy Way To Break Into Social Media

Here’s a fact no business can afford to ignore: of the estimated 2 billion users on the internet at any given time, over 1 billion are connected to social media.

I recently spoke with a business owner about their social media marketing.

She was frustrated about how to reach her audience via Facebook and Twitter. I also consulted with a doctor who was spending lots of money to update his social media accounts, when he could have done it free.

Without getting into too much detail, you can easily update your social media pages with your blog. All you need is the URL or address of your RSS feed. Tools like RSS Graffiti will then take posts straight from your blog and transfer them to your accounts for free.

These automatic updates help keep the conversation going between a business and its clients, which is what lies at the heart of blogging. It all comes down to building a relationship.

Should Your Business Blog?

Some years back, if one was stumped on the music album to buy someone, people would say, buy Elvis. The reasoning was in the old adage: 50 million fans can’t be wrong.

By the same reasoning, blogging just makes sense: a 55% increase in traffic, a rapidly increasing market, and simply because 128 million readers can’t be wrong.

Jean-Marc Saint Laurent is a freelance writer and designer in the Orlando area. You can catch at him at his personal site

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