Quick Summary of $5K Daily Profit Club

Rating: 0.2 It's just another binary options scam.

The Good: There are no suspicious software files to download because this system claims to use actual humans for its trading.

The Bad: Everything from the countdown counters to the testimonials to the "regulated traders" is fake.

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$5K Daily Profit Club Review

James Samuels, the head trader and co-founder of the $5K Daily Profit Club, is offering you an incredible opportunity: If you join his club today, you can make at least $5,000 per day.

You heard correctly: James’ team of “professional and fully regulated traders” will guarantee that you make $5,000 per day.

But here’s the best part:

$5K Daily Profit Club

Yep, James will help you make $100,000/month, -and all for free!


James explains that all his traders have become “seriously” rich while trading through this system for the last three years. Therefore, neither James nor his traders need or want your money.

How does the $5K Daily Profit Club work?

“We simply link our own $5K Daily Profits Club trading service to the free account that you will open with us,” explains James. “This means that all the trades that we make will be automatically replicated on your account.”

So, the $5K that the traders make will become yours too, concludes James.

Who are the traders that will be generously linking to your account and somehow trading for you by proxy?

$5K Daily Profit Club 1

“You don’t need any knowledge or experience,” James continues. “In fact, you won’t need to lift a finger.”

Also, these traders are¬†using “the safest and most profitable strategies.” Whatever those strategies are, we are never provided a clue.

We are also informed that the traders have been trading commodities and foreign currencies for many years. “In fact, the five founding members of the club boast an incredible 128 years experience trading for some of the world’s largest banks and institutions.”

If these traders are so experienced and so good, you’d expect them to be featured on the site. However, we never hear who these traders actually are or see their resumes.

Before I go any further into the storyline that is fed to you by James of the $5K Daily Profit Club, let me explain why I think his team of professional traders, as well as everything else he introduces in these sales videos, is nothing but a scam.

Why do I believe the $5K Daily Profits Club is a scam?

This system is free.*

James keeps emphasizing how the $5K Daily Profit Club is free to join- and technically, the system is free. However, it’s still going to cost you money to try it out. Here’s why:

$5K Daily Profit Club 5

You will then need to make a monetary deposit into that account. This is supposedly so that the traders can “get started trading for you.” And you won’t be depositing $50 or $100 either…

$5K Daily Profit Club 8

While the sales video claims you need just $250 to get your broker account going, the broker itself, which is Glenridge Capital, is going to ask for a minimum of $800.

$5k Daily Profit Club 9

Your broker is Glenridge Capital.

Many binary options scams are currently leading you to Glenridge Capital as your recommended broker. I’ve investigated Glenridge Capital in the past and have my reasons for stating that this broker is uncertain because it is not regulated by the CySEC. As such, you will have a hard time getting your money back if you run into any kind of trading or withdrawal snags.

It’s ‘Verified Online.’

The site features the following ‘live results,’ as well as a seal from Verified Online:

verified online

In this way, the sales page attempts to convince you that its members’ trades have been somehow verified as real by an independent third party. However, a search on Verified Online turns up no such business entity.

There are unverified testimonials.

The sales video features at least these two positive customer-generated testimonials. No actual customer names or locations are provided, however. As evidenced by other binary options trading scams, many of these testimonials are generated by actors, many of whom originate from Fiverr.

$5K Daily Profit Club 3
$5K Daily Profit Club 4

It’s all hypothetical.

Here’s the actual disclaimer on the $50K Daily Profit Club’s website:

$5K Daily Profit Club 10

If the website itself is stating that its actual results are made-up and are not examples of real trades, then how can you believe that this system will even work?

The usual suspects are publishing ‘positive’ reviews.

If you search on the term ‘$5K Daily Profit Club review,’ you’ll come upon the usual scam review sites posting positive reviews of this system. To my knowledge, these sites have yet to publish a single negative review of any binary options trading scam. Also, the wording they use for all their positive reviews is virtually identical.

Daily Profits Club

The product is driven by affiliate commissions.

Why exactly would the $5K Daily Profit Club be touted as genuine by scam review sites? Two words: Affiliate commissions. Apparently, if you recruit even one member to the brokerage, you make a hefty $500 commission.

$5K Daily Profit Club a

The counter is fake.

The $5K Daily Profit Club features the following countdown counter on its sales page and warns you how you have only 10 minutes to sign up for an account:

$5K Daily Profit Club counter

However, if you refresh the page, the counter resets itself to 10 minutes.


If you’re looking for a way to make loads of money while doing almost nothing, $5K Daily Profit Club certainly offers you that tempting possibility. However, the site has nothing to back up its claims except for a lot of fake testimonials and countdown timers. Don’t rely on this ‘Club’ to make you any money.

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