A lot of people new to dropshipping ask the same question: what can I dropship?

The answer is of course, nearly anything you want! That answer though isn’t very useful.

Newbies especially need some direction, some ideas to help them find the right products to sell to people.

Pick a Niche Not a Product

The key to choosing products for your dropshipping business is to start by choosing a niche.

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A niche is really just a segment or market, for example animals is a niche. Dogs can be a niche, separate to the cat niche,and so is dog food. Dog food for senior dogs is also a niche.

Did you notice the difference between those various niches though? The first few were really broad: animals, dogs, cats. The others were more narrow: dog food, dog food for senior dogs.

If you read internet marketing blogs, you’ll see advice to pick narrow niches over broad ones. In general this is pretty good advice, but as a dropshipper you can be a little more broad and get away with it.

For example you could take the rather large dog niche and sell a variety of dog related products, or to flip that, you could sell a large number of products about dogs (statues, t-shirts, etc all featuring dogs).

Or you could focus more on a specific narrow niche like dog collars.

Whichever niche size you choose, the important bit is to choose a niche to focus on.

Keeping a focused niche means that buyers know what to expect and are more likely to purchase rather than spend hours browsing the various products.

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Dropshipping Niche Ideas

To get you started thinking about what niche you would like and therefore what products to dropship, here are some of the best niches for dropshippers.

#1 Animals

This is a huge niche in itself, so if you’re interested in it, it’s worth diving in and finding a smaller sub niche.

The great thing about the animal niche for dropshippers is that it provides 2 broad directions to go:

Sell animal themed products

People love animals, especially the cute and cartoony version of them. Having a site that sells giraffe themed sleepwear and jewelry will be a hit with giraffe lovers.

Same goes for cat, dog, and any other cute animal lovers.

Even spiders get some love so long as they are the cute type rather than the big, hairy, venom dripping jaws type.

The great thing about this is that there is a wide array of products featuring animals: you can sell a variety of these or narrow the focus down even further to just clothes for example.

Sell products for animals

Collars, leashes, houses, toys, baskets, blankets, the list of products designed specifically for our pets is incredible. That combined with the fact that 37-47% of US households own a dog and 30-37% own a cat means that there is a large market for products.

#2 Hobbies

Modern life has endowed us with something our forebears possibly couldn’t understand: leisure time.

And what do people do with that time – hobbies of course!

There are dozens of different hobbies out there, each one could be a potential dropshipping site.

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Take the broad crafting niche, it includes quilting, knitting, embroidery, pottery, scrapbooking and much more.

Of course, that’s a pretty common niche so what about lock picking? Where do you go to buy a decent set of lock picks?

Depending on the hobby some products will be one off or rare purchases, some will be regular (I consider fishing a hobby and I easily spend at least $50 a month on it).

#3 Electronics Accessories

With the number of electronic devices in the home increasing all the time, there’s a need for accessories to go with them.

These could be things like phone cases and protective screens, cables, chargers, memory cards and converters.

Sure people could go to their local electronics store, but when it’s not urgent it’s often cheaper to buy direct from China, because let’s face it most of the electronic products and byproducts we use are built in Asia.

People are willing to wait longer for things like this if they can save a chunk of cash in the process, especially as the products are usually non essential.

#4 Automotive Parts

I’m not talking about crank shafts and carburetors here (though those are a possibility too). Instead think about car lovers “pimping” their beloved motors.

New headlights, L.E.D. strips, custom sticks, and more.

Motorcycle parts and accessories, as well as things for RV’s are also an option.

#5 Random

This niche might seem a little strange at first, and perhaps it’s not for the fainthearted.

It’s often hard to find gifts for people that either have everything already or that you just don’t know that well.

Random products intended for silly gifts are perfect for a dropshipping store that focuses its efforts around key holidays such as fathers day and Christmas.

#6 Sports Equipment

Sports, like hobbies, often involve a lot of expensive equipment. If a household has a a child or three that all need different equipment for different outdoors activities, it can take a serious bite out of the households budget.

Buying from a dropshipper can reduce their expenditure as the prices you offer will often be less than the local sports store.

As well as that there are a wide variety of different sports that you can choose from to base your dropshipping site around.

The Bottom Line

Things that people want or need, but either aren’t easily available or aren’t needed immediately make for great products to sell via a dropshipping business.

The key is to find a niche for your business to focus on in order to deliver targeted products to your visitors.

At the end of the day, you can always create more than one store with each one focusing on a different niche. Just remember to not strecth yourself thin and to just with just the one!

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